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Preparing Security

Posted on 14 Dec 2016 @ 9:33am by Lieutenant Joey Geisler & Lieutenant JG Catherine Cooper & Lieutenant JG Dean Winchester

Mission: Click Three Times
Location: Security
Timeline: MD 11 || 0600 Hours

After talking to Kr'ozzu for the second time, and not having any idea what kind of plans he ship as a whole would use, Lieutenant Corwin decided to brief her people on what was known already. She didn't like going into a situation blind, but what she liked less than that was the fact they were going to be facing some serious fire power. The ship certainly wasn't going to be facing a warm welcome, but they needed to get their people back. The longer they were held by the Confederation, the less likely they'd get all their people back alive. That wasn't an option.

Standing inside the training facility surrounded by a few of her people, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She was tired, and wanted nothing more than to crawl into bed, but that was not an option now. In fact, it wasn't likely she'd sleep again until after everyone was home. The three hours she got would have to be enough to last her a while. Now wasn't the time to focus on it, though. Joey needed to focus on what was to come, but before that, she needed to talk to her personnel and get them updated.

Cooper stood nearby, eternal PADD in her hands with the information she'd worked out with Commander Walsh and Lt. Marion as well as a full tactical report on the current status should it be needed. When she found out the senior staff was called to a meeting at 04-my god that's early, since she was already on duty deep in the ship, she began to prepare all the information she could not being sure what Lt. Corwin may need. Lt. Corwin looked deep in thought so Cooper let her be as she waited with the others.

Ensign Thatcher entered with an armload of small metal thermos's, "Ensign Thatcher reporting as ordered Ma'am." She said to Lt. Corwin, "I hope I'm not late, I brought Raktinjino..." She offered politely, figuring it was very early and a little extra caffeine never hurt.

"Thank you, Miss Thatcher, and no, you aren't late," Joey said, accepting the offering. She was going to need quite a bit of this to keep herself going, but she was used to long hours and sleepless nights. It came with her training. A few more people entered the training area, some of which looked as though they were half asleep. "As soon as we're all here, I'll get started."

"Aye Ma'am." Thatcher replied with a nod and began to pass out the little thermos's to any who wanted one, keeping one for herself. She opened hers and savored the smell before drinking the life's blood of the sleep deprived everywhere off to one side.

Cooper even took one, the lack of sleep getting to even the 'energizer bunny' as she was sometimes called. She took a drink and looked at Lt. Corwin, "You know the Doc's are going to run a test to find we've replaced our blood supply with this stuff..." She hefted her thermos.

"I doubt that considering most of them are in the same bost the rest of us are," Corwin stated before taking a sip of her coffee. She'd grown to rely on the caffeinated beverage a lot since they'd restored power days ago.

Cooper smiled and after a moment nodded in agreement.

'No thank you, i can stay awake for days, its a Marine trait.

Thatcher nodded and moved on.

"As can I, but it's all part of the training I underwent. Still... it doesn't hurt to have a little go juice ti help along the way," Joey said, looking around at those that were present. Everyone was present and accounted for, which meant it was time to get started. "Okay... I'm going to jump right into this and take questions as we go."

She took a deep breath and tried to think of the best place to begin. "First things first... our trip to Razmena was pretty eventful. We learned a bit of information while we were there, but it wasn't as useful as we'd hoped. We were told of a Karemma establishment, and went there, which was where things went south. It seems there is a bounty on Captain Geisler's head. A few individuals intended to collect. Obviously, that didn't happen because we all made it back here in one piece. The owner of the establishment is currently in our brig." She paused to let that sink in before she continued.

"We have no set plan yet aside from getting our people and the Cochrane back," she said. "I'm sure this is subject to change at any point in time, but for the moment, we're going to beef up security around the ship. I'll get into that momentarily, but are there any questions yet?"

Cooper went straight to the questions she most wanted to know, "Do we have an idea where to look for the Cochrane and do we know if our people are still with the Ship?"

"The coordinates we have have directed us to Unity, though, in this universe it's an asteroid field," Joey replied, taking another sip of her coffee. "As far as our people being with the ship, we don't know. I would say they're not, but I don't know that for sure. Now really isn't the time to speculate, either."

She let out a slow breath. "We don't really know what's going to be waiting for us when we get where we're going, either, so we're going to be taking some serious precautions to make sure everyone stays safe. I'm issuing General Quarters Four as well as putting Lieutenant Di Pasquale's security protocols in place. Should we get boarded, they'll meet the brig before they can do any damage. Any questions?"

Cooper nodded she could understand not speculating she could only hope they had more intel about what they were likely to face. Cooper made a note to check sensor efficiency among other things.

Clearing his throat, Winchester said, "Should we be boardedx, we will fight them off the ship or die trying".

Thatcher glanced at Winchester and back to Corwin asking politely, "Yes Ma'am no speculating, can you tell us what we do know?"

"First, i am not a Ma'am, i am a man, second, and i do mean this, if the enemy board this ship, we fight them off or die trying."

Joey looked at the faces looking back at her. So many people depending on her, plus a shipload of others that she couldn't see at present. Her job, even as an assistant Chief, was a stressful one. Waking up each morning... when she was able to sleep... came with new challenges. She was always up for the challenge, and har no intentions of ever backing down. "Potential boarders... once the protocols Lieutenant Di Pasquale has created are activated, we shouldn't have to worry about encountering any of them. They'll beam straight to the brig. Cooper...I know you have been moved to Tactical, but I would like you to get on that once this meeting has concluded. I'll authorize it the second you're finished."

Cooper nodded, willing to help however needed.

With that being said, she turned her attention to Thatcher. "All we know right now is that a potential shitstorm is waiting for us. Polaron beams, mines, weapons platforms... this isn't something to take lightly. We're going to get our people back, but it isn't going to be easy."

Thatcher nodded her face very somber, her almost elven features determined. Her mind making a mental note to review those weapon types, just in case.

"Do we know number and location? Any other ships?. It would help with tactical systems planning" Cooper asked, part of her mind already working on Corwin's previous request, she paused that so she could focus fully. She kept focus, something that was getting easier the more she locked on it.

Corwin shook her head. "We don't have a number, and the locations... I'm under the impression are placed sporadically... so we'll go with unknown at this time. As I said... no plan has been put into place as of yet, but I'm sure that's being worked on as we speak," she stated. "It might not be a bad idea for you to come up with various maneuvers just in case. As I'm not the Tactical Chief, I can't give orders based on that, so that's going to fall solely in your hands."

Now it was time to address the last question. "There are ships, but we were told most of them stay active. There is a possibility we could encounter some of them, but that isn't a guarantee. This is a situation we're going into slightly blind on. Anymore questions? If not... I'll pass out assignments so we can all prepare for what awaits us. We have roughly six hours before we reach our destination. While most might consider that a lot of time, it isn't."

Cooper made notes and nodded, "I'm on it, we'll be ready." She said. She had thoughts, lots of them but Corwin had given her enough to get up and running and should could follow up later. She discovered over time that it was better to internalized her activity as much as possible so better not to throw off everyone else. No less driven, just quieter about it.

Thatcher had a final question for Corwin, "Sorry Ma'am final question, will we be preparing a team as before in case of rescue or will we be playing that by ear?" She asked curiously. Wondering if, like before, they would spend time preparing and training for an upcoming away mission or play it by ear as needed.

"Training will continue as normal, but as for preparing a team, we're going to play that by ear," Joey said. "Now for assignments. We're going to be increasing patrols on all decks. Deck one is still locked down pretty tight, so if anyone decides to beam in on the original bridge, they'll surely be greeted with death. We'll have two armed guards at all critical points of the ship with the exception of the bridge. There will only be a single officer there as well as here in the department itself. We'll still have amed guards in the brig as well."

"We're going to be spread pretty thin, but this is what we train for. Rotations will change every shift, so everyone will get the chance to do a little bit of everything. Thatcher... Winchester... you two will start running patrols together," the Lieutenant said, then proceeded to tell everyone else what they're duties would be. "If there are no further questions, you're all dismissed. I'll be checking in with all of you periodically." As everyone filed out, she authorized the protocols, then started making preparations for General Quarters Four.


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