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Armory 2, located on Deck 4, is the secondary storage and distribution area of weapons on a vessel or station, whereas the primary armory, Armory 1, is located in the Security Complex. It is the third most-heavily guarded room onboard any Starfleet vessel or station as access to weapons must be monitored at all time. There may be several aboard any vessel or station, dispersed throughout so there is easy access to weapons in case of emergency or even just for daily use. (See also Weapons Locker.) Armories are controlled by the Master-at-Arms, as well as a small team of Security Officers. They ensure that access to the armory is restricted to authorized personnel and that weapons are properly functioning and maintained. Armories always have a Phaser range next door or attached.

Every armory will contain:

  • Type 1 Hand Phasers
  • Type 2 Hand Phasers
  • Type 3 Phaser Rifles
  • Additional Phaser Energy Cells
  • Maintenance Packs for weapons
  • Instruction for proper cleaning and discharge of all weapons


The artwork contained on this page was created by Bobye.

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