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Changing of the Guard III

Posted on 29 Aug 2016 @ 2:57am by Lieutenant JG Catherine Cooper & Lieutenant Camila Di Pasquale
Edited on on 30 Aug 2016 @ 4:17am

Mission: Click Three Times
Location: Security
Timeline: MD 7 || 1000 Hours

Once she had finished off her ration and still held out hope the replicator would magically produce coffee, Camila tapped her combadge. =^= Lieutenant Cooper to Security.=^=

Cooper had taken herself down to the torpedoe launchers and sat, alone and cross legged finishing a report on the status of the department. Her face intent as she typed smoothly.Then sent it to Corwin and the Chief. She'd just begun reviewing the tactical information again when her commbadge went off. =/\="Understood, on my way."=/\= She rose to her feet, put the Padd away and made her way back to Security. When she arrived she tapped the door chime.

"Enter," Camila called out and sets her half eaten emergency ration bar aside. She looked as if she had seen better days and that was the truth. She reached up to push a lock of honey blonde hair from her eyes and refilled her glass of water as she waited for her new Assistant Chief of Tactical to come in.

Cooper entered, started to report in and caught sight of the Chief. As Cooper's dad would say Camilia looked a mile of bad road but Cooper didn't think pointing that out was constructive just yet. Her eyes held concern though as she completed, "Reporting as ordered Chief." Briskly enough, her mind occupied on a couple of tracks, not to be rude but to slow her down enough to focus properly.

"Have a seat, Catherine," Camila said tiredly. She wasn't supposed to be so tired and hadn't found it hard at all to follow Doctor Abrams strict requirements that she take it easy. "What's the status of the Tactical department?"

Cooper sat concern still in her eyes but she wasn't sure how she could help. So she did the one thing she knew how to do and tried to shoulder as much of Camila's burden as she could. She wanted to ask how Camila was holding up but that would have to wait. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly to order her wayward thoughts. "The Lt had run a tight ship, surviving personnel are experienced and working together well." She paused and rubbed her eyes.

Camila saw the look in Cooper's eyes and wanted to scream, but didn't have the energy for it. "What about weapons systems?" she asked.

She blinked refocused, "It's been tight scheduling with most personnel supporting security operations but those focused on the tactical systems have got alot done." She paused as she tried to pull the most related information, actively trying to keep it to the most important points. "Launchers are repaired but they're still working on other parts of the system, shields are down and phaser arrays are still down. We have 184 Mark XXV's, 225 Quantum Torpedos, and 14 tricobalt. All are accounted for and secured safely."

"That's not as bad as I thought," Camila said. "As for the Tri-cobalt's, I know they're secured. The Captain, Executive Officer and myself are the only three who have access to those. To my knowledge, this is the second one fired since the USS Voyager used two of them in the Delta Quadrant to take out the Caretaker Array so no other ships would get pulled there. Other than that, how are the people holding up?"

"Well tired and stressed everyone is but dedicated, they've thrown themselves into their work. I've set up a rest rotation to make sure we can keep them alert." Cooper replied.

"Good," the Security Chief said. "We don't need anyone burning out." She stopped and thought for a moment. "Right now, just focus on getting the phaser arrays back online as soon as possible. I don't like the ship being unprotected and they're the first line of defense."

Cooper nodded, "Now that the launchers are repaired I can funnel more personnel to assist engineering in getting them functional. I'm not to fond of the idea of them being offline myself. I can check with Lt. Corwin to see if she feels she can free up any of the Tactical personnel from security duties if what we have is proving insufficient, if that works?"

"I don't know if there's anyone in Tactical who is working Security at the moment," Camila said. "Everyone is working double and triple shifts helping out wherever they can at the moment."

Cooper nodded, "Some tactical are still supporting security missions at the moment because of the situation, I think with engineering's help and the current personnel we should able to bear down on it, my question about Lt. Corwin would just be a contingency option. I will continue to coordinate with engineering and get you a status report issues and repair eta."

Camila picked up a PADD on her desk and checked the schedules of the Security and Tactical department, then shook her head. "No, there's no one in Tactical right now who is assigned to Security at the moment. I'd keep doing what you're doing for now until they're back online."

Cooper nodded, "That's good news," It had been less then an hour since the change. And Cooper had tactical personnel acting in support with security before the job switch so with everything still a bit crazy her information seemed to be a bit off. "I'll get them into the rotation immediately."

"Good. Is there anything else you want to add before I let you get back to business?" Camila asked her.

Catherine shook her head, "No, I can keep you posted as to progress of phaser repair but I will oversee it personally." Her voice professional and determined. The best way she could figure out how to help the ship and her Chief was to get those gorram phasers working. Something she hoped would go faster now that engineering and tactical focus on it primarily.

"Then get on it, Catherine," Camila said. "And if you find some coffee along the way, confiscate a cup and send it my way or I'll assign you to Waste Management." Was the Chief joking or not? That remained to be seen.

Cooper wasn't entirely sure the Chief was joking but just in case not, "I'll get right on it, both items." There was a small smile just in case Camilia was joking and headed out. Making her way to tactical while reviewing information sent to her PADD about the phasers from engineering.

When she got in the turbolift =/\="Cooper to Thatcher"

Thatcher paused in the act of leaving her quarters, =/\="Thatcher here,"

=/\="You still have that dried coffee you offered the other day?"


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