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Bright Idea II

Posted on 20 Jun 2014 @ 12:02am by Lieutenant JG Noxa & Lieutenant JG Ivan Dash
Edited on on 29 Jun 2014 @ 8:22pm

Mission: Pursuit
Location: Bridge
Timeline: February 2, 2388 || 0745 hours

Ensign Dash stepped out of the Commanders ready room and onto the bridge. He still had a while until his shift at the helm so he decided to use the time to talk with Lieutenant Noxa about his idea. He still held his cup of coffee and PADD containing his research in his hands. "Computer..." The computer beeped acknowledging it had heard the Ensign " Locate Lieutenant Noxa please."

"Computer..." interjected Noxa, standing up from her crouched position. "Cancel that request" said Noxa standing on the tips of her toes looking out across the Bridge as best she could. She quickly moved about and appeared to the Ensign.

The difficulties of not being tall by the standards of others thought Noxa with a toothy grin. "I'm sorry, Ensign" she began in a small shrilling tone. "I was on the floor making some minor repairs to the circuitry at the auxillary science station. The sensors were acting up" explained Noxa.

Ensign Dash shook his head and grinned as the Lieutenant approached him. " Forgive me Lieutenant, I seem to be doing that a lot today." He held out his hand to her. "We have not yet officially met. I'm Ensign Ivan Dash. It very nice to meet you." He made sure to keep his eyes locked on hers. In a more personal setting he might have been a bit more flirtatious, but he had found that when dealing with ranking officers, and a Ferengi one at that, it was best to be all business.

Noxa flashed a toothy smile as she approached the man to greet him in response. "No apology necessary, Ensign. People have a hard enough time seeing me... I shouldn't be crouching or lying on floors" said Noxa with a small chuckle.

Though she had to look up at the Ensign, she did her best to keep her eye contact. She did not want to give the Ensign the impression that she was easily intimidated by anyone, be they taller than her or not. "Now we have officially met, Ensign" she said with a polite nod. "It is nice to meet you as well" she added.

Cutting to the heart of the matter, Noxa looked at the Ensign inquisitively. "May I assist you with anything, Ensign?" she asked as smoothly as she could.

"Indeed! I was just speaking with the Commander about some research I had been doing on Tetryon beams in light of the Ferengi ship we recently encountered." He handed his PADD to Noxa with several book marks highlighting the research he had done. "If the Black Hawk were to be hit with one, our shields would have to be recycled and that would take a lot of time leaving us vulnerable to all kinds of attacks...but I don't need to tell you any of that. What I found, and what the Commander asked me to talk to you about was in all my research it states that Tetryon's are completely harmless to solid objects such as the ships hull." He paused for a moment to let Noxa catch up with him.

Noxa listened to the ensign carefully. She was able to follow him just fine. However, she was not sure yet as to what he was laying out there for her. "You have me excited, Ensign" she said with a chuckle. "Please, continue" she said with encouragement

Ivan grinned at her and continued " Ok so here was my idea. If we were to deactivate the shields they would be ready for immediate reactivation and the Tetryon's would bounce harmlessly off the Black Hawk. As the Commander pointed out this would leave us vulnerable for the time our shields were down, but even if we took a torpedo or a boarding party were to beam over in the split second our shields were down we would still take less damage then if our shields were taken out of commission and had to recycle. The Commander asked if we could maybe figure out a way to drop part of our shields to facilitate this idea and still protect the majority of the ship. The only real catch to all this is you would have to be very quick and drop the shields with a split seconds notice."

Noxa nodded and smiled. "In theory, I like the idea. However, I am a little concerned with putting this plan to work. It merits some more research on my part and consulting with the Engineering, Operations and Science departments" explained Noxa.

"As you're aware, Ensign.... Black Hawk is an Akira-class starship. We have Multi-layered shield systems" began Noxa. "I believe that we could play around with shield emitter frequencies, and expose a portion of Black Hawk but not leave it too vulnerable to weapons. We could make use of our ablative armor in the exposed shieldless area" added Noxa.

Dash nodded as she talked following her though process. " I agree with you, I would really love to help in the development of this plan in any way that I can. Will you at lest keep me up to date?"

Noxa smiled. "Ensign, I'll speak with the Departments involved and see what I can do about getting you into the mix. At the very least, I'll keep you informed" she said with a pleasant tone.

"Great!" Dash replied "Thank you very much Lieutenant, I look forward to working with you."


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