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Taking Over the CAP

Posted on 11 Jul 2017 @ 9:54pm by Lieutenant Commander Terry Walsh & Captain Harvey Geisler & Lieutenant Callam Jaxer & Lieutenant Gemma Alexander & Senior Chief Petty Officer Kalvin Maddox & Ensign Aurilia Moretti

Mission: The Finnean Crisis
Location: Black Hawk's Perimeter
Timeline: MD5 || 1600 hours

"Bacon, Shamrock, and I are going to take the first CAP," Callam was telling his pilots. "Joker, Peanut, you guys will take over at 1800hrs. Red Tail, Thumper, you two will relieve Joker and Peanut at 2000hrs. Charlie Flight will take over from there. Don't too comfortable while you're waiting for your turn in the black. Everyone is on standby. If something jumps off, I want you ready to go. That means I want you to periodically run pre-flights on your birds while you're waiting. That'll cut down on response time if we need you out there quick."

Joker, a young Vulcan lieutenant junior grade who was called Joker because he had almost no sense of humor, raised his hand.

"Speak," Callam said. "Or forever hold your peace."

Joker raised an eyebrow. He found Humans annoying and Rigelians even more so. It seemed that his new flight leader was the best of both worlds.

"Would it not be more logical to have the entire flight out at one time?" he asked. "That would put more firepower in play and ready to fight."

Callam shook his head.

"More than the standard CAP might seem provocative to our twitchy friends out there," he said. "The idea is to deter them from shooting at the Black Hawk, DS15, or each other. We do that by keeping them calm. They're not going to be very calm if an entire flight of highly advanced fighters are buzzing around. No, we'll keep things simple. Don't worry. Help will be out there damn fast if you need it."

Joker frowned.

"As you say, Lieutenant," the Vulcan replied.

"Anyone else?" Callam asked. No one said anything. "Alright then. You have your orders. Be smart out there. Use discretion. As stated, the captain would like to get things settled down here without anymore firefights if possible. Dismissed."

There was a rumbling of 'aye, aye, sirs' as the pilots all stood and went off to do their work. Callam turned to Bacon and Shamrock.

"Alright," he said. "Let's go."

Callam headed out with his fellow pilots in tow.

Bacon was grisly Tellarite Chief Warrant Officer in his fifties. His name was Nov Xolash and he and Callam had known each other for a few decades. The Tellarite had taken Callam under his wing when the young man arrived at his first assignment. He taught him all the tricks that helped him stay alive through the Cardassian Border Wars and beyond. In 2370, when the Federation abandoned a group of its colonies, turning over territory that Nov and Callam's friends had died capturing, the two men, now fast friends, left Starfleet and joined the Maquis. They survived the Jem'Hadar attack on the DMZ and later took the pardons offered in exchange for rejoining Starfleet and fighting in the Dominion War. They flew together after the war on the Tzenkethi border and, ironically, in the Badlands chasing pirates that had taken up residency there after the Maquis had been chased out. They'd even gone through Gryphon training together. While Callam had been ordered to stay in system OO1 and train new Gryphon pilots, Nov had been sent elsewhere. The two had no idea they were both being sent to the Black Hawk until they'd both arrived.

Shamrock was Ensign Shannon O'Hara, a Human of Irish decent. She was in her twenties, short, curvy, and attractive with red hair and freckled skin. She was just out of flight school and Callam thought it was best for her to fly the CAP with experienced pilots for the time being. Between Callam and Nov, there was over fifty years of flying experience and so they were taking Shamrock with them.

The three pilots meticulously made their way through preflight. When Callam was done, he opened a channel to his other pilots.

"Bravo Two, Bravo Lead," he said. "Report status."

"Bravo Lead, Bravo Two," Nov replied. "Good to go."

"Bravo Two, Bravo Lead," Callam said. "Copy you are good to go. Bravo Three, Bravo Lead, report status."

"Bravo Lead, Bravo Three," Shannon replied, excitement evident in her voice. "Good to go."

"Bravo Three, Bravo Lead," Callam said. "I copy you are good to go. All Bravos, Bravo Lead, it's time to go. Follow me out."

Bacon and Shamrock acknowledged Callam's commands. Callam exited the bay first, followed by Bacon. Shamrock came out last. Callam took just a moment to admire the view as his fighter emerged from the Black Hawk. Some might call Callam a bit cynical. He'd definitely become difficult to impress. But this part of his job never got old. He hoped it never would.

"All Bravos, Bravo Lead," he said. "Form up on me."

Bacon and Shamrock acknowledged and fell in with their flight leader. Callam looked for Alpha Flight's CAP. He saw them and keyed his mike.

"Alpha Lead, Bravo Lead," he said. "Bravo is ready to take over the CAP. Anything new out here that we need to know about."

Terry activated his commlink, glad that they were about to get a reprieve. "Standard Combat Air Patrol, Bravo One. So far, no one has done anything that brings up a concern. There was a...disagreement...earlier between the Ferengi and the Dosi, but the Black Hawk settled it before it got out of hand. I hope it stays the same for you all, Bravo One."

"Alpha Lead, Bravo Lead," Callam replied. "Good to hear. Enjoy your down time."

Terry spoke into the comm, "Roger that, Bravo Lead. Have a good one. Rocco to Alpha Flight, time for a reprieve. Acknowledge and form up."

"Copy that Rocco," Aurilia said as she brought her Gryphon around and gave a wing wave at the Bravo Flight lead. She was anxious to get out of her flight suit after such a tense situation and was looking forward to some downtime. A thought crossed her mind and she glanced back at Deep Space 15 and wondered if Luc were on it and how he was doing. She would find out soon enough, she knew, and turned her attention back to getting back about the Black Hawk.

"Copy you Rocco, on it." Archer replied and changed course, also giving a 'pilot's hello' to the bravo wing lead. She personally glad to have a break from the boring patrol that could blow up in their faces at any moment. It was the uncertainty she didn't care for, still they got through it with no shots fired so she would take that as a win. She still hadn't had a chance to meet the new leader of bravo, she usually made a point to welcome all the new pilots. First she remembered being new and second it was a good way to get a handle on the people who had your life in their hands. Still one had to roll with life. And currently she was looking forward to rolling into a shower.

Jax, Bacon, and Shamrock waggled their wings in response to Alpha Flight's hello/goodbye waggles and set his mind to his work.

"Black Hawk, Bravo Lead," he said into his comm. "Bravo Flight has the CAP. Please keep me updated on any...activity from...our good friends out here. I like a good surprise as much as the next guy, but maybe not in this situation."

Callam stopped himself from using the terms 'suspicious activity' and 'twitchy friends' in case their twitchy friends had hacked the Black Hawk's comm channel.

=/\= "Bravo Lead, this is Actual," =/\= came the voice of Captain Harvey Geisler over the comm system. =/\= "Acknowledged. Good luck out there." =/\=

"Actual, Bravo Lead," Callam said. "Thank you, sir. Hope we won't need it. Bravo CAP, let's take a tour around the neighborhood."


One of the Ferengi Marauders had already assumed an orbit above the Fourth Steading, while the other seemed to be lingering awfully close to the Fifth. Two Rakhari vessels had moved to sit near it, ready to strike it from orbit should it get too ambitious. The Ferengi knew better however, and planned to use this to their advantage.

Both Ferengi ships had launched a variety of shuttles to offload and transfer cargo from the surface to the Ferengi ships and vice versa.

And that's when the Ferengi made their move. One of their shuttles veered for the Sixth Steading, bordering dangerously close to the Fourth, and one of the Marauders moved to block the smaller Rakhari vessels, but still stayed within its borders. Instantly, all of the Rakhari vessels moved to interceot the Ferengi, and two of them were not afraid to open fire on the shuttle below, even though it was too far and too cumbersome to hit. From another vessel, a series of smaller craft emerged to pursue the Ferengi shuttle.


=/\= "Actual to Alpha Lead. The Rakhari have engaged the Ferengi. Take all birds in air and assess. Repeat, take all birds in air and access." =/\=

"Actual and Alpha Lead," Callam said. "Bravo CAP is going to try and discourage those Rakhari fighters from shooting down that shuttle. Are we weapons free? Or do me and mine have to insert ourselves between these guys and hope they're not willing to shoot at Starfleet?"

Terry left his comm on the open Starfleet channel. =^=The first thing you can do, Bravo Lead, is fall in formation behind me and the rest of Alpha Flight and stand down weapons. We won't be going in firing, this is a diplomatic mission and the Captain's orders were to assess the situation. Alpha One to Actual, I copy your transmission, sir. Flight Deck Ops, abort landing procedures for Alpha Flight. We have a situation. And order Charlie Flight to hot standby, Squadron Commander's orders. Alpha One to airborne Knights, form up on me, standard formation. Rocco out."

=^=Copy that, Rocco,=^= Aurilia said as she gave a weary shake of her head and brought her Gryphon around and into formation again with the rest of Alpha Flight. So much for peace and long life, she thought. "What's the Ferengi trying to do, start a war?" she asked over the comm for Alpha Flight.

=^=I don't know, but let's hope we keep that from happening,=^= replied Terry.

=/\="Copy, Rocco changing course and position..." =/\= She said and in her head was the mental sigh of " much for that shower...." she smoothly adjusted course and slid into a 'slot' to the other side and just behind Alpha leader. She tapping a few keys to run another systems check just in case as Tango's comment came over their flights subchannel. Archer replied, still reviewing systems, "If they thought there was enough money in it maybe but this is pretty brash even for them. Whatever they think will happen they obviously consider it worth it..." She said as her HUD obligingly showed all the ships in the area, distance and other useful intel in case she needed to bring weapons online.

"Rocco, Jax," Callam said. "All Bravos will form on you and yours. All Bravos, Bravo Lead. Consider yourselves ambassadors for all that is good and right in the universe. Be on your best behavior. When in doubt, emulate Mister Xolass. Like all Tellarites, he's a people person."

There was a growling and grumbling sound over the air for a minute as CWO Nov Xolass did his best not to respond outloud. If one listened closely enough, they would probably pick out a few choice pieces of Tellarite profanity, as well as a suggestion that Callam was the kind of person who engaged in sexual relations with his mother.

"All Bravos, Bravo Lead," Callam said. "Let's keep the air clear, please. Eyes on the prize."

Terry led Alpha and Bravo Flights into the area quickly. =^=This is Lieutenant Commander Walsh, Squadron Commander for the Three-Twenty-Fifth Fighter Squadron, USS Black Hawk. What's happening and how can we be of assistance?=^=

=/\= "Keep your distance, Federation." =/\= Beyond those words, the only other reply were a couple warning shots across Walsh's bow.

Meanwhile, the other Rakhari vessels moved to pursue the Ferengi shuttle. Two fronts had been created, an intercept force for the Black Knights, and a group to chase the Ferengi.

=^=Rocco, Jax,=^= Callam said. =^=Which ones do you want, the ones coming for us, or the ones headed for the little guys with the big ears? I'd flip you for them, but flipping a coin in Zero-G is an exercise in futility.=^=

Bravo Two, Chief Warrant Officer Nov Xolass, shook his head.

Jax, why do you always have to be such a wise ass? You always have to poke the...what the Hell is that Earther animal? Big furry thing with claws? Sleeps in a cave all winter? Oh, yeah! A bear! Jax, you dumb bastard. I love you like an annoying kid brother, but why do you always have to poke the bear? Oh, well. Thank Gods that you fly good and do a passable job of leading people. Otherwise, you've have been bounced out on your ass long before now. I suppose those medals you keep locked away don't hurt, and saving that admiral's kid didn't do you any harm, either.

Terry's fighter rocked with the warning shots, but he didn't flinch. =^=Standby, Jax,=^= Terry said. =^=Commander Walsh to Rakhari vessel, it appears that you don't want the Ferengi shuttle reaching the surface. Allow us to assist with that. My team can help.=^=

The Rakhari gave no verbal reply. Their split formation continued as the three craft approaching the Ferengi shuttle opened fire while the other Rakhari craft approached the Black Knights. They had no intentions of backing down.

=^=Rocco to Jax, as much as it pains me to have to say it...take Bravo and fend off the Ferengi's attackers. Remember, we're here to keep the peace with Finnea as best as possible. And don't let them destroy that shuttle. I can only imagine what the Ferengi Alliance would say to that."

=^=Rocco, Jax,=^= Callam replied as calm as though he was taking a walk in the park. =^=Copy that. Bravo Lead, all Bravos, tally ho, repeat, tally ho. Let's see if we can't convince those Rakhari to mosey on back where they came from. All Bravos form on me and follow me in.=^=

Callam adjusted his course so he, and all his Bravos behind him, were now on an intercept course for the Rakhari pursuing the Ferengi shuttle.

=^=Attention Rakhari fighters currently pursuing the Ferengi shuttle,=^= Callam said as he and his flight approached weapons range. =^=This is Lieutenant Callam Jaxer of Starfleet. I am requesting that you stand down your pursuit of said shuttle, forthwith, before this situation gets any uglier.=^=

Callam adjusted his comm channel so he could communicate with Rocco.

=^=Rocco, Jax,=^= he said. =^=I've politely asked the Rakhari to pack it in. If they don't comply, I'd sure like something more potent than stern language to throw at them. Requesting weapons free.=^=

=^=Rocco to Alpha Flight, shields up just in case. Let's nudge it forward.=^= He watched as the other craft approached them. Terry then powered up his engines and lead Alpha Flight forward. He had no intentions of letting the Federation down on this one.

Aurilia activated her shields, but kept her weapons powered down until Alpha Lead gave the go ahead. She formed up with her wingman and dropped into formation to Rocco's right and mentally selected a Rakhari fighter. =^=Copy that, Rocco. Tango standing by an ready.=^=

When Archer had detected the warning shots she frowned and checked her display to make sure Rocco was ok even as the computer automatically highlighted those responsible n her HUD to keep special eye on those who fired. If she had to bring up a full firing solution on them it would shave a few milliseconds off the computers response time, she really loved these new fighters. Now if they could read her mind that'd be amazing.

At Rocco's last command she immediately raised shields and moved with Rocco's fighter, making sure to keep proper distance. =/\="You got it Rocco, Ready to let fly.". Her Earth British accented English clipped and focused but unstrained. Her weapons too were still off line but they'd all trained at bringing them up fast, she hope it wouldn't get that far but one never knew.

=^=Alpha One to Actual, we have a situation brewing. Ferengi shuttle is under attack by the Rakhari. Bravo Flight has been ordered to intercept and attempt to fend them off the Ferengi. The only responses I've gotten from the Rakhari are to keep our distance, warning shots, and a bold advance towards Alpha Flight.=^=

===[BLACK HAWK]===

Sitting in his chair, Harvey frowned. He had to be absolutely careful as any number of actions here could result in undoing everything they’d done so far today. Shots had now been fired by the Rakhari near the Sixth Steading, which was under Selubassari control.

“Captain!” called out an ensign at Ops. “The Ferengi Marauders are pulling away.”

“And the shuttle?” Harvey asked, rising to his feet and circling around to the Tactical station to see the plot for himself.

“Still heading for the steading, sir.”

Harvey frowned. The Rakhari had made their intentions known during the negotiations, wanting to restrict the Ferengi from any areas that was not their own. The Selubassari wouldn’t so quickly act to bring in the Ferengi, not this close to recent events anyway. No, something else was afoot.

Before ordering the ship to leave the station and calling in the T’Pol to cover the station in their absence, Harvey called out, “Alpha One, Actual. Don’t let that shuttle land, but don’t let the Rakhari take it out either. Escort them to the Black Hawk.”


=^=Actual, Alpha One, understood. We'll make sure it gets back to our house safe and sound. Alpha One out.=^= Terry took a deep breath. He knew what was ahead of them, literally, and how he hoped things would turn out. But there were just too many variables at this point. And their option had been made clear, remove the biggest variable by getting that Ferengi shuttle back to the Black Hawk. =^=Alpha One to Black Knights, we have our orders. Alpha Flight will intercept the Rakhari ships that are advancing and attempt the diplomatic route. Bravo Flight, will intercept that Ferengi shuttle. Bravo Lead, that shuttle is not to land on the planet nor is it to be taken out by the Rakhari. You will escort it back to the Black Hawk. As I stated earlier, we won't be going in firing, this is a diplomatic mission. Negative on weapons free in a diplomatic situation. We're not here to start a war."

=^=Tango to Rocco. Acknowledged,=^= Aurilia said as she executed a Omega One and approached the lead Rakhari ship head-on before she jinked hard to port. She dove steeply from one end of it to another and then pulled up again before coming back around. =^=Let's shake 'em up!=^=

=/\="White gloves on, Rocco. Manners like I'm at my Grans..." Archer promised and held her position, as wingman to Rocco but played out a bit more distance with a slight angle change so she could better cover him as he moved by keeping Gemma's field of vision as open as possible on the oncoming fighters. Then Tango did the fly by on the Lead Rahkari and Gemma's eyes immediately flicked her to HUD to see what their reply would be as her body tensed in preparation to support her squadmate.

A voice crackled over the comm system. =/\= "The Federation must be fools to send fighters. This matter does not concern you." =/\=

Terry nudged the engines a little further. =^=Standard formation, Alpha Flight.=^= They seemed to have their attention now, especially since Aurilia had buzzed them. Maybe that's exactly what it took. =^=Thank you for you verbal acknowledgment. With whom do I have the pleasure of speaking?" he asked in his best diplomatic tone.

Aurilia came back around and formed up on the other side of Rocco. She waited to see what the Rakhari were going to do next and checked on the status of her shields.

=/\= "Depart now. This is a Rakhari matter. Interference will not be tolerated." =/\= With that, the channel clicked off.

Archer altered course again to bring her into a standard line up opposite Tango with a grin, Tango's move was classic and Archer could well appreciate it especially since no one was shooting at them. Actually good to find out their intentions now quick to fire was generally bad but they held fire this was good and Archer filed he information away. It appeared their goal did not include, preferred at least, true conflict with the Federation. This was good news, still she checked to see if the Rakhari were going to hold position as she said over their coms after the Rakhari logged off, =/\="Well at least they're talking, rudely rather but talking...."

=^=Indeed,=^= replied Terry. =^=Rakhari, I have a Flight of fighters intercepting the Ferengi shuttle as we speak in order to assist you in preventing them from reaching the surface. Do not open fire on them.=^= They wanted to be blunt, he could be blunt. Terry then switched the comm back to the Starfleet frequency. =^=Rocco to Jax, I want a sensor scan of that shuttle. The Rakhari seem dead set on taking it out. Let's find out what has them in an uproar. Rocco out.=^=

The Rakhari, just as they were about to intercept the Starfleet craft, performed a perfect one-eighty. They placed themselves directly in front of Alpha Flight, effectively blocking them from providing cover fire for their Bravo mates. This manuever put all Rakhari weapons pointed towards the Ferengi shuttle, and the three Bravo Fighters.

=^=Alpha Lead, Bravo Lead,=^= Callam replied. =^=Understood. All Bravos, follow my lead.=^=

Callam and Bravo Flight over took and then passed the Rakhari fighters pursuing the Ferengi shuttle. Following Callam's lead, the formed up around the Ferengi shuttle as well as between the Ferengi shuttle and the Rakhari fighters.

=^=Ferengi shuttle,=^= Callam said. =^=You are in restricted airspace. For you're own protection, please follow us back to the Black Hawk and land your shuttle in our bay. Attention Rakhari fighters currently bearing down on the Ferengi shuttle: We are aware that the Ferengi shuttle is aggravating a tense situation here. In the interests of peace, please allow us to deal with the Ferengi, as our commanders agreed. I remind you that firing on us could be considered an act of war. Both parties please acknowledge forthwith.=^=

The Ferengi were the first to respond. =/\= "Federation! Get these Rakhari off our backs! We are on a mission of mercy!" =/\=

Unlike the Ferengi, the Rakhari stayed silent, still charging towards the Ferengi craft. Their weapons and shields were still online, and they intended to use them.

Jax switched channels back to the Black Hawk's channel so the Rakhari couldn't hear his next set of order.

=^=All Bravos, Bravo Lead,=^= he said. =^=I'm sending you a formation I want you to fly. Bacon and I have done it before, so we know it can be done. We're going to sync our flight path with the Ferengi shuttle so that we are flying in a pretty tight formation around and behind it. They we're going to extend our shields so that they cover the shuttle from the rear. The Rakhari will have to shoot through our shields to get to the Ferengi. All Bravos acknowledge.=^=

=^=Jax, Bacon,=^= Nov said. =^=Acknowledged, you crazy (#$@*&%!!)=^=

=^=Bacon!=^= Jax replied. =^=Language! We don't want to corrupt young Shamrock!=^=

=^=Jax, Shamrock,=^= Ensign Shannon O'Hara said. =^=Acknowledged, and I think if I'm trying to avoid being corrupted, I'm in the wrong flight.=^=

=^=Shamrock, Jax,=^= Jax replied. =^=Copy that.=^=

Callam switched to the Ferengi channel.

=^=Ferengi Shuttle,=^= he said. =^=Match our course and speed and we will provide additional shielding. Once that's in place, you can explain this mission of mercy to us. Please acknowledge.=^=

=/\= "Matching speed!" =/\= replied the Ferengi. The shuttle adjusted its course and speed to mirror that of Bravo Flight's. =/\= "Hurry, Federation! The Rakhari are closing!" =/\=

=^=Copy that, Ferengi Shuttle,=^= Callam said. =^=Stand by a moment...we're in position...all Bravos extend shields.=^=

Bravo Flight formed a triangle with Callam at the apex in the dorsal position, and Nov and Shannon at the port and starboard ventral positions.

=^=Ferengi shuttle, Bravo Lead,=^= Callam said. =^=This maneuver is only going to postpone the inevitable, which is looking to be that those Rakhari fighters are going to close and open fire on all four of us. What's this about a mission of mercy? Talk fast, we haven't got much time. We can't enter the atmosphere in this formation so we're going to have to make a decision RFN.=^=

=/\= "Food stuffs! Medical supplies!" =/\= cried back the Ferengi. =/\= "We're dealing directly with the Finneans!" =/\=

=^=Rocco, Jax,=^= Callam said. =^=Did you get that? Please advise forthwith. Bravo has to break this formations in about two minutes or all of us are going to burn up on re-entry, so time is of the essence.=^=

=^=Alpha One to Bravo Lead, I repeat, I want a sensor scan of that shuttle. The Rakhari seem dead set on taking it out. Let's find out what has them in an uproar. A sensor scan will take less than two minutes to confirm food and medical supplies. That's an order, Lieutenant. Rocco out.=^=

Callam didn't have time to form a response that would jab Rocco without being clearly insubordinate, so he just scanned the shuttle.

=^=Rocco, Jax,=^= Callam said. =^=Acknowledged. Scanning now. Done. Scans are not one hundred percent conclusive. I'm picking up evidence of foodstuffs and medical supplies like they said, but there's some kind of shielding preventing a really clear scan.=^=

Time is of the essence, thought Terry. The Commander shook his head. Time was always of the essence. They all served in Starfleet and flew fighters. If a pilot didn't believe that time was of the essence, he'd die in that fighter. =^=Understood, Jax, thanks. Now get that shuttle redirected to the Black Hawk before you burn up.=^= Terry switched the comm frequency so that the Black Hawk could hear his conversation with the Rakhari if they chose. =^=Commander Walsh to Rakhari vessels. Stand down your ships. There is no need for you to open fire on Federation starfighters.=^=

=^=Rocco, Jax. Acknowledged.=^=

Callam had already asked the Ferengi to alter their course, to no avail. He wasn't sure difference asking them again was going to make, but he was sure he'd heard somewhere that doing the same thing more than once and expecting different results was one of the definitions of insanity. It was time to get a little creative.

=^=Attention Ferengi Shuttle. Whatever this mission of mercy is, it's going to have to wait until after we've diffused this situation. So here's my offer. Alter course and return with us to the Black Hawk's hangar. You can make your case to our captain and, if there is a legitimate emergency, I'm sure he will facilitate your trip to the planet. The alternative is that we break formation and leave you to the Rakhari. As Ferengi, I'm sure you'll understand the concept of never entering into a negotiation unless you're willing to walk away with nothing more than you walked in with. Well, I didn't have your cooperation when I started this little negotiation here, and if I have to walk away without it, fine by me. But I will absolutely walk, or in this case fly, away. Case and point: All Bravos prepare to break formation in five, four, three, two...=^=

=/\= "All right, all right!" =/\= shouted the Ferengi over the comm, a fair amount of resignation in his tone. =/\= "Altering our course now." =/\=

Callam grinned.

=^=So glad you could join us, Ferengi Shuttle,=^= he said. =^=Match our course to the Black Hawk's hangar and set down there when instructed to do so. And remember, if you deviate from these instructions, we cannot and will not guarantee your safety.=^=

Callam merged the Ferengi with the Black Hawk channel.

=^=Black Hawk Control, Bravo Lead. Three Bravos and one reluctant Ferengi shuttle inbound. Ferengi shuttle is wired in and can receive your instructions directly. Please advise Black Hawk Actual that our guests are requesting to meet with him ASAP regarding this 'mission of mercy' they say they're on.=^=

=/\= "Bravo Lead, acknowledged," =/\= came Captain Geisler's voice over the comm. =/\= "Alpha Lead, break off and escort our guests to the flight deck." =/\=

=/\=Roger that, Actual, Alpha taking escort duty. Rocco to Jaxer, prepare to relinquish Ferengi shuttle to Alpha Flight and then resume combat air patrol. Alpha, match course and speed of Bravo Flight and form up over them. When they drop out, we'll drop in. Standard ops.=/\= Without a word, Terry broke the formation that they'd been holding against the Rakhari.

=^=Rocco, Jax,=^= Callam replied. =^=Roger that. The little guys are all yours. Bravos, break off as Alpha takes over. Ferengi Shuttle, Bravo is leaving you in Alpha's capable hands. Play nice and remember: Sharing is caring! Jax out.=^=

Aurilia broke formation against the Rakhari at Rocco's word and brought her Gryphon around to match up with Bravo and the Ferengi shuttle. =^=Copy that, Rocco=^=

=/\="On it, Rocco" Archer acknowledged then smoothly adjusted her course and speed so that she was over the Bravo member she was meant to replace, shadowing them exactly as she waited for the shift so she could drop down. This move never failed to remind her of Peter Pan and his shadow. At least here though, one wasn't trying to lose the other.

Terry led Alpha as they came into formation with the Ferengi shuttle and escorted it into the Flight Deck.

===[Black Hawk Flight Deck]===

One of the first things Kalvin had done when he'd taken over the flight deck was have the Squadron command channel piped through speakers around the flight deck. It cut down on response time if the crew supporting the pilots were aware of what was going on at all times rather than waiting for orders to filter down to them. He was half buried inside the engine cowling of one of the Charlie fighters when he heard the alert about some aggressive actions taking place and to have Charlie brought up to standby. He jerked his head up and out of the compartment, cracking his head on the cover.

"Okay boys and girls! Fun times over!" He announced loudly for the maintenance crews to hear him. "Get those birds buttoned up on the double! Munitions! Top 'em off. Those pilots are gonna be in a hurry when they come through those doors, so lets make sure they've got clear lanes of travel people. As much as we all enjoy a good laugh over an officer taking a header tripping over their feet this ain't the time for it."

Putting actions to words, he pushed his toolbox away from the fighter he'd been working on. A few quick connections of the cables and the bird was ready to fly again. He closed the engine compartment and fastened the panel back in place. The Charlie pilots weren't due for duty for another couple of hours, but when an alert sounded he knew they'd be there in minutes fully suited and booted and ready to join whatever action was happening.


Much to the disappointment of the Charlie pilots, they never did get to launch as the rest of the squadron managed to settle the issue in the neighborhood. Now he had Alpha flight, who should have been on the deck when all this kicked off and a Ferengi shuttle inbound while Bravo resumed the CAP. Wish a shrug and a small smile to the Charlie pilots he waved them off the flight line.

"Okay boys and girls, lets clear the deck. Get Charlie pushed back into their area's and clear the landing zone. Alpha's incoming and they've got company landing with them."

=/\="Alpha Lead, Deck Boss. Landing pattern will be Lead, Ferengi, Two, Three. Flight line's clear at this time. Welcome home."=/\=

=/\=Alpha Lead copies landing pattern and roger on the clear flight line, Deck Boss. Thanks for the welcome.=/\=


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