Season 3

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Season 3 of the USS Black Hawk focuses on the mysteries around the Finnean Convergence Zone. It began on March 24, 2017 and is the current season.


Mission11header.png Mission 11 - Shore Leave
The crew of the Black Hawk is placed on leave while Starfleet reallocates resources to address the dozens of ships they lost during the Consortium Conflict.
Mission12header.png Mission 12 - The Finnean Crisis
The crew of the USS Black Hawk, after some well deserved rest, has been called back into service, given a new ship, and sent into the great unknown to find the source of a mystery that could spell certain doom for the Gamma Quadrant, and even the Federation itself...
Mission13header.png Mission 13 - Crossing Over
With the crisis at Finnea Prime averted and the arrival of Starfleet reinforcements to restore order to the planet, the Black Hawk has been released to pick up where the Vasco da Gama left off at the Finnean Convergence Zone.

SEASON 1 0: New Voyages1: Echoes2: Pursuit3: Razmena4: Boarded4.5: Repairs5: Answers
SEASON 2 6: Rude Awakening7: Outbreak8: Risky Business9: Click Three Times10: Endgame
SEASON 3 11: Shore Leave12: The Finnean Crisis13: Crossing Over14: The Search Begins