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This is the normal operating mode of the ship. It entails the following: Level 4 Diagnostic run on Flight Controls and Engines at each shift change. One Power source (Warp or Impulse) will be in operation, while the other is on standby. Long range navigational sensors operating, sensor pallets at standby. Navigational Deflector operational and at least one shuttle ready to launch in under 5 minutes.

Cruise Mode operating rules require at least two field generators to be active at all times in each hull, although the Flight Control Officer may call for activation of additional units when extreme maneuvers are anticipated. During Alert modes, all operational units are brought to hot standby for immediate activation. Reduced Power Mode rules permit a single field generator to feed the entire space frame, using the field conduit umbilical connect between the primary and engineering sections.

Yellow Alert

Ship is preparing for a possible crisis and the FCO should be working through possible scenarios for evasive maneuvers and other tactics that may be needed. It entails the following: All stations brought to full readiness. Level 4 Diagnostic of Tactical and all Primary systems automatically occurs. Warp Core brought on line and maintained at 20% level. Impulse brought on line, backup generator brought to hot standby. All tactical and LRS brought to full operational status. Deflector brought to full standby, backup generators brought to partial standby. All shuttlebays brought to launch readiness, at least one shuttle ready for immediate launch Level 5 diagnostic run on all evacuation systems (lifeboats).

Red Alert

This designates that the ship is in a crisis situation and the FCO needs to be ready to do what is necessary to move the ship as needed. They will also need to work with Tactical so that the firing of weapons can be synchronized with ship maneuvers. It entails: All stations brought to full readiness. Command officer, FCO, OPS, and Tactical Officer required on Bridge Level 4 diagnostic run every 5 minutes on all primary systems. Warp brought to full readiness with at least 75% power available. Level 3 diagnostic run on Warp system, then level 4 every 5 minutes. Impulse engines brought to full readiness. All Tactical and Long Range Sensors are brought to full operational status. At least 2 shuttles ready for launch within 5 minutes. All evacuation systems checked with level 4 diagnostic, partial level 3 run on launch mechanism. Isolation doors and forcefields closed to isolate potential hazards.

Blue Alert

On ships capable of planetary landings, this alert informs the crew they are preparing to make a planetary landing. For ships that aren't capable of planetary landings, this lets the crew know the ship is heading for a crash landing. The FCO will do what they can to try and keep the ship level to minimize the loss of crew.

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