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Sweet and Sassy

Posted on 08 Aug 2017 @ 12:19am by Ensign Kelly Khan & Lieutenant JG Daniella Blake

Mission: The Finnean Crisis
Location: DS 15
Timeline: MD 5 || 1500 Hours

Kelly stumbled out of the sonic shower and started to reach for a towel before she realized she was dry. "Shower wet," she muttered, then stopped. "Except when it's a sonic shower. I need caffeine." She headed into the small quarters she shared with her boyfriend Quinn and changed into a red and black tartan skirt, a white blouse with a black ribbon tied into a bow tie, a pair of six inch black gothic heels and put her hair back in a pony tail.

She smiled at herself in the mirror as she replicated a mug of Raktajino, then went to her terminal. Dani, Want to go hang out at DS 15 for a bit? I have some free time and cabin fever. Kel and sent the message to her fun-sized nurse friend then put her feet up on the desk to enjoy her coffee while she waited for a response.

It wasn't long before Dani heard the alert of an incoming message from her terminal. She quickly settled down in front of it and began to read. A smile formed on her lips at the prospect of hanging out with her fun-sized friend, but did it have have to be on DS15? That place gave her the creeps all things considered. Surely nothing would happen, would it?

Kelly, I'd love to hang out for a couple of hours. It should only take me about twenty minutes or so to get ready. I'll meet you in transporter room one no later than half an hour from now. She hit send, then got to her feet to head into the bathroom. Lucky for her, she'd taken a shower after her shift ended, so now all she had to do was get dressed, then make her way to transporter room one.

The outfit she chose was casual and comfortable, something she wanted in case she ended up needing to run for whatever reason. Dani shook her head, pushing those thoughts out of her head as she walked out of her door. Such thoughts were ridiculous, and she needed to get them out of her mind. Shopping would definitely be good for that, and maybe... just maybe... she could find something for Terry while she was there. A smile formed on her lips as she made her way to the transporter room.

"Well, look at you," Kelly said with a smile when Dani came in the transporter room. "You look like you're ready to have some fun, Dani."

"The same could be said for you," the petite blonde said. "Though, I have to admit. Going to DS15 makes me quite nervous."

"I'm always ready to have fun," Kelly said as she stepped onto the transporter platform. "Why? It's safe or we wouldn't have permission to go over."

"Safe... I don't think it will ever really be safe. Look at how things were before we got here. Who's to say that couldn't happen again?" Dani asked with a frown. "I have Terry to think about now aside from myself."

Kelly gave the nod to the transporter operator and looked at Dani. "And I have Quinn, but I also have my Starfleet training to fall back on if something does go wrong. We'll be good. Now come on. There's things to be gotten and food to be eaten."

"Yeah," she said stepping onto the transporter pad, though she wasn't nearly as sure as Kelly was. Not by a long shot. Dani was up to par with her phaser training and could take care of herself it she needed to, but it didn't help that the majority of others shorter than her hadn't even made it to adulthood yet. Larger people could easily gain an advantage over someone their size, but she needed to be positive. "You aren't going to grill me about what I just said?"

As the transporter beam took them in its grip, Kelly couldn't say anything until they were on the transporter platform of DS 15 and waited until the temporary paralysis of transport was over. She stepped off of it and looked at her friend. "There is a time and place for grilling and also a style for doing it. I plan on having a baked potato, apple crisp and ice cream with the details."

Dani stepped off behind Kelly and grinned. "That is... if I give you any details. I have the option to keep my mouth shut."

"You do," the brunette said as she headed for the door. "But if that were the case, you wouldn't have said what you did in the first place. So how far have you and he gone?"

"We've been together over three months. Use your imagination," the blonde replied.

"In that case," Kelly said as they walked along the promenade. "What haven't you done?" She stopped in front of a storefront and her eyes went open wide as she saw the various articles of clothing that was on display.

"Not what you're imagining, I'm sure. Though, Terry appreciates yoga," she said, peering into the store. "Let's go in and check it out."

Kelly laughed. "Uh huh. Any man who appreciates yoga is probably wondering what it would be like in one of those poses," she said. "How many have you and he gone through in the past three months?" she asked as she entered the store. Half the store seemed to be lingerie while the other half carried wet looking outfits with high shines and a variety of form fitting styles ranging from full dresses to kinky bondage outfits.

I can't believe I'm going in this place, Dani thought to herself as she made her way into the shop. "Enough," she answered, looking at the lingerie on some of the racks.

"Is he good?" Kelly asked as she looked at a shiny red latex outfit with a laced front.

Dani blinked. Did other women really answer questions like that? She shook her head and moved over to a rack of lingerie to look through it. "I am so not answering that question," she said, pulling something random to look it over before returning it to its spot.

Kelly picked up the red outfit and put it over her arm after another moment. "What's a little talk among friends?" she asked. "I mean, you already told me that you're trying out yoga positions with him. I bet that keeps it really exciting."

"I never said I was trying yoga positions with him... just that he appreciates it," she pointed out as she continued to dig through the rack to see if anything caught her attention. So far, she was coming up empty.

"I bet he'd appreciate it more if you didn't have clothes on when you did it," Kelly said with a wink as she picked up a sheer red nightie that was partially translucent and added it to her growing pile. "It wouldn't hurt the spark, that's for sure."

"How was your shore leave?" Dani asked as she found something that caught her eye. The blue silk nightie definitely appealed to her, and it was something she'd wear. Draping the garment over her arm, she continued browsing hoping there were other things that would suit her.

"It was amazing and thank you so much for the trip to Vegas," Kelly said as she gave Dani a one armed hug and kiss on the cheek. "We had a wonderful time there, then went to see my folks and then Quinn's. How was yours?" she asked while making a note that her short blonde friend had avoided the question she had originally asked.

Dani smiled. "You're welcome. I'm glad the two of you had a good time. Mine... it was pretty amazing, too. Spent a little time with my family, then met up with Terry after he saw his own family. We ended up spending a little time in France, and had a wonderful time. I think we'll be going back there one of these days."

"Ohhh la la," Kelly said with a waggle of her eyebrows. "Did you make beautiful music while you were there?" she asked as she selected a few pair of lacy silk undergarments.

"You should know by now I'm not giving you any details," the fun-sized blonde said, picking up a couple more nighties and more silk and lace undergarment sets than the average woman needed. "And it's nothing personal, either, but I just don't feel right dishing on that kind of thing. I will tell you that things between he and I are absolutely amazing, and I have zero reason to complain about anything."

"That's no fun," Kelly said. "You're supposed to share naughty secrets with your besties. Don't you know that?" she asked Dani before she scooped up two more outfits. "I'd share with you if you asked."

Dani couldn't help but smile. "Then I apologize for being such a stick in the mud. He knows you think he's hot, too."

"He is and you're lucky," the pint-sized brunette said. "But I know I never would have had a chance with him with the rank difference and all. You're only two ranks and a bed under him."

"No... two ranks and me under him," Dani corrected.

"So he doesn't like it when you're on top?" Kelly asked with a giggle.

"Not answering that," she said, moving to another rack to browse. None of the clothes were anything she would ever wear out in public. In fact, she'd never been in a store like this before now. It was a shop more suited to Kelly's tastes, and that wasn't a bad thing. Dani was just happy to not be walking out empty handed. "Besides... I think Quinn would turn twelve shades of red if he ever found out you were talking about things so personal, which is why I haven't asked."

"Probably fifteen hundred shades," Kelly said. "Are you ready to check out so we can get lunch or something? I saw a dessert shop nearby before we came in and mama's sugar level feels low."

"Yes, but I need food before I gorge myself on sweets. If I don't, I'll get sick, and that's not how I want to spend my evening."

"What are you in the mood for?" Kelly asked as she headed for the checkout. "I doubt they have many human dishes here unless you go to the replimat, but who wants replicated food with so many options?"

"You can pick," Dani offered.

"Are you sure?" Kelly asked as she paid for her items. "I have exotic tastes and I get angry if my gagh is less than lively."

"No gagh. The name alone sounds like the noises a person makes when it comes back up."

"It's Klingon serpent worms," Kelly said, sounding a bit hurt. "There's fifty-one different types of it, too. I think it would probably be best if we just found a replimat and headed back to the ship."

"Hey... I have nothing against Klingon cuisine, or those that like it, but it's just not for my. If I hurt your feelings, I'm sorry," Dani said. "You've got a great sense of humor, and I honestly thought you'd find that funny. Guess I was wrong." She set the items she'd chosen on the counter and allowed the sales person to ring them up. This trip wasn't at all what she thought it was going to be. "I think I'm going to head back. Maybe you can get Quinn to meet up with you."

"It's just that I really love the Klingon culture," Kelly said. "And the food that I can actually digest without getting sent to medical. I don't make fun of what other people enjoy. You don't have to head back, but if that's what you want, I'll see you later."

"I appreciate all cultures, and again, I'm sorry of you took the joke I made to heart. It wasn't meant to be taken seriously," the blonde stated with as frown. She didn't see it as making fun of anyone.

"It's all good," Kelly said, forgiving her fun-sized friend. "What do you feel like munching? There's a Bajoran place a few places back, but don't order the hasperat if you don't like spicy."

Dani took her bag from the sales person after paying for it, then leaned in to hug Kelly. "Bajoran sounds like a good one. We'll head over when you're done here."

Kelly returned the hug before moving out of the store with her purchase and turned left. "I bet Commander Walsh is going to be really happy when he sees what you got him."

"As will Quinn," the fun-sized blonde commented as they made their way toward the Bajoran place. "You know... maybe when we have a chance to, the four of us should get together and do something. What do you think?"

"That sounds like a good idea," the brunette said as she stepped aside to let a rather large Dosi by who seemed to have no interest of stepping aside for two human females. "Unlike making deals with Dosi," she added quietly as she entered the Bajoran cafe.

Dani looked back as the Dosi walked away. "This place is scary," she whispered to Kelly as they walked inside. "We should have brought Security with us. That would make me feel a bit better about being here."

"Don't worry," Kelly said. "I know two forms of martial arts..well, still learning...and I can scream loud enough to bust eardrums when I need to. Oh, I almost forgot. If you order the hasperat, get a bowl of honey to go with it. It'll neutralize the burn."

"I mean... I can handle my own, but having someone here would make it easier," she said, listening to Kelly's suggestion about the honey. "I'm not sure I want to go with anything spicy today. Do you recommend anything else?"

"Let's see what they have on the menu," Kelly said as she headed for the counter. A board behind it listed the dishes: Alva, Argendi sandwich, Asnor fish, Bajoran fizz, Bajoran veggie dog, Decapus salad, Deveride, Droli, Foraiga, Grolanda stew, Hasperat, Jumja, Jumja stick, Katterpod, Kava, Kurna fruit, Makap, Mapa bread, Mekkenda twist, Milaberry, Milaberry biscuit, Moba fruit, Moba jam, Moba juice, Pooncheen, Porli, Ratamba stew, Sevala, Bajoran shrimp, Spiced klemmen, Tuwaly, Tuwaly pie, and Veklava.

A kindly looking Bajoran woman behind the counter smiled at the two human females. "The Tuwaly pie is freshly made and the Ratamba stew is going fast with Milaberry biscuits," she said.

Dani smiled at her. "I think I'm going to try the Ratamba stew and Milaberry biscuits. Can you add some Bajoran shrimp and Moba juice to that, please?"

"I certainly can," the woman said before she looked at Kelly. "And you, dear?"

"I'll have the hasperat, a piece of Kurna fruit, and some Moba juice, too," Kelly said.

"It'll be up in a minute," the woman said as she turned to place their order with the cook before she poured two glasses of Moba fruit juice and handed it to them. "That'll be twelve credits, please."

"I got this," Kelly said as she pulled out a small credit chip and passed it over to the woman who scanned it in a reader and handed it back, then got Kelly's thumbprint.

"Thank you," Dani said to the woman behind the counter with a smile as she picked up her juice. Her attention turned to Kelly, the smile never leaving her lips. "And thanks to you, too, Kel. I got next time."

"Save it for dessert," Kelly said with a gleam in her eyes. "I have a huge appetite for sweets."

"I'm going to be broke," the blonde groaned.

Kelly laughed as the Bajoran woman served up their meals. "Don't worry," she said. "Tell Quinn you need reimbursed for feeding his girlfriend's addiction. He struck it rich in Vegas playing the slots."

"Really?" Dani asked, unable to hide her shock. "He should be funding this little expedition of ours, then."

"He's a good guy, but I wouldn't expect him to buy everything for me," Kelly said as she took her plate. "He won almost three hundred thousand credits and bought me a new vectorboard since my old one was lost when the old ship went down." She shuddered at the memory of abandoning ship and taking the runabout crammed full of people through the fight around Deep Space 11 and watching the Black Hawk go down.

"I think those memories will be etched into our brains forever," the young blonde said softly. "It's definitely a moment I'm never going to forget."

"Yeah," Kelly said as she went to take a seat that gave them a view of the beings on the promenade. "But enough about that. How are you liking the new ship?"

"It's pretty amazing. I'm still learning my way around, though. Why do you think about it?" Dani asked in return.

"It's awesome," Kelly said after she took a bite of her hasperat and a swallow of her juice. "Me and Quinn got to be on her when she left Earth and headed back to Deep Space 9, even though it cut our shore leave a bit short. I even got to fly her."

"That... is worth cutting shore leave short for," her fun-sized friend pointed out as she took a sip of her juice. "I'm sure you were the first member of our crew who did get to fly her. That's something special."

"It was a thrill," the petite brunette said with a smile. "I never thought I'd be one of the first to fly her other than for testing, but she got a good shakedown on the way back. Well, as good as Commander Teixeira would allow for." She cut her Kurna fruit into sections and offered Dani a piece of it.

Dani shook her head. "Thanks, but I have more food here than I know what to do with. You should be proud of yourself for what you did. I know I would be."

"I am," Kelly said as she took a bite of the tangy fruit. "It's helping me accomplish my goat one step at a time. I really do want to fly everything. Maybe if there's an officer exchange program with the Klingons, I can get to fly one of their ships one day. Not to mention I have to get with Commander Walsh and spend some time flying the Gryphon's if he'll let me in a simulation. I have a feeling that he'll be a bit harder on me than he was the last time we flew."

"Why would he be harder on you?" Dani asked, unable to hide her curiosity.

"Because he saw me fly to the Cochrane when it was spinning out of control," the fun-sized brunette said. "I sort of sandbagged him the first time he let me fly in a simulation."

"Well... if he does go harder on you, that's only because he knows your potential and wants to help you," the young blonde woman said, offering Kelly a smile. "You do have a lot of potential, and having the best around you will help bring it all out."

"That's my plan," Kelly said after she ate and swallowed another bite of her hasperat. "I learned all I could at Academy and Nova Squad. Now it's time for those with real experience to show me what they didn't show me in four years."

"Exactly, and for you to take that and spin it into your own awesomeness."

The brunette took another bite of her fruit and a sip of juice. "So what's your career plan?"

Dani finished off her stew and sat back, wondering if she'd be able to get the rest of her food down. "I'm on it. I've always wanted to be a nurse as long as I could remember. I'll retire helping others."

"I get that," Kelly said as she finished her hasperat. "But I mean advancement in your career. You could one day be the head of Starfleet Medical, for example."

"That would be something pretty amazing to aim for, wouldn't it?" she asked with a smile. For a moment, she allowed herself the opportunity to imagine what something like that would be like. "I suppose anything is possible, but I'd have to be a doctor to hold a position like that, wouldn't I?"

"I think so, but I'm not sure," Kelly admitted as she finished off her fruit. "Although you're smart and I would be happy to go to Doctor Dani Walsh to get treated if I had to."

Dani blinked. "As amazing as that sounds, getting married is the farthest thing from Terry's mind, and I'm not pushing anything on him. We're going at a slow pace and just taking the time to enjoy ourselves."

"You're also not a Doctor yet," Kelly pointed out as she finished her juice. "Ready to go get dessert?"

"But... maybe I could be..." the fun-sized blonde said as she began to think about the possibilities. "Doctor Daniella Blake does have a pretty nice ring to it."

"Does that mean Terry will take your last name instead?" Kelly asked as she came to her feet.

"Kelly!" Dani cried, wishing she had a hole to climb into. "We've only just recently said we love each other. Marriage isn't on the table at the present moment. Maybe sometime in the future, but not right now."

"First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Terry with the baby carriage," Kelly said in a sing song voice as she prepared to be chased by her fun-sized friend.

Now, the blonde looked absolutely horrified. It wasn't that she didn't want those things in the future, but there was still a lot of time for into happen. She and Terry hadn't even moved in together, which made her wonder why. All of their free time was spent with each other. Still...she wasn't pushing it. If he wanted that, he'd let her know. "You're getting waaaaay ahead of yourself, Khan."

Kelly laughed in delight at the look on her friends face. "Relax, Dani," she said. "It's just the logical procession of events. You ready for something sweet?"

"Not even a little, but let's do this," she confirmed.

With another laugh, Kelly headed out for the nearest shop that sold desserts and chocolates. "There's chocolate to be had," she said. "And Mama's gonna get some."


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