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Establishing Control

Posted on 23 Aug 2016 @ 4:40am by Ensign Quinn Mackie & Commander Thiago Teixeira & Lieutenant Commander Temerant Bast & Vorian Sulvai & Chief Petty Officer Tarsa Rogers
Edited on on 23 Aug 2016 @ 7:23am

Mission: Click Three Times
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: MD6 || 1345 hours

"Aww..." Vorian grunted as he began flinching, his senses quickly returning to him, being overrun with information at an alarming rate. It didn't take him long to regain full control over his sight, touch, smell and hearing after he woke up. Slowly getting up, he leaned against his console as he looked over the other crew members in Engineering, all still laying unconscious on the floor.

The red emergency lights were on, which logically meant that the main power generators were offline. He had no idea what happened apart that it had been another combat situation and the XO came into Engineering asking to commandeer some of his console to set up a back up bridge. After that everything went dark and now here they were.

Assess damages or wake everyone up. Not an easy decision to make, but he had to do something. Immediately he darted towards the XO and began shaking him slightly, trying to wake him up after checking for his pulse quickly. "Come on Commander, wake up. This is no time to sleep on duty."

Draped over the railing that surrounded the upper level of Engineering, the blonde woman began to stir - her eyes began to blink and she soon realized that she was hanging perilously above the lower level. She waggled her legs and eventually fell back onto the decking behind her. What the hell had happened?

Vorian's ears perked up a bit as he felt someone waking up on the upper levels. Taking the chance to slap Thiago once hard on the cheeks, he grinned and got up. Slapping a superior officer, another experience added to his repertoire, categorized and stored. "On the upper levels, I sense you waking up! This is Lieutenant Sulvai, report your status to me immediately!" he demanded on a commanding tone as he made his way to the console.

Taking a deep breath, the blonde bombshell managed to pull herself back to her feet, albeit very unsteady and requiring the full support of the rail. "It's me sir, Peters. I'm the only one up here," Emily revealed before shaking her head in a vain effort to try and restore her senses somewhat.

Not taking his sight from his console he spoke. "Peters, perfect. Just what I needed a damage control specialist. We're leaking power at an alarming rate. I need you to help me restore power to the ship and try to stabilize our power grid and generators. It's not a request."

Somewhere outside of Engineering, Quinn slowly came to. After being released from sickbay, Quinn resumed his shift at the computer core, only to leave his post during the battle at the call for Warp Field specialists to Engineering. He was just a few feet from the door when the ship lurched and power went out.

His head felt like it'd been hit by a train for the second time today, which by now, it was just a par for the course. The cadet staggered to his feet, only to realize the corridor was lit solely by emergency lighting. He spotted the open door to Engineering. His gut said to check in with Commander Bast for orders, but his mind coaxed him into the engine room.

Chief tar-Kvothe, an Efrosian assigned to the Engineering department, stirred. His head was hurting, and he suspected that it had hit a console when the ship had been tossed around like a toy. Sure enough, as he raised his hand to his temple, his fingers felt something warm and sticky. Still, he pushed the thought out of his mind.

He looked around, and could hardly make out any shapes. All of the consoles were dark, and only a handful of emergency lights were functioning. He reached under the nearest console, and pulled out a toolkit, which included a palm beacon. He activated it, shedding some light through the room. They saw bodies everywhere. Consoles had exploded, structural beams had fallen from the ceiling, crushing some of their colleagues. Thankfully no fire had broken out.

Quinn entered to see bodies strewn about, and thankfully, several of them were moving. His eyes did not spot the Chief Engineer, but he did see Lieutenant Sulvai just as he issued an order to Lieutenant Peters. "Lieutenant!" he called out, rushing over to the Vulcan/Betazoid hybrid. "I've been working closely with Commander Bast over the last month with the power grid. I can help, sir."

"Excellent idea Cadet," Thiago said, pulling himself to his feet. His face stung; he assumed it was from the shockwave of the tricobalt detonation. "Lieutenant Peters, organize damage control teams. I want a full report as soon as possible. Lieutenant Sulvai, I still need those consoles."

tar-Kvothe ran over to a storage locker, and pulled out a portable power generator. He ran to a group of consoles in the aft section of the engine room, and connected them to the portable unit. After a few seconds, the consoles booted up, and their screens came to life.

Cadet Mackie nodded. With the ship on emergency power, it meant they only had a few hours to get the auxiliary power generators back online, assuming the damage to them was minimal at best. The warp core could take the better part of a day to restore, given that the constrictors had to be manually reset, the power transfer conduits had to be flushed and checked for breaches and obstructions. The dilithium matrix would have to be checked as well, same for the injectors and the antimatter pods. It sounded like a simple process, but depending on how many able bodied engineers were available would determine how long it would take. At minimum, Quinn estimated eight hours.

Quinn considered grabbing a few people to take with him to the auxiliary power generator, but he quickly remembered that not a single order had been given to him. Rather, it was up to Lieutenant Sulvai or Peters to issue the next command.

Without looking towards any of them, already aware of their locations and status by their emotional vibrations, he cleared his throat. "Cadet, you seem rather in theme with the power grid. Let us test your knowledge, give me as much power as you can recover." Moving to another console he continue. "Also, welcome back among us Commander. You have four consoles up and running at this time for your use. Engines, sensors, damage control and I believe some horrible connection to the phaser banks, those that work at least."

The Cadet nodded to the Lieutenant. "Yes, sir." Quinn then found a nearby tool kit, one that had fallen and lost all of its contents. He made a quick work of gathering the lost tools and then left engineering, bound for the auxiliary power generator, grabbing a couple crewmen to assist him along the way.

Peters had silently listened to her orders and nodded in confirmation as she moved to a side station that was flickering away slowly. She then turned around and looked at the senior officers in the room. "We need to make communications and the power generators our biggest priority. We'll have no way to render assistance to people around the ship without them. Everything else will have to be secondary," the blonde human spoke her advice, hoping the senior officers would agree and she could dispatch those people that were available. She wasn't particularly happy about having the Cadet work on the warp core, he should have been dispatched to round up personnel and bring them to assist in the work that was required.

Lt Commander Bast rounded the corner just in time to hear Peters's words. There was blood on his uniform. None if it was his - Camila had coughed blood on him while he carried her to Sickbay. In a glance, he took in the situation. He ignored the empty uniform by the entrance, and focused on the small group of officers trying to restore power to a handful of consoles on the upper deck.

"Our first priority should be making sure life support is working throughout the ship," he corrected her. "Then communications, internal sensors, and power distribution." He spotted Commander Teixeira at one of the consoles at the far end of the room, and walked over to the First Officer.

"Commander," he said, approaching the Brazilian Executive officer. "The bridge is out of commission. We have to set up a command center here."

Teixeira looked around the room. Other than Bast, Sulvai, Peters, Mackie, and himself, there were several other engineers present. "Listen up everyone," he said loudly to attract the attention of everyone in the room. "Commander Bast and Lieutenants Sulvai and Peters will each lead a small team. The Commander," he said, looking to the Trill Second Officer, "will focus on life support." He looked next to dark haired Vulcanoid. "Mister Sulvai, your team will work on comms. Miss Peters, you're on power distribution. I'll work on sensors myself, with Chief Rogers' assistance."

Tarsa locked eyes with the Executive Officer and nodded her understanding.

"Any questions?" Thiago asked.

"None on my part. Intraship communications will be more challenging to repair. We need to do a ship wide scan to check all the terminal nodes and see which processors are damaged and need repair on site. Ship-to-ship communications also need a console to scan the long-range subspace transceivers located along the hull and the subspace antennas. Ship-to-ground communications are not needed or urgent at this time. So I will need two of the consoles for scanning and four men divided into two teams to be guided by the two consoles and do repairs." Vorian reported the situation of comms and his requirements.

Several other engineers, who had just staggered to their feet or wandered into Engineering, took note not just of the Executive Officer's orders, but also his and the second officer's presence. While many wondered where the Captain was, everyone in the room knew that this was no longer business as usual.

"Get to work," Teixeira ordered. He watched the others gather their teams.

Emily, disgruntled and annoyed, walked away and got to work on the ships power distribution network. Her small team began working to restore main power whilst one team worked on the auxiliary generators. Restoring power would help with a lot of other systems.

Bast nodded, and pointed toward tar-Kvothe, Thompson and Sorrell, two other junior members of the Engineering team. Their first priority would be to survey the ship, and map out those areas without life support, including gravity.

Having his orders Vorian selected five engineers, the ones he knew had worked or seen a communication device during their stay on the Hawk. He left one at a console to guide him, while the took the other four and left Engineering to head out and start repairs on both the intraship and ship-to-ship communication systems.

Chief Rogers approached the ship's XO. "Commander, how much of an engineering background do you have?"

"Not much," he said honestly. "But I know my way around sensor systems very well. Together, I'm certain we can make some headway."


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