Lieutenant JG Jazmin Parks

Name Jazmin Parks

Position Assistant Chief Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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16 Aug 2018 @ 6:51pm

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 24
Call Sign Lotus
Birthdate January 2nd, 2365
Birthplace Deep Space 6

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 107 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color Pale
Physical Description Jazmin has a short, straight black hair that frames her round face and occasionally wears it pulled back. Her warm brown eyes are almost black and they contrast sharply with her pale skin giving her an almost otherworldly look.

Jazmin has a slender build that is very feminine and works hard to stay in shape, both because of her duties as a Security Officer, as well as personal pride. Her movements are graceful and her fluid movements tell of her background in dance.


Significant Other Kelly Jones (Deceased)
Children n/a
Father Jun Parks (Deceased)
Mother Xhiu Parks (Deceased)
Brother(s) n/a
Sister(s) n/a
Other Family n/a

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jazmin is loyal almost to a fault, although if given evidence that her loyalty is misplaced, she has no problem removing that loyalty and acting appropriately. She does have a slight problem holding back when someone she cares for or respects is having issues. She tends to want to do too much too fast and ends up having to stop herself and recover from embarrassment.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Loyal
+ Hard-Working
+ Honest

- Overly Self-Critical
- Loyal
- Obsessive
Ambitions To become a Chief Security officer of a Sovereign Class Starship. To become head of the Federation President’s security detail.
Hobbies & Interests Running, Swimming, Dancing, Rock Climbing, Spas
Languages Spoken Speaks and reads English, Standard, Andorian, and Romulan

Personal History Born on Deep Space 6, she grew up traveling with her parents who often relocated due to her father’s position with his company. When she was 6 years old and living on Andor, her parents’ shuttle exploded and she was orphaned.

With no family, she was placed in the Andorian Foster Care System and went from home to home until she was 12. It was then that she was adopted by an elderly couple on Earth and raised in New York City.

She quickly acclimated to her new home and became a somewhat famous underage fixture on the New York club scene where she gained confidence as well as acceptance. She was never rebellious, however and did well in school. When she was 16, she was accepted to the New York Ballet Company. Working hard she became one of their finest.

After a performance in San Francisco, one night, she caught the attention of Star Fleet recruiters who witnessed her stopping a mugging. She was intrigued by their offer and was in the Academy in the next class. She took the Security/Tactical track, excelling at it.
Service Record 2383-2387 Starfleet Academy: Security Track; Graduated as Ensign
Academy Major: Security
Academy Minor: Communications and Operations
Elective Track: Law
+Chain of Command and General Protocol
+Personnel Management
+Starfleet Operations
+Introduction to Weapons
+Hand Phasers, Phaser Rifles and Artillery
+Knives and Other Small Weapons
+Starship Phasers and Phaser Cannons
+Xenobiology Concepts
+Hostile Species Diplomacy
+Non-Traditional Situation Diplomacy
+Base Mode Operations
+Computer Memory and Personnel Interfaces
+Deflectors, Weapon and Security Systems
+LCARS Programming 1
+LCARS Programming 2
+Operations and Command Functions
+Replicators, Transporters and Holodecks
+Sensors, Communications and Helm Systems
+Birth of the Federation
+Federation Standard
+Elementary Romulan
+Intermediate Romulan
+General Federations Law
+Federation Constitutional Law
+Federation Administrative Law
+Federation Criminal Law
+Interstellar Law
+General Concepts
+First Aid and Field Medicine
+General Concepts
+Land Vehicles
+Runabouts and Shuttles
+Desert, Ocean, Jungle and Moderate Conditions
+Enviromental Suits and Zero-G Training
+Starship Emergencies
+Combat: Marksman
+Combat: Phasers and Photon Torpedoes
+Introduction to Starship Combat
+Martial Arts: Anbo-Jyutsu & Federation Standard
+Small Unit Tactics
+Small Weapon Combat
+Unarmed Combat
+General Xenology

Cadet Cruise: USS Potemkin: Efficiency RatingL 96%

2387-2888 USS Scorpio: Security Officer
2388 Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
2389 USS Black Hawk: Assistant Chief Security Officer

Duty Information

Quarters Deck 5, Room 05|02
Data Access Level 5
Security Clearance Delta Two