The Frontier is ready to push back.

On Stardate 65790.5, a 100-year old probe emerged from the Finnean Convergence Zone in the Gamma Quadrant. Most of the data it contained was corrupted, save for what remained of an emergency beacon. The message it carried was one of danger and warning, delivered by none other than Captain Harvey Geisler.

Recalled from Shore Leave in the Alpha Quadrant, Captain Geisler summons the best Starfleet has to offer and takes command of the USS Black Hawk-A. Their destination is the mysterious Finnean Convergence Zone where nothing has ever gone in, and whatever has ever emerged, has not emerged alive.

But somewhere, inside the zone, awaits both incredible opportunities for exploration, and perhaps the greatest danger the Federation has ever faced. Can the crew of the USS Black Hawk find this threat before it is too late?


-- Assistant Chief Medical Officer
-- Assistant Chief Science Officer
-- Junior Officers & Enlisted Personnel
-- Have an idea? Contact the GM!

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This sim is rated 16+

Latest News Items

» The Expansion Continues!

Posted on 13 Mar 2018 @ 8:03pm by Captain Harvey Geisler in Arrivals

Please welcome Cristiano who will be playing Lieutenant JG Bai'Xiu Abhaya, our new Assistant Chief Operations Officer!

» Strengthening the Guard

Posted on 12 Mar 2018 @ 7:11pm by Captain Harvey Geisler in Arrivals

Please welcome Stephen who will be playing Lieutenant JG Jazmin Parks, our new Assistant Chief of Security!

» New Faces!

Posted on 08 Mar 2018 @ 6:51pm by Captain Harvey Geisler in Arrivals

Please welcome Aaron and Andrew to the Black Hawk! Aaron will be pulling double duty as SCPO Charles Stephens (Chief of the Boat, and Asst Chief Engineer, Damage Control and Maintenance) and Andrew will try to keep us all alive as our new Chief Engineer LT Reginald Hawthorn!

And yes, let this news item serve as notice that emails are working once again!

» A Special Announcement!

Posted on 08 Feb 2018 @ 2:40am by Captain Harvey Geisler in Sim Announcement

Once a year, Ongoing Worlds hosts the Tournament of Simulations. Since 1999, the Tournament has issued over 150 awards to many, many simulations, Star Trek and otherwise. This year, I had the pleasure of participating as a judge, getting to review 7 our of the 23 participants.

Imagine my surprise to learn that the Black Hawk was recognized by this event. Three different judges reviewed our writings, and gave our simulation very high marks, earning us recognition in the “Great Star Trek” Category.

Per the rules of the tournament, judges had to review ten of our posts(in order, not 10 random posts) and score us on several criteria, including characters, story, readability, and more. When the sim was entered, it was indicated that the 10 posts would come from the Mission “Endgame.” The first post on the list was “The Battle Ends…” and ending with “Checking on the Boss.” One judge especially remarked how well written the loss of our ship was.

We were not the only sim from Bravo Fleet to enter, but we were the only one to win the award. The competition was tough, and to be recognized is truly an honor. I want to thank all of you for your fantastic contributions to the sim, as well as your encouragement and participation. Just being able to compete was made possible by all of you, and winning would have been impossible without you all.

I look forward even more to 2018, to this time where our characters have no clue who they are, and to what the uncertain future holds for all of us. Writing with all of you inspires me to continue exploring strange new worlds, and I hope this will inspire you as well.

Thank you all again. I love you all!

-Andrew / HG

PS: To read the full details on the Tournament, and see the other winners, please read the original article here:

» Merry Christmas to all!

Posted on 25 Dec 2017 @ 8:59pm by Captain Harvey Geisler in General News

Good afternoon, my fantastic crew. I just wanted to take a moment and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. For those of you who do not celebrate Christmas, I wish you Happy Holidays! I pray that you will enjoy this time to the fullest, and I cannot wait to resume this excellent sim with each and every one of you.

-Andrew / HG

Latest Mission Posts

» Discoveries

Mission: Crossing Over
Posted on 14 Mar 2018 @ 11:04pm by Lieutenant Camila Di Pasquale & Lieutenant Joey Geisler

After tracking down quite a few of the ship's personnel to let them know who they were and what they needed to do, Joey couldn't help but embrace her curiosity to dig further into who she was. Not knowing anything about herself, aside from having a name, rank and what…

» Breakfast of Champions

Mission: Crossing Over
Posted on 14 Mar 2018 @ 10:35pm by Captain Harvey Geisler & Lieutenant JG Felix Langston

Lt. Felix Langston's alarm clock blared wildly as he sat up. Bleary-eyed, he took a swing at the clock on the nightstand and clobbered it in one swoop. The clock tumbled from the night stand to the floor. Felix rubbed his face and turned to place his feet on the…

» Who Says You Only Get One First Impression?

Mission: Crossing Over
Posted on 13 Mar 2018 @ 3:55pm by Lieutenant JG Jazmin Parks & Lieutenant Camila Di Pasquale

Camila sat in her office and looked at the personnel roster. According to what she was seeing, she was supposed to be getting a new Assistant Chief by the name of Lieutenant JG Jazmin Parks, but as yet, the woman hadn't shown up. She did smile vaguely at the thought…

» The Search

Mission: Crossing Over
Posted on 13 Mar 2018 @ 2:21pm by Lieutenant Camila Di Pasquale

Camila was grateful that she knew her name as she took the turbolift down to deck three where the computer had stated that the Chief Counselor's office was in the hopes of finding Lieutenant Stuart there. She had no idea what a counselor was, but it sounded like someone who…

» Hidden Message

Mission: Crossing Over
Posted on 13 Mar 2018 @ 2:16pm by Captain Harvey Geisler

Having dismissed the senior staff, Harvey stepped into his Ready Room. When he last saw it, the place had been torn asunder by some unknown force and had looked incredibly eery in the dark. Now, the room was exactly the same, just illuminated.

Except this time he also knew his…