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The Intelligence Center is located on Deck 14. Access is restricted to authorized personnel only, including the Senior Staff, Intelligence Team and the ship's Command Team.


Analyst Center


The Analyst Center is the primary entrance to the Intelligence Complex. On an average shift, this center is manned by only a single crewmember. During an emergency situation, the room is manned by all personnel within the department.

Intelligence Centers aboard a Starfleet ship or station are in their basic form, a secure area designed to protect the sensitive nature of Starfleet Intelligence gathering and analysis.

For many years, intelligence gathering was part of the everyday operations aboard ship, but there were no specialized personnel aboard to collect and sort that information. Potentially valuable or harmful information was filed away in the computer core and only accessible to intel officers and analysts when the data was requested or "dumped" to Starfleet Command. By then, the information was often useless and/or out-of-date. The need to have full-time intelligence analysis and encryption specialists on board became imperative. Over the last fifty years, Starfleet has made great strides to get the personnel and equipment needed for proper intel operations out into the ships.

Chief Intelligence Officer's Office

See Chief Intelligence Officer's Office

The Chief Intelligence Officer's Office is on Deck 14, attached to the Intelligence Center. It features a workstation, library computer interface, couch and private replicator.

Sensor Tie-In


Intelligence is privy to all data collected by a ship's sensors. For operations, they are normally allotted use of sensors, probes, and have a dedicated section of the computer core (usually in the secondary core) that cannot be accessed but by certain members of the crew, such as the Commanding Officer or Executive Officer.

Communications Tie-In


Intelligence also has access to most communications. Aside from cooperating with the ship's communications department, the Intelligence Department has deeper levels of encryption/decryption processes.

Intelligence Lab


As much of the Black Hawk's Intelligence is centered around information gathering, sometimes more extensive resources are needed to observe, decrypt/encrypt, and to otherwise disseminate information. These tasks are performed in this lab attached to the Intelligence Complex.


  • All of the above artwork was created by Bobye.

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