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USS Beifong
Class Information
Assigned System:

Maran Republic

Task Group:

TG2: Sentinel




Lieutenant Commander Landon Milo


Lieutenant Xiulan Song

Crew Compliment


Unique Features



The USS Beifong is an Defiant-Class starship assigned to Task Force 9. It was to be operating as a member of Task Group Sentinel, but has since broken free and was placed under the command of Landon Milo, the starship's former Chief Medical Officer after the Captain fell victim to an alien toxin, and the First Officer was involved in a ploy by The Consortium to capture the starship. Presently, the USS Beifong is traversing through the Gamma Quadrant in hopes to escape their attackers and reach the safety of the Federation's Ophinius Colony.


Dominion War

Commissioned in February of 2373 as one of the first Defiant Class starships to be produced, the USS Beifong was placed under the command of veteran Captain Hiromi Sulu. Under the command of Captain Sulu, the USS Beifong saw action during the Dominion War. A participant in several skirmishes with Dominion forces, the USS Beifong assisted in the liberation of a handful of worlds and was an essential vessel in pushing back Dominion forces from invading the Alpha Quadrant. The name Beifong went a long during a conversation, and many of her crew were honored to have served aboard such a strong starship with a noble and exemplary Command Officer in command. Many of the crew aboard the Beifong, including her Captain became highly decorated for their distinguished service during the war.


After the fall of the Dominion and the signing of the Treaty of Bajor and the subsequent creation of the Jankata Accord, Captain Hiromi Sulu and his starship, the USS Beifong were assigned to the Fourth Fleet's 86th Task Force operating in a region known as “The Borderlands,” area of operations for the Fourth Fleet that extended down the Federation's border with the Klingon Empire and Gorn Hegemony as well as being in close proximity to the Thallonian Empire, Orion Syndicate, and Tholian Assembly. The Beifong spent several years escorting starships in the area and performing routine border checks in order to ensure the peace and safety of Federation civilian and maintain a presence of order in the area.

When the Task Force was dissolved, the Captain Sulu and the USS Beifong received new orders to report to Deep Space 12. It was there that the Beifong underwent some minor upgrades to her weapons systems. The Beifong spent several months attached to the Fourth Fleet's 72nd Task Force. Her missions primarily involved escorting Federation cargo vessels that were experiencing acts of piracy by Talarian pirates and corrupt Ferengi merchants. The Beifong had a few brief run ins with the Breen and one encounter with a rogue Cardassian cruiser. Having sat in the command chair of the USS Beifong for over a decade, Starfleet Command made the decision to move Captain Sulu. The man was highly decorated and on the path to becoming something of an icon. They removed him the only honorable way they knew, by promoting him to admiralty.

Current Era

Hiromi Sulu received promotion to rank of Commodore and was reassigned to oversee the settlement of a new Federation colony, having received command of a new starship. It was a command that would take the Commodore away from the front lines, allowing for the next generation of young up and coming starship command officers to take the front lines. Recently promoted Starfleet officer, Lian T'su was given command of the USS Beifong and assigned to the Fourth Fleet's 9th Task Force. This lead the USS Beifong back into the Gamma Quadrant for the first time since the Dominion War.

Her first few weeks in command of the starship were trying. The older Defiant Class starship was in need of some serious upgrades and underwent a major refit before entering the Gamma Quadrant. The Beifong was then sent to Deep Space 11 where she took on additional crew and supplies. Captain T'su was then ordered to rendezvous with the USS Copernicus, a Nova Class starship carrying T'su's First Officer. However, Captain T'su and the Beifong arrived ahead of schedule. Lian T'su took the opportunity to explore a nearby planet only to end up being exposed to an alien toxin that entered her bloodstream and attacked her systems, causing her Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Landon Milo to place her in stasis in order to save her life.

Proceeding to the rendezvous point and meeting with the USS Copernicus, the USS Beifong came under attack from several pirate vessels and the Copernicus itself. Forced to defend herself, the Beifong returned fire and quickly made for a hasty escape, fleeing from the attacking vessels and hiding in a nebula. After making contact with Commodore Juliana Terlexa of Deep Space 11, Dr. Landon Milo found himself placed in command of the starship and ordered to head for Ophinias Colony, a voyage that is estimated to last several months at best speed.


For a complete overview of the USS Beifong's specifications, please visit [1].

Senior Staff

Position Name Rank
Commanding Officer Landon Milo Lieutenant Commander
Chief Communications Officer/Executive Officer Xiulan Song Lieutenant
Chief Medical Officer Nerys Evartin Lieutenant
Chief Flight Control Officer Arturo M'Rohass Lieutenant
Chief Tactical/Security Officer Ian Mackenzie Lieutenant Junior Grade
Chief Engineering Officer Darzen Kail Lieutenant Junior Grade
Chief Operations Officer L'sira S'kar Lieutenant Junior Grade
Chief Diplomatic Officer Nician Haro Ensign
Chief of Science Brexa Chief Petty Officer

Out of Character Background

The USS Beifong simulation was launched January 21st 2016 with several writers from Yellow Magnolia Writing Association with support from Split-World hosting services, coming together for its initial launch. The writing crew and staff of the USS Beifong simulation is comprised of members from the greater simming community with several members having previously served as commanding officers as well as fleet staff in Bravo Fleet and Theta Fleet. All writers on deck for the Beifong project are highly recognized award winning writers from the simming community

USS Beifong Awards

  • March 2016: Bravo Fleet (TF9) Sim of the Month

Yellow Magnolia Writing CO Awards

  • May 2015: Theta Fleet Unit of Distinction – Gold - USS Katana
  • April 2015: Theta Fleet Unit of Distinction – Gold - USS Katana
  • March 2015: Theta Fleet United of Distinction – Bronze - USS Katana