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Just the Two of Us - Part I

Posted on 05 Apr 2017 @ 11:58pm by Ensign Aidan Crehan & Senior Chief Petty Officer Mila Rasputin

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Risa

It was about eight in morning, Risa time, and Aidan rolled over, blinking at the sunlight streaming through the windows. It had been a long time since he'd been able to sleep-in this late. He rolled over and put his elbow into his pillow, propping his head on his hand and staring at the brown haired woman next to him. He smiled and rolled back over, grabbing a pair of grey shorts and pulling them on. Aidan made his way to the restroom and washed his face and ran his hands through his hair a few times.

It had been a testament to Aidan's stamina and endurance that Mila had gotten to sleep the previous night and a testament to her perseverance that they had been able to get to Risa and have a room booked prior to their arrival. When Aidan slipped from the bed, her hazel eyes cracked open and she nearly jumped out of his side of the bed when she saw tiny simian eyes staring as her as if she were a fresh pistachio. "Chow!" she exclaimed as she pulled the covers up over her bare chest. "You are to be shamed of yourself!"

Chow, for his part, simply hooted and pointed towards a wall where the replicator would normally be that he could get his own regular meals dispensed. A wall which was now bare of any such device and had only an image of a nebula on it.

"I am being sorry," she said as she got up and stretched before reaching for a robe. "I will have to be ordering it for you, but first I am seeing what Aidan is having for breakfast as well," she promised him as she slipped the robe on and headed to where she heard water running.

"I am saying good morning, handsome," she told him as she came up behind her man. "Are you having appetite for breakfast?"

Aidan smiled and turned the water off as Mila walked up behind him. "Good morning beautiful," he replied. "And yes, I have an appetite for breakfast." He turned and wrapped his arms around her back. Aidan smiled as he leaned down and pressed a kiss to her lips. "What were you thinking of having, Printsessa?"

The Russian brunette returned the kiss slowly as she wrapped her arms around his waist and looked up at him. "If you are kissing me like that again, I am asking if you are on menu, but Chow is being hungry, so I will settle for food. As for food, I think I am letting great traveler such as yourself decide as long as we are getting food for Chow as well. I am waking with him staring at me as if I am nut for him."

Aidan grinned at her first remark and was about to say something regarding the previous day and night, but when Mila mentioned Chow... "You mean he..." Aidan chuckled. "Well," he said, "he's getting a little too curious for his own good, now. But for something to eat, I was thinking about a simple, yet hearty, meal of biscuits and gravy with eggs to order and some coffee or Kava juice to drink. Nothing too fancy. We can save those for the evenings."

"You are all the fancy that I am needing," Mila said. "That is sounding like good breakfast. I am needing to step out of Russian box and be trying new foods. One would think that I am in Starfleet simply to be imposing my cultural cuisine on others when that is not being the case." She moved to the sink and adjusted the water before splashing her face and rubbing her eyes. "Have you had chance to be looking over spots we could be going?"

Aidan smirked. "All the fancy you need, indeed. There is enough fancy here that you'll never be bored, my dear." He handed her a towel so that she could dry her face. "And yes I have. There are many new places that I have found since I was last here. Of course, that was the late twenty-hundreds into the mid twenty-three hundreds. But some things, like subterranean gardens with luminescent plants do not change much. I believe there is even a small underground river that lazily rolls through part of it. There are also the steam pools. And a place called Montasmery Cove. It's a quiet and somewhat secluded place. One could hike through the forests to get there or simply take a boat ride around the point and into the cove."

She listened to him as she wiped her face and reached for the teeth cleaner. "That is sounding wonderful," she said as she activated the device. "In face, we should be packing a lunch to be taking with us so we are able to make full day of it." A gleam entered her eyes and she looked in the mirror at his reflection. "Perhaps we could be taking blanket with us as well, Sir Rogue."

Aidan picked the towel back up and put it on the rack while reaching for the device he'd been using. "I think packing a lunch and making a day of it would be a great idea." Then he yawned and stretched, looking at her in the mirror as he finished. "Perhaps we should take a couple of blankets. Thick ones, just to be safe, Lady Rogue." He winked at her reflection and then leaned back to take a look before cleaning his teeth.

Mila laughed as she finished cleaning her teeth and turned to face him. "You are being true rogue and I am loving it," she said. "Risa is being pleasure planet, so I am not thinking that they would be having problem is we are treating it as such. I am just hoping that Captain is never to be hearing of what I am thinking." She gave him a wink and stepped aside for him.

"I'm glad you're loving it," said Aidan, stepping over as she moved. "It is shore leave, after all. And it is very well deserved. So why not enjoy the roguish side for a while? Especially since you are obviously enjoying the thoughts of the Lady Rogue at the moment." Aidan grinned and proceeded to clean his teeth. When he finished, he put the device down and turned to stare at her in her robe. "I will never tell the Captain what you are thinking. But, you would have to tell me first." He smirked and leaned down so she could whisper in his ear.

She laughed at the thought of whispering in his ear when it was just the two of them, but she couldn't help herself as she leaned in and breathed something in his ear. A moment later, she stepped back. "Last I am checking, it is not illegal on Risa. One hundred and eleven worlds think it should be for some odd reason, but we are being safe here."

Aidan's eyes widened. "It's a deal," he said. "And it is a very good thing we're on Risa." He looked at her moment more before nodding toward the door. "After you," he said, a smile on his face.

"You do know that I am just joking about it being illegal on so many worlds, do you not?" Mila asked with a wicked laugh that said that may not be the case as she left the fresher and headed into the living room. "At least, I am not thinking that is being the case. For now, though, let us be getting breakfast."

Aidan watched Mila leave and let out a slow breath before whistling and following her out. "Either way, Mila, either way. But yes, breakfast sounds good." Aidan, still in naught but his grey shorts, walked by Mila and patted her backside. "I shall put in the breakfast order, Printsessa. How do you want your eggs prepared?"

She gave him a smile when he patted her butt and headed to the breakfast nook where Chow had already taken up residence on one of the chairs. "I am thinking sunny side up," she said after a moment. "And coffee strong enough to be putting hairs on my chest before it burns them off again."

Aidan laughed. "Sunny side up it is and coffee strong enough to make a Nausicaan squeal like a girl." He walked over to the small panel and ordered two plates of biscuits and gravy, one with eggs sunny side up and the other with eggs over easy. For both of them, he ordered the strongest coffee that they had. Lastly, he put in the order for Chow's bowls of pistachios, grapes, and yogurt. Aidan walked back to the breakfast nook and sat down in a chair next to Chow. He looked down at the little simian and patted him on the head. He was momentarily reminded of the time he talked to Chow about Mila while she was in the other room. "He is a good little monkey, but getting very curious."

"Getting?" Mila laughed. "You are having no idea. He is being biggest pervert that I am ever seeing. Were you seeing what he did to Joey at her birthday party?" She shook her head and gave a rueful laugh. "Even I was not to be expecting that."

Aidan looked from her to Chow and back to her again. "No, I completely missed that. Dare I even ask what he did?"

Chow hooted and Mila shook a finger at him. "I am not wanting to hear excuses," she said before she looked at Aidan. "He was sticking his head between her breasts in water and shaking his head back and forth," she said with a giggle despite herself.

Aidan couldn't help but laugh. He looked down at Chow and shook his head before turning his attention back to Mila. "Pervert indeed. That little stinker. I did notice, though, that two of the attendees were enjoying themselves and your vodka very much."

"I did a count afterwards and one bottle was being missing, but that is okay," she said. "I brought it for all to be enjoyed and just as well. It would have been destroyed in crash. I am just being glad to be able to get few things from ship for us." One of which was the plaque she had made for him, her Russian nesting dolls and her poker vest and trophy.

"Well then, I shall see about replacing that one and some of the others," he said, thinking. "Yes, thank you for finding some of our things. They will be the perfect starters to rebuilding it all. So, you mentioned stepping out of the Russian box and trying new foods. What else would you like to try since we have several weeks to do so?"

"Anything and everything," Mila said as her stomach growled. "It is not that I have no tried new things over the years I have been in space. It is that I am always seeming to go back to default. I guess my appetite is telling me that it is homesick, but we are to be going there soon. I am also wanting to go with you to be meeting your parents."

"That sounds like a plausible explanation," he said. Aidan made a few mental notes in regards to Mila wanting to try anything and everything. "Of course you will be with me and get to meet parents. I wouldn't have it any other way. But I cannot wait to meet your parents and see your home that your stomach is sick for. Tell me, did you learn to cook from your mother?"

She blinked, then started laughing. "Da," she said between bouts of chuckling. "And are you realizing that you are starting to be speaking like I do?"

Aidan paused for a moment, mouth open. "No, I hadn't," he said. "Did I really just sound like you?"

"Just for minute," Mila said. "But I am having confession." She paused and took a breath. "The truth is, I speak perfect Federation standard, but I usually speak with the Russian inflection to throw people off and make them underestimate me." She said in perfect Standard with no trace of an accent.

Aidan sat there for a few seconds, stunned. "Well, I'll admit that I'm quite surprised. But whether you do or don't, doesn't' matter to me. You're still Mila and I still love you. You speak however you feel comfortable with me. Because that's what I want, you to be comfortable. Though, I will say, that absolutely love your Russian inflection." He smiled at her winked. "So please, feel free to use it anytime."

She smiled and leaned over to give her a kiss. "I am loving you just as much regardless of how I am speaking," she said. "I am thinking that you are very kind, very wonderful man and I will never think less of you. But to turned back to plans, what are you wanting to do first after we are leaving Risa?"

He returned her kiss and wished for more. But there would plenty of time for that. "And I will never think less of you, my wonderful Mila. Ever," he said. "As for plans, I want to visit Luna. I want to meet your parents. I want to see New Berlin. I want you to show me your favorite places and things. Maybe even see if there is a terraformed park in the city that we can visit. I want you to show me some of the places you used to go."

"It is sounding like you are having full plan when I had only basics in mind," Mila admitted. "Still, it is sounding like very good plan. I think that in a way, my lack of planning for this is me taking break from being Yeoman and letting you take control of planning and such while I am being content to simply take care of you."

Aidan smiled. "You must be the most absolutely sweetest woman in the galaxy. And I am so lucky to have found you and get you all to myself," he said. "I look forward to you taking care of me." For a very long time, he thought. "As for the planning, I will be your Yeoman. You just sit back and relax."

She smiled and reached for one of his hands. "You cannot be Yeoman for you are Ensign now, Aidan," she said. "Yeoman is being for enlisted such as myself, my handsome officer."

Aidan felt the warm, soft touch of her hand. A slight shiver ran up his arm and he smiled. "I hope that I never get used to your touch, my love. So if I cannot be your Yeoman, then I shall be your boyfriend who plans then next several weeks of your shore leave. And we shall be together every day and every night. I shall take my fill of you, my beautiful Yeoman."

Mila blushed a bit at his flattery and offer, then remembered something. She released his hand and came to his feet. "I am asking you to wait for one minute," she said as she headed back to their room. When they first came to Risa, she had insisted on going into several stores since they no longer had clothes or anything else and returned with several shopping bags for both of them.

Now she came back holding a small black box about three inches by three inches and handed it to him. "I found something that I think you will be liking," she said.

Aidan looked at the box in his hand for a moment, curious. "I am certain that whatever it is, I will love it. Thank you, Mila." He then opened the black box and was speechless for moment. He stared, mouth partially open and nothing coming out.

Inside the box was a a medallion with a combadge with a teal center to it resting on a piece of black velvet.

Carefully lifting the medallion from it's resting place on the black velvet, Aidan said, "It is beautiful! I have never seen anything like this, Mila!" He held it in his hand and rubbed his thumb over the combadge. "And a teal center...Science teal, perhaps?" He placed it back in it's box and set it on the table. "I love it, Mila. And I shall treasure it for a long time." He got up and walked over to her and, taking her hands in his, kissed her. Aidan allowed this one to linger a few moments before he pulled back and let tip of his nose gently rest against hers. "I love you."

"Da," Mila said. "Science teal for my Science officer boyfriend." She returned the kiss and smiled. "I love you, as well. You are to be opening it."

"Opening it?" he said. Aidan released one of Mila's hands and turned to pick it up again. Aidan held the back of the medallion in the palm of his hand, keeping his fingers lightly curled around the other side. With his thumb, he pressed the button at the top.

When he touched the latch at the top, it opened to reveal a old fashioned watch with an inscription on the flat metal surface which read "To my loving boyfriend, Aidan Crehan. You shall have my heart always. Love, Mila"

Aidan read the inscription twice and blinked back tears. He squeezed Mila's other hand and looked at her. "I... I do not think I've ever gotten such a beautiful, thoughtful gift before. It means so much to me, my dear, and it always will. Just like you." He couldn't catch that one, though, as it rolled down his cheek.

Mila reached over and wiped the tear from his cheek. "Just as you will always mean everything to me," she said. "I would not have you any other way than how you are right now."

At that moment, the door chime rang and a voice announced that it was room service.

Aidan smiled as she wiped his cheek. He couldn't believe that he had ended up with such an amazing woman. The universe had most certainly smiled down upon him that day on the shuttle. That day...had it really been that many months already?

The door chime interrupted his thoughts as he stared into Mila's eyes. "I'll get that. You sit down." He walked to the door and thanked the young man while taking the tray from him. Aidan then carried it back to the table. Once he put it down, he first set out the plate for Mila, sunny side up. Second, he put Chow's bowls in front of him. And third, he put his plate out, over easy. Aidan then set out the two mugs of coffee, whose aroma had started filling the room almost immediately.

With forks and knives distributed, Aidan sat down. "There," he said. "breakfast is served."

Chow gave a happy hoot and dug in with a vengeance, pistachios, grapes and yogurt a blur as he double fisted his breakfast.

"It is looking like he was even hungrier than I am being," Mila said with a laugh. "Thank you for getting it, my love." She picked up her fork and began to cut up the biscuits and sausage gravy before she reached for her coffee.

Aidan watched Chow stuff his little monkey face with food. "It amazes me how much he can fit into that mouth of his." He cut his over easy eggs and allowed the yolk to mix with the fringes of his sausage gravy. After stirring it together a bit, he put some on a piece of egg and took a bite. "Oh, this is delicious."

She took a bite of the sausage gravy and biscuit and gave a little gasp of delight. "Oh, why oh why did I never have this for breakfast?" she asked before she saw what he was doing with his. "I am having to try that next! This is being a delight, Aidan!"

Aidan chuckled a little as he took a sip of his coffee and cut the biscuits into bite-sized pieces. "I'm glad that you are enjoying it Mila. I can't wait to introduce you to the myriad of delicacies you've been missing." He forked a bite of biscuit and gravy and dabbed it in some of the yolk.

Mila cut her eggs up and mixed them with one of the biscuits and added sausage gravy to it before she took another bite. "This is being amazing," she said as she tasted the mixture of flavors. "I think I am having new favorite breakfast. You have already introduced me to so much, but I am looking to be learning so much more form you, my handsome Knight."

"Well this is good, then. Because I can cook this better than room service can," said Aidan, after he swallowed another bite of egg. "Perhaps I will cook it for you myself someday. As for learning more things, I can't wait to teach you. Although, to be honest, you have taught me lots of things as well."

"I have taught you?" she asked while Chow hooted and made happy noises as he stuffed his face. She glanced at him. "Slow down before you are getting stomach ache," she told him while rubbing her own stomach and making an unhappy face.

Aidan finished his drink of coffee and sat there, staring. He stared at her for a few more moments and then smirked. "Yes, you have taught me," he said, a roguish twinge to his voice. "Plus other things. Like an appreciation for Russian music. By the way, we are on shore leave again. Perhaps you can sing another song for me sometime." He quickly looked over to Chow and shook his head.

"We shall see," Mila said with a mock tone of despair after taking another bite of her breakfast. "What if I am not knowing more Russian songs or you are not liking it?"

"It doesn't have to be Russian," said Aidan, after he swallowed another bite. "Just so long as you sing, I will be happy. Besides, you are expanding your horizons this shore leave by trying foods that are not Russian. Why not do the same with your singing?"

She smiled and reached to caress his cheek "I am being very fortunate to have a man with experience such as yours and can only hope that one day, my horizons are as broad. Still, I am having more songs to sing to you in Russian, but I will attempt to vary them with other cultures."

Aidan stopped the moment Mila started reaching. A slight gasp escaped his lips as she touched him. He reached up to place his hand on hers and smiled. "I look forward to both the Russian songs and the ones from other cultures. I look forward to any singing that you do. And I...I don't know where I would be right now had we not met that day on the shuttle."

"You would be Ensign in Starfleet," Mila said as if it were obvious. "Only one not with wonderful woman to fill your days with song and your nights with her company. At least, I am hoping you would not, but if you were, I would be envious for I would not be the one to do so, Sir Knight."

Aidan smiled and put his fork down, reaching for both of her hands. Taking them, he said, "I would not. You fill both day and night, Printsessa, with mirth and song and company. You are beyond beauty. 'Two of the fairest stars in all the heaven, having some business, do entreat her eyes to twinkle in their spheres till they return. What if her eyes were there, they in her head? The brightness of her cheek would shame those stars as daylight doth a lamp.' To quote one of ancient Earth's playwrights.

She smiled and blushed at the quote. "You have just earned major points, Sir Knight," she said. "If you are to be keeping that up, I am going to have to come up with list of things for which you could redeem them for. You are being smart, funny, kind, caring and everything I could ever hope to want."

Aidan took another bite of egg with the biscuit and gravy as Mila spoke. He followed it up with a drink of coffee. "Major points? Well, perhaps I should keep it up a lot then. Because I want to see this list that you will come up with." He paused to take another drink of coffee. "Mila, my love, I hope to be more than you could ever want."

Mila finished off her breakfast and leaned back. "You already are and you always will be no matter what, Aidan," she said softly as she leaned over to kiss him. "As for list, I am having few things in mind."

Aidan returned her kiss and then pushed his plate out of the way. He stretched his legs over and rubbed her calf with the top of his foot. Leaning in, he said, "Did my heart love till now? Forswear it sight! For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night."

Her own heart skipped a beat and she felt light headed for a moment. "You are being wonderful man," she murmured as she felt his foot against her calf. "I am being so in love with you, Aidan, my heart is feeling as if it were to jump out of my chest."

"Mila, you have no idea how many times I have already felt that way, with my heart," he said. "That first time you sang for me. And even before that. I... I have a confession, too. The very first time we met, on that shuttle ride down to New Risa, and you walked off the shuttle.... My first thought as I saw the wind take up your hair was that you were even prettier in that atmosphere, the sun and the wind. Since then, you have grown even prettier to me. I am very much in love with you, Mila Rasputin. There is no denying it." He gently squeezed her hands and smiled.

Mila blushed. "If you are to be keeping that up, I am certain that I will die of beetus," she said, getting the ancient disease name completely wrong. "Still, my ears are being thrilled each time you are telling me such and to not hear a word coming from you would fill my world with silence. I am singing Sound of Silence before, but it would be a total silence which would crush my heart."

Aidan smiled at his wonderful brunette. "Mila, if that is the case, then your world will never be filled with silence again." He got up, walked around to her seat, and took her hands in his again. He gently lifted them a little, "Stand with me a moment."

She came to her feet as she held his hands and looked into his blue eyes. "Da?" she asked but she wanted to melt against him and never let go.

"It is not El-Aurian in origin," he said quietly, "but what kind of Archaeology and Anthropology officer would I be if I could not translate languages." He pulled her close, arms around her, and began singing as best he could in his rich, bass voice. The words were El-Aurian, but the song was of ancient Earth. When he was finished, he leaned down and whispered in her ear. "I will sing the translation for you, but at a later time. And you will know, even without me saying anything. And it will mean more then. I promise."

Mila listened to the tone and sound of his voice as her mind tried to interpret the meaning behind them, but then she stopped and simply listened to him. A tear came unbidden to her eyes and she blinked it away, her emotions soaring that this wonderful man would sing for her. "It is being lovely, Sir Knight," she told him with a soft smile. "Even if I am never hearing meaning, it is you who are singing it to me and that is meaning everything."

"I love you, too," he said, and pulled back enough to kiss her forehead. "Come now, let us get dressed and see what awaits us plants or a trip to a cove." He turned and put his arm around her waist, letting his hand slide down enough to pat her butt.

She smiled and jumped when he patted her butt, then gave him a sly look as she headed for the bedroom. "If you are to be keeping that up," she said. "We may never be leaving room."

Aidan chuckled, "Oh is that right?" He reached down and repeatedly patted her butt. "Like this? Or maybe this." He gave it a playful pinch and then ran into the bedroom towards the dresser.

Mila squealed and ran after him. "When I am getting my hands on you...." she said as she entered the bedroom. "I am to be doing many, many things!"

"Ha! Haha!" he laughed in true rogue fashion. "You must lay your hands upon me first!" Aidan crouched down and prepared to run in the opposite direction of whichever Mila came from.

With a gleam in her eyes, she whipped her robe off and threw it over him. "Aha!" she crowed in victory as she pounced towards him. "I am having you now!"

There was only seconds between the flash of her removing her robe and total darkness as it covered him. That...was most certainly not something he expected. As such, he stumbled a bit and then felt her arms wrap around him. He started laughing, muffled as it was, at the creativity of his girlfriend. She kept surprising him and that's what he wanted.

Mila giggled and rolled to the side, then went in under the robe like a happy puppy and began to search for his ribs or anywhere else she could try to reach in order to tickle him. "Mine!" She said.

Aidan saw Mila come in under the robe and smiled. But the smile quickly turned into laughter as she started tickling him. Between bouts of laughing, he managed to get out, "Mine? Well, mine too!" Then he reached for whatever he could find on his squirmy girlfriend to tickle.

She burst out laughing and managed to throw the robe off enough to see his face, then leaned in to give him a long soft kiss. "Gardens are waiting," she said in a sultry voice. "Shall we?"

Aidan returned the kiss and groaned slightly when Mila pulled away. "You..., yes we shall." He felt goosebumps on his arms, but he made no move get to dressed yet. Instead, he just stared at Mila.

"In a while," Mila said before she tackled him again, but this wasn't to tickle him.



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