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Assembling a Team

Posted on 29 Oct 2016 @ 5:08am by Lieutenant Camila Di Pasquale & Ensign Kelly Khan & Lieutenant Commander Terry Walsh & Lieutenant JG Catherine Cooper & Lieutenant Lucas Abrams M.D. & Lieutenant JG Charles Carmichael

Mission: Click Three Times
Location: Briefing Room One
Timeline: MD 10 || 1500 Hours

Camila watched the Mississippi leave the Black Hawk with the Captain and Acting Chief of Security as well as the Chief of Medical and Operations. With so many department heads off the ship and on the away mission, she knew she would have to assemble a team of her own. She pulled up a department roster and quickly went over the names before she tapped her combadge to open a ship wide channel.

=^=Ensign Khan, Lieutenant Cooper, Lieutenant Abrams, Lieutenant Carmichael, and Lieutenant Burke, report to Briefing Room One in fifteen minutes,=^= She ordered before she turned the temporary bridge over to a Lieutenant and headed there herself.

En route, she tapped her combadge again. =^=Commander Walsh, while you're on patrol with the Black Knights, I'm going to patch you through to a briefing I'm calling.=^=

Terry heard the call come in from the acting Captain. They had just established their patrols and formed up on each other. He activated the comm, and spoke, =^= Understood, Lieu..., uh, Cap...Ma'am? Understood, Ma'am. I'll keep the line open. Rocco standing by.=^=

Lieutenant Carmichael entered the briefing room, perhaps more nervous than ever. Everyone knew by now Lieutenant Di Pasquale was the acting XO, and by now the acting Commanding Officer. Every name she called belonged to senior officers in each department. Had it actually come to that? Had the entire ship been inherited by the junior officers? Only this briefing would reveal the truth.

Or so the nervous science officer thought as he took a chair at the table.

The large, imposing figure that was Lieutenant Abrams entered the briefing room shortly after Carmichael and took a seat. He was thinking along the same lines as Carmichael was, only he wasn't nervous about it. He'd been thrown into the deep end once before during a crisis, and knew he'd be able to handle just about anything thrown his way. Of course, Luc hoped they wouldn't come across anything that would send countless members of the crew to sickbay again since they were still attempting to recover from the last incident.

For now, the man who'd earned the nickname Behemoth among some members of the crew decided to wait for the others to arrive so this meeting could be started.

Ensign Khan entered the briefing room a few moments after the massive doctor and couldn't help but be a bit jealous of his hair. It was so thick that she wanted to reach up and run her fingers through it, but she didn't know him well enough and he might not appreciate it. Add the fact that she would need a step ladder and for him to stand still didn't help matters, so she restrained herself and headed to take a seat at the table.

Camila entered a minute later and nodded at the others who had already assembled and went to switch the communication with Commander Walsh to the room's speaker. "It'll be a few more minutes before everyone arrives, then we'll get down to business." She looked over the temporary bridge crew she had called together and wondered if the Black Hawk could survive what was thrown at her with those she had picked. She shoved the thought from her mind and knew that each of them were qualified Starfleet officers and each had been tested in the events the ship and crew had been through.

Cooper had been deep in tactical but rushed up as soon as possible, arriving she reported in, "Lt. Cooper Reporting as ordered..." She said, stilling herself nearby the Acting XO.

Burke had to look up the location of the briefing room. His transfer from the Chimera was still a recent thing, and he had yet to fully assimilate the layout of the Akira-class starship. The past few days had left his head spinning. The death of his commanding officer, the chase through the nebula, the attack on another Starfleet vessel, the transfer to the very same ship they had been attacking, the destruction of his former home, and crossing over into this... whatever this was. And now, he was thrust into a position of Acting Chief of Operations, at least while both his superiors in the Operations department were off-ship.

He walked in the briefing room, unsure what to expect. He set his data padd on the table in front of him, and nodded to the other officers. He noted that no one at the table had rank above Lieutenant.

Camila nodded to Cooper and the new Operations officer as they came in and took a breath. "As some of you know, most of our senior officers are now heading for Razmena station in the hopes of finding out information about where we are and what allies we may be able to get while we're here. The Cochrane has been taken by the Karemma of this galaxy and Starfleet is an unknown. Due to the fact that we are the ones who remain behind, I have chosen each of you to be the acting heads of your respective departments just as I have been called on to be the acting Commanding Officer while Captain Geisler is away. Each of you know your jobs and your records reflect that."

Cooper found a seat and listened intently on the surrounding conversations.

She paused to look at Lieutenant Burke. "Lieutenant Burke. I'm Lieutenant Camila Di Pasquale and I want you to know you can trust everyone on this ship as we are trusting you. You have a very serious task ahead of you and that is to eradicate the virus which is currently infecting our computer core. I'm aware that it will mean we will be defenseless for several hours, but we have the Black Knights on patrol at the moment to be our eyes and ears. How long do you estimate before you can do that and get the backup operational?"

Burke picked up his data padd, and began reading out the maintenance plan. "Shutting down the computer core. Wiping every memory cell. Restoring the backups. Powering up the computer, and running a few tests to make sure everything runs properly... Around fourteen hours," he said.

He raised a hand before di Pasquale could speak again. "But the real challenge will be to make sure everything that is connected to the computer is also wiped. Everything." He held up his data padd. "Data padds. Tricorders. Laboratory equipment, scanners, portable sensors. Everything that was linked to the computer since we were infected is likely infected as well, and could reinject the virus."

Camila listened and then looked at Burke. "Fourteen hours isn't acceptable," she said. "Before you object, I understand that everything you just said and admit that it's possible." She paused and looked at the others. "I need everyone here to draw personnel from their departments who can be spared to dedicate themselves to this," she said. "Shifts no longer matter. We cannot afford to be down for fourteen hours. Anyone who has operated a tricorder or PADD knows how to wipe them or can be taught. If you have non-essential personnel that is required for the normal functioning of this ship or Medical personnel who absolutely cannot be spared, send them to Lieutenant Burke to cut down on the time estimate."

Lieutenant Carmichael raised a hand. Is that what he was supposed to do in one of these meetings? "Lieutenant... Captain... I know many in the science department have had to reset tricorders on multiple occasions. I'm sure we can help with that at least."

Lucas blinked, his look going from one of disbelief to pure anger at what he was hearing. "Fourteen hours? Sickbay can't be without critical systems for fourteen hours. We've got patients that are currently depending on some of those, and you're telling us they'll be offline for fourteen hours?" he asked angrily. That wasn't good enough for him, or the patients he had in sickbay. He couldn't even afford to spare his own personnel to help out with this new turn of events.

Burke kept his eyes on Lieutenant Di Pasquale. "If you can get me help from the other departments to wipe the peripherals - data padds, tricorders, and other equipment - we can probably shave three or four hours from the procedure. And some items, like biobeds," he added, turning to Adams, "can be wiped independently, if we sever their link to the main computer. It's either that, or let the virus run free, and Gods know what would happen then."

"You have six hours," Camila said. "We took on nearly a hundred extra personnel from the Chimera that can help, too. You'll get the help you need but I cannot give you ten hours, let alone fourteen. We have too many critical systems on this ship that rely on the computer." She looked at the gigantic doctor. "How many patients are dependent on systems that they cannot do without right now, Lieutenant?"

"Ma'am, that can't be done in six hours," objected Burke. "It took Lieutenant Marion and myself four hours to wipe the memory on our first try. We can't possibly shut down the computer, wipe the memory again, wipe the equipment, restore the backups, turn everything back on, and test the system in six hours. We need at least nine to ten hours. And I might add that more manpower won't speed up the process - most of this is machine time, reading information from the protected archives and restoring it to active memory."

Lucas shook his head. Sure, nine to ten hours was far better than fourteen, but it was still too long. "Three, Lieutenant Di Pasquale. That number might not seem like many to most of you, but as a doctor, it's far more than I'd like. I suppose we'll have to do the best we can to keep them alive. Permission to be dismissed so that I can begin making preparations?" he asked, fighting the urge to smash something.

Camila nodded to Doctor Abrams. "Of course," she said before she turned back to Burke. "That was done in four hours with just two of you, not three hundred. Shunt everything to the secondary as you restore the primary and then do the secondary. How much without testing? We need to have some key systems online and operational in case those Karemma ships find us and we don't have time to make it all look pretty."

Cooper listened she'd been about to offer some help with wiping systems but as the conversation flowed she learned it wasn't just numbers of personnel. It would take how long it took, the extra crew on board would be great for wiping the PADD etc so at least there was that. So enough people it was just a matter of speeding up the process with the computer if possible. She waited for Burke's reply, her mind doing its usual whirling dervish of ideas but she kept silent trying to learn what she could of the situation before making any comments or suggestions, who said one couldn't improve? Normally she liked to think out loud but lately had been bringing it more internal, it seemed to disrupt others less.

Once given permission to leave, Lucas rose to his feet and exited the briefing room. He had things to do to get ready for what was to come. The large man wasn't at all happy, but it was obvious to him this couldn't be helped. As it was pointed out, the longer the virus stayed, the worse things would likely get. Considering the shape the ship was already in, they didn't need anything worse to deal with. Now was the time for him to focus on the more important things. The patients that depended on him and every other member of the medical team.

"What have you got me for, Lieutenant Cooper?" Camila asked as she turned her attention to the acting Chief of Security and Tactical.

Cooper's gaze went to the Acting Captain's. She reached into the chaos of her mind and forced a formal report out. Her words smooth but carefully spaced, "Armory reports internal security weapons are in working order, there are personnel working on an inventory at the moment to be sure, however. I've got extra personnel in vital areas and patrols to act as eyes on in case boarders get past the Black Knights with or without warning, report problems. And per instructions we're on a continuous sleep/duty rotation to keep positions well covered and alert. Internal security precautions like the force fields are operating but thus far not sure how the virus may affect them. If we can pile some PADD's in areas like the security office I could even set some personnel to wiping without unduly affected department effectiveness." She paused for reaction before continuing, trying not to swamp others in a data dump.

"Everything sounds good but don't overload the department with more work than they already have, Lieutenant," Camila said. "If someone is off duty that volunteers to wipe PADDs, that's fine, but don't spare Security that are on duty."

Cooper nodded, "Aye Ma'am, I will make sure people getting some rest." She knew it was needed but was more likely to look out for others,than herself. "In regards to tactical, the changes were implemented as discussed: modifying the shields to be resistant to Phased Polaron Beams, improving ships phaser efficacy in light of likely enemy break down, and the sensor ghosts were completed but with systems going to be down will be unable to access. The torpedoes, not being connected to the computer, were able to be completed improving effectiveness provided they can be fired. The integrated tac net with the Black Hawks is also down." She again paused. The tac net was simply the standard practice of looping the Black Knights craft into what the Black Hawk saw and did tactically so they could react as appropriate. It would show target and nagivation changes of the Black Hawk as it happened, useful if coms were down or for the extra seconds of reaction time.

"I plan to have a shuttle or runabout set up on the Flight Deck to communicate with the Black Knights so we don't lose the advantage of our mobile eyes and ears during the computer reboot," Camila said. "Do you concur, Commander Walsh?"

Cooper nodded agreeing that it was a good idea but said nothing waiting for Walsh's reply, just glad the virus hadn't jumped to the shuttles.

Terry had been listening to all of the conversations, whether the rest of the crew gathered there knew it or not. "Agreed, Lieutenant," came Terry's voice over the comm system. "The last think I need happening is a loss of communication with the Black Hawk. Whether we're being attacked or not. You need to know what's going on out here during the reboot. And I think a shuttle or runabout is a good thing to use."

"Whatever works, Commander," Camila said. "As long as it does work." She turned her attention to the young Ensign who was in Flight.

"Ensign Khan. I've read your record and I'm impressed by your ability that you displayed while on the Chimera," Camila started. "This is a different story yet again which will allow you to demonstrate your skills and expand yourself. We're going to be very limited in our maneuvering capabilities while the computer is down. That means you'll be tested on keeping us away from potential enemies in the event that the Black Hawk is discovered. Are you up to it?"

Kelly listened and made eye contact with the Lieutenant who was the current acting commanding officer of the ship. "I am, Lieutenant Di Pasquale," she said. "Every pilot knows their responsibilities in keeping their ships out of harms way and I don't plan on being the one that didn't. You can count on me."

Camila nodded. "Very good, Ensign," she said and looked at Lieutenant Carmichael.

"Lieutenant Carmichael. Effective immediately, you are in charge of Science. I want detailed reports on what is around us, possible approach vectors, routes out of this area and anything else you can think that will be helpful. I also want a team on the analysis of the...singularity...that brought us here."

Charles nodded without hesitation to the Acting Captain. He did have the isolinear chip that had been entrusted to the science department. In fact, he'd already glanced at it at least twice. "Without the computer, I won't be able to do much with the singularity. But star charts should be accessible from a shuttle. I'll have a look, sir. Ma'am."

"That's it for now," Camila said. "I'll see everyone on Alpha shift on the improvised bridge. Dismissed."


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