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On Stardate 65413.4, three words were transmitted on all Starfleet frequencies in the Gamma Quadrant: "Pity is Treason." In that instant, everything changed.

Deep Space 11

Around 0800 hours, when the personnel transfers were scheduled to begin, the transmission began. In an instant, unsuspecting crewmen and officers began to confront officers in charge either by arrest or phaser fire.

At the time of the transmission, Rear Admiral Vadosia Adislo, Captain Juliana Terlexa and Captain Tarmin Mavroidis were on a conference call, beginning the business of the day. The call was interrupted by the transmission. Though they were in two different locations, Adislo and Mavroidis knew what was happening as they'd already been made secretly aware of the Consortium threat. Captain Terlexa, however, was the Consortium agent in charge of the coup.

As the Consortium agents rallied forces by falsely portraying the true loyal officers as those committing treason and sedition, the Consortium quickly took control of Deep Space 11. This day was not without consequences. The USS Princeton, orbiting Deep Space 11, saw an internal uprising just like every other ship in the Task Force. While that uprising failed, the Consortium-controlled USS Antares engaged and destroyed the Princeton to prevent it from turning the tide.

Admiral Adislo managed to escape the clutches of the Consortium and left the system. Captain Mavroidis, however, was not so lucky and was captured by Consortium forces.

As clean up began, Terlexa 'revealed' official orders from Starfleet promoting her to Commodore, granting her command of the Task Force, and authority to hunt down the remaining loyalist forces.

Starbase Unity

In Ops, a Consortium mutiny was led by Major Kennedy, who attempted to confront Commodore Scarlet Cameron. The confrontation failed at the sacrifice of the starbase's commander, Commander Shawn Grax. Consortium agents were elsewhere on the starbase however as they sacrificed themselves to destroy the base's shield generator, leaving it vulnerable to attack by the Consortium-controlled USS Ottawa.

Were it not for the timely arrival of the USS O'Carroll, Starbase Unity may very well have lost its entire command crew and command center. The O'Carroll engaged and disabled the Ottawa and began to lend aid to Unity.


In a secure transmission, Admiral Adislo transferred the true command of the Task Force to Commodore Cameron, promoting her to Rear Admiral. Commodore Zachary O'Connell, as the only known loyal Commodore remaining, was promoted to Task Force Executive Officer.

The Task Force as a whole was fragmented across the entire galaxy. Roughly half of the force's roster fell to the Consortium; however, that half contained most of the quadrant's most powerful ships. Loyalist forces began to consolidate at Unity for both a thorough Consortium purge and preparation to strike back.

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