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Posted on 14 May 2017 @ 3:32am by Senior Chief Petty Officer Mila Rasputin & Lieutenant Joey Geisler

Mission: The Finnean Crisis
Location: Somewhere
Timeline: MD 2 || 1600 Hours

Mila looked at the chronometer in her office and realized it was an hour past her shift and then at the stack of PADDs that were still on her desk. She muttered something in Russian but secured her terminal and got up to stretch before she headed out of her office. She was pleased that she had the only private office in Administration and she wasn't planning on sharing it with anyone as she handed a PADD off to one of the available Yeoman's in the office pool that she had worked with before and knew her style.

After she relayed what she wanted done, the Russian brunette left the Administration complex and looked up by long habit. "Computer, locate Lieutenant Corwin," she requested.

"Lieutenant Corwin is on deck eight in the gymnasium," the computer replied.


Inside the gym, Joey sat on a bench trying to figure out which exercise was low impact. She was so used to being able to do whatever she wanted when she was working out, but now that changed. Pushing her limits was just how she'd lived her life for a long time, and now she had another little person to think about. After all, it was her job to keep her little peanut safe.

She rose to her feet and moved away from the bench, adjusting the form fitting black tank top she wore as she went. First, Joey would get some stretching out of the way and worry about everything else afterward. Taking a breath, the Lieutenant began with some squats, holding her position for thirty seconds before standing upright again and repeating the process.

Five minutes later Mila walked into the gym and paused. It was a lot bigger than the one on the old Black Hawk and it took her a minute of walking between and past rows of equipment being used by personnel before she spotted her sestra. She headed over to her with a big smile and waited until Joey was down with her squats before she broke her concentration.

Joey finished up with her squats and was about to move on when she spotted Mila. "Mila!" she shouted with a bright smile and raced over to the Yeoman to embrace her. "You look great! I missed you! How have you and Aidan been?"

The shorter brunette hugged her tight and stepped back to look at her. "Me? You are looking like bum beach who has been soaking in sun for many months," she said. "We are doing very well, thank you. I am hearing that you and Harvey were having much fun on shore leave."

"We were beach bums for a while," she said with a grin. "I'm glad to bear you're both doing well, and yes, we did have a pretty great shore leave."

"Including getting engaged, or so I am hearing," Mila said with a wink. "Tell!"

"It sounds like you already know," the taller brunette said with a smile. "Talked to Harvey, I take it?"

"Da, but he was not saying much more than that," Mila said. "He is looking very troubled when I was speaking to him and I am thinking that whatever it is, he is trying to be keeping it to himself. I told him that I am being here for him but he did not wish to be talking to me about it. and he...engaged! I am so happy for you!"

She gave Joey another hug and looked at her. "So when am I to be expecting to be krestnaya?" she asked, the translator interpreting the last word as 'godmother'.

Joey smiled. She knew that question would be coming sooner or later. "In roughly seven months. Harvey and I found out yesterday. We don't know what we're having, though. We've got a couple more months to go before we know that."

Mila started to say something before her mouth opened and closed several times, making her look like a humanoid fish that was trying to speak without knowing a language that someone else would understand. Her eyes went wide and she looked at Joey's belly and then up at her face, searching her expression, but words still failed the normally verbose Yeoman.

"Surprise," Corwin said, placing a hand against her abdomen where Mila's eyes were seconds ago. She was smiling, and even though she was still quite shocked, she was incredibly happy about the news. Thankfully, there wasn't anyone else near the two women to hear them speaking. "I don't think I've ever heard you so quiet before.I really hope it's just shock."

"That is being fantastic news!" Mila exclaimed loud enough to startle several people and caused at least one set of weights to hit the floor. She blushed and gave an apologetic look around before she looked back at Joey and lowered her voice. "I am being so happy for you and he!"

"Thank you," Joey said with a genuine smile. "It's still sinking in, but I know there's definitely a little peanut in there. I got to hear the heartbeat."

"You and Harvey certainly had much fun while on shore leave," Mila said with a conspiratorial wink. "I have noticed that you are also switching departments and are in charge of your own now, so you are having my congratulations on that as well. Fortune is smiling upon you."

"Thank you again," the taller woman said with another smile. She was happy with the change, though, Joey knew it wasn't going to be nearly as exciting as being in Security was. "It couldn't have happened at a better time. I was planning on retiring early after what happened. Of course, the main reason I even got moved to Intel had everything to do with the fact I'm one of very few that has been where we're going and lived to talk about it. Needless to say, I don't want to go back."

"I am seeing there is being a new Security Chief as well," Mila said. "I am taking it that Lieutenant Di Pasquale was not wishing to come back, either. Still, I am glad that you are back for I would miss you very greatly, Sestra. Are you still having pin that I am giving you?"

"Yes. I was wearing it on the opposite side I was shot on," Joey replied as she moved over to her original position to continue on with her stretches. "It's safe in our quarters right now inside my jewelry box. I'm a bit afraid to wear it now for fear something will happen to it, and I'll never have it again."

Mila thought for a moment. "Perhaps if we are to make a holopin of for you to be wearing?" she mused. "Nyet, would require bigger power source. Is best if you are keeping it here during mission, da?"

"Yes, but I don't think I'll be going on any away missions now, unless there are special circumstances," the taller woman commented as she settled down. What did Doctor Kij consider a light workout? Maybe she'd ask Harvey. "My new role will be more of a desk job than anything. I'm fairly certain I'll see next to no field work."

The shorter brunette looked around, then leaned in close to whisper in Joey's ear. "Just be making sure you are not getting Yeoman's Butt," she said.

Joey blinked. "What... in the hell is Yeoman Butt?"

"It is what is happening to your behind when you are sitting on it all the time," Mila said. "it is getting flat and square like chair and you will be looking funny from behind." She giggled at the unintended pun and leaned in. "Is why I am always up and moving," she confided. "I am not thinking any man is wanting flat square butt."

Corwin blinked again, then burst out laughing as she shook her head. Mila was definitely something else. "I can assure you that I won't be developing anything like that. Most of my day is spent on my feet, and the department switch isn't going to change that. Neither will my little peanut."

Mila gave a grin from ear to ear and winked. "Then I am being certain that Harvey will continue to be appreciating your behind," she said. "Not to be mentioning everything else." She waggled her eyebrows. "So what are you to be hoping for?"

For the second time that day, Joey blushed. Mila really didn't pull any punches. "Healthy. I don't mind a boy or a girl as long he or she is healthy."

The Russian gave a mischievous smile at Joey's blush. "By your blush, I am thinking he is appreciating it very much," she said. "And I am also thinking that that was being very good answer. Are you and he already thinking of names?"

"Mila... you're terrible. I will neither confirm, nor deny, his appreciation for that," Joey stated with the shake of her head, but there was still laughter in her eyes. "As far as names go, the only thing that's been decided is if we have a little girl, her middle name will be Alison."

Mila reached out and laid a gentle hand against her sestras stomach with a knowing smile. "You are not having to be confirming or denying," she said. "This is being proof." She smiled when Joey told her the name they had decided on for a middle name of a girl. "That is being true honor and I am being very proud of you."

Joey could just imagine what Harvey would be doing right now if he was present for this conversation. It was the same thing she wanted to do. Crawl into a hole and vanish. However, she moved forward without giving Mila more ammo to work with. "It's a very beautiful name that belonged to a very beautiful woman, and I'm the one who is honored to have the opportunity to pay homage to her in such a way."

"I am promising not to be telling anyone until you are telling me it is being okay," Mila said. "But I am wishing to be throwing you a baby shower if you are having others in mind who you would wish to attend."

"Will there be cake?" the taller woman asked looking quite hopeful.

The shorter brunette gave a smile. "One twice as big as one I am making for your birthday party," she promised. "What is being your favorite flavor?"

"Chocolate, of course," she answered with a bright smile. In fact, she wondered if she could get away with having cake for dinner that night. "There's still time, though. If what I've read is accurate..." And she was fairly certain it was. "Harvey and I won't know what we're having for another eight weeks or so."

"Then chocolate it is being," Mila said before she turned serious for a moment. "Who is doctor that is telling you?" she asked.

"Doctor Kij. I hadn't been feeling well for about a week. Nausea, fatigue, my emotions were all over the place. I mean... I cried when I saw the new ship. Who does that?" Joey asked, still not believing she'd done that. "Anyway... Harvey thought I may have picked something up while we were on Earth. That was a possibility, so I agreed to to to sickbay. I definitely picked something up while we were home."

Mila laughed at the turn of phrase Joey had about her picking something up and looked at her. "I am agreeing that you are certainly picking something up," she said. "Kij?" She frowned as she remembered the Trill had a relationship of sorts with Harvey. "How is doctor taking news?"

"She was a bit cold toward me. I don't know if it's because of the baby, or if she's struggling with everything that's happened," the taller woman answered. "She also told me to get the baby off of the ship. I think that had a lot to do with what happened."

"Are you wanting me to be going to have talk with her?" Mila asked, already gearing up for a cold front.

Joey shook her head. "No. I've already asked Harvey, and he doesn't want me to leave the ship. It's all going to be okay."

"Is not what I am offering," Mila said. "I am offering to give her taste of coldness which will be making her spots fall off."

"I knew what you meant, but I don't think that is necessary," Joey said, shaking her head again.

"Then I will hold off, but if she is to be giving you trouble, you are to be letting me know," Mila said. "I will have no one and nothing giving you stress."

"Noted," she said, grabbing her bag and rising to her feet once more. "Let's get out of here. I need to talk to her or Harvey and see what is and isn't okay for me to do workout wise."

"You are working out first, then asking? The short brunette asked her, looking a bit confused. "Is that not like complaining about dinner before ordering?"

"No, all I did were stretches," Joey replied with a shake of her head as she made her way out with the shorter woman.

Mila walked out of the gym with her and looked at Joey. "What is to be the plan once baby is born?" she asked her sestra.

"What do you mean exactly?" the taller woman asked in return.

"Are you to be taking Medical leave of absence to be raising baby on a base on Earth?" the Russian woman asked as they walked.

Joey shook her head. Leaving for any period of time wasn't going to be an option. "No. I'm going to be staying on board the ship. Harvey has already expressed his desire that I not go anywhere, so I'm going to respect that. I have no doubt that, between the two of us, we'll be able to keep the baby safe," she replied. "Speaking of... you mentioned seeing him earlier. Did he seem... different to you?"

"Da," Mila said. "He is seeming very troubled, but he is not wishing to speak of it even though I am offering. I am being asked for all personnel files and to be watching for anything out of ordinary, too. He is even asking me for rumors already."

"He didn't seem himself last night, either. Last night, he kissed me when he got home, and it wasn't the same, but I just shrugged it off. I did ask him why he looked so troubled, and he basically told me it was him getting back into the swing of things," the taller woman said with a frown. He was asking for personnel files, wanting Mila to watch out for anything out of the ordinary and wondering about rumors? Joey shook her head. "None of this is adding up, and I don't like it."

"I am not knowing and unless he is telling me...." Mila shrugged. "Only way to be knowing it to be waiting and seeing if he will reveal it."

"And that isn't likely to happen. I don't think anyone will ever really know what's bothering him, and as much as I want to corner him to get answers, I'm not going to."

"You are being his fiance," Mila pointed out. "Ask him. Is simple, da?"

"It sounds simple enough, doesn't it?" Joey asked. "Besides, I already did. Of course, it wasn't with this new information included."

"You are also being senior officer now," she pointed out. "You are knowing more than I am other than ship is going to Deep Space Fifteen." While Mila did know the reason, she didn't know what Harvey wanted others to know and what he didn't and as a loyal Yeoman, she felt it wasn't her place to tell anyone what she had been told by the man she served.

"I'm sure I know more than most do," the taller woman confirmed. "As for Harvey... I think I'm just going to leave that alone for now. If he wants to tell me what's really bothering him, then he'll tell me. If not, then I'll keep pretending that nothing is wrong. That's all I can really do. After talking to you and hearing what I've have from you, something is definitely wrong, and it goes deeper than just trying to get back on the saddle."

"Nyet," Mila insisted. "If you, who are closer to him than anyone else is being, leave it alone, he will be thinking that he is completely alone. You must find out, sestra. Do it for the love that you are having for him."

"I'll go talk to him once we go our separate ways," Joey said.

"I was just wanting to see you to catch up and be getting news," Mila said. "Is good if you are wishing to be going to see him now. I am still unpacking and am remembering that replicators are not set to be replicating Chow's dinner automatically. He is probably being hungry, so I will be seeing you later?'

"Of course. You know I try to see you at least once a day when I'm able to," the taller brunette said with a smile. "As soon as we have a date, I'll let you know." She leaned forward to hug Mila and pressed a kiss to her cheek.

"And I will be there," the shorter brunette said with a wide smile as she returned the hug and kiss on Joey's cheeks.

"You better be," she said, suddenly looking a bit sad. "You're the closest thing to family I have now that we're back in space, which means you have to be there."

"Closest thing you are having?" Mila asked with a raised eyebrow. "Are we not sestras? That is family, da?"

"Yes, it does. I just... I just wish our parents could be here when the time comes. I know it's wishful thinking, but I can't help but want it," the taller brunette said softly.

The Russian Yeoman smiled and brought a hand up to her heart. "I am keeping mine here so they are always being with me," she said. "And you are saying that we are ohana, da? So you cannot be saying that you are not having family here for they are being all around you."

"I know, Mila, but with something as special as that, wouldn't you want your parents present for it, too?" Joey asked.

"Da, I would, but holo recorder is second best when that is not being possible," Mila said. "Just like with cadets who were wishing their parents could be there for graduation. are having to do what you can, but wormhole is being open now and is just a starship away."

"It also depends on when we decide to do it, too," the taller woman said. "I don't plan in bringing that up any time soon, though. Not with everything already going on."

"Timing is being everything," Mila agreed. "But if you are waiting too long, they will not be able to be here when time does come."

"I'm giving Harvey time. We just got engaged, and found out we're having a baby... not to mention all the other stuff that's been dumped on his lap in the last couple of days. When the time is right, we'll figure it all out."

"I am agreeing," the shorter woman said. "And now we are heading into danger once more, but we will be alright."

"I hope you're right," was all Joey said before she leaned in to hug Mila. "I'll keep you updated on all the plans as we get them, and I fully expect you to be my maid of honor."

Mila smiled brightly and returned the hug. "You know that I would be doing anything for you and would be great honor, sestra," she said.

That made Joey smile. "I'm okay with you telling Aidan for now, but we'll keep it to ourselves for the time being. I need to go see Harvey now, but I'll see you tomorrow. Maybe not for breakfast like we used to. I feel pretty horrible for a few hours after I wake up, but we'll meet up."

"I will be keeping it to myself until you and Harvey are ready to be making announcement," she said. "But for morning sickness, I am recommending you are to be getting ginger for it. You are Alpha Shift and that is starting early in morning, so you are needing something for that."

"I'll try anything I can. If it doesn't work, I'll move down the list," Corwin said.

"Or you could be going to Medical and getting shot to be taking care of it," Mila suggested. "Is what they are supposed to be there for, da?"

"I suppose, but I'm going to give Jayla some space," Joey replied. "You said that ginger is good, and I know there a few other things that help, so I'll make those work for the time being."

Mila looked at Joey for a long minute, then simply nodded. "Da. Is good idea."

"You and Aidan should have a little one some time in the future," the taller woman said with a grin. "You're quite maternal, and my little peanut will need someone to play with." But before a foot could connect with her backside, Joey moved forward quite a bit and waved. "Think about it! I'll see you tomorrow."

Mila laughed. "Only officers who are needing it and sestras," she said as Joey headed off. "Rest are getting foot in ass." Still laughing, the Russian Yeoman headed off.


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