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USS Princeton
Class Information
Assigned System:

New Bajor

Task Group:

TG1: Vanguard




Kala Leran


Alexander Hamilton

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The USS Princeton was a member of Task Group Vanguard. It was destroyed in a battle with the USS Antares during an attempt at takeover by members of the Consortium.

The Fall Of the Princeton

Written by: Aio

Post - The Beginning of the End
Characters - Captain Kala Leran
Timeline - Mission Day 1, 0758
Location: New Bajor, USS Princeton

"Captain, theres a transmission coming in on every subspace channel, its flooding the comm network." Lieutenant Teyana reported.

"What? What does it say Lieutenant?" The Bajoran captain replied.

"Not sure. I am trying clean it up, but its flooding every antenna we have."

"Try and break through it, get in touch with Gamma Command or the Antares." She started running through the various scenarios that may be playing out. The USS Princeton was a Century class ship, based out of the New Bajor System. The Princeton and the USS Antares, a Concorde class, were the first responders, to any situation in New Bajor.

"Sir, I think I have it, it says…"She paused and tapped a few keys on her console.

"Well, don't keep it to yourself Lieutenant." The Captain responded.

Teyana reached down and pulled out a phaser, taking aim at the Captain. The Vulcan Security Chief at his station across the bridge pulled out his own phaser and leveled it at the Lieutenant.

Teyana spoke first. "I’m sorry Captain. I have to inform you that you are under arrest, for sedition and treason against the Federation."

"What are you basing this on Lieutenant?" Commander Suvek, still holding his phaser at Teyana asked.

"The transmissions we are receiving. Pity is Treason. You will also be arrested." She responded as the turbolift opened, revealing 2 security officers and the XO, Commander Hamilton. The two security officers took aim at the Captain and the Security Chief.

"Stand down, we don't want to see anyone getting hurt." The XO said.

The Captain had no idea what was happening. "What the hell is going on? Stand down yourself. Tom, what's going on?" The other officers on the bridge clearly had no idea what was going on either.

"You heard the Lieutenant, you are under arrest for sedition and treason against the Federation. Now stand down."

"No. This is my damn ship, I don't know what's going on but…" She stopped talking and ducked down, avoiding a phaser shot from one of the security officers, as all hell broke loose on the bridge. Teyana took the chance to fire on the Captain, but crumpled to the ground as Suvek’s shot hit her square in the shoulder.

As Suvek took the shot, one of the security officers took aim at him and fired, he dodged the shot and fired back, stunning him. Lieutenant Dreyfuss, who was at the station next to Teyana had grabbed his phaser and took aim at the second, still standing, security officer and fired. As he fired he was hit by the XO, who had joined the fight. Another officer, Lieutenant Moore at one of the side science stations on the other side of the bridge took aim at the XO, the only officer left from this unknown side. Suvek also aimed his phaser at him, as Kala stood, retrieving her own phaser, and also aiming at the XO.

"Commander Hamilton, what the hell was that?" The other officer remained speechless. "Commander Suvek, escort him to the brig. Get me some more officers up here. In fact, no." She thought for a moment, then a thought hit her. What if there was more of this throughout the ship. "Lock down the bridge, re route all command codes through the bridge only. Lock out every console on the ship with level 1 clearance and above. Get me a full report on every officer who just attempted this… mutiny, for lack of a better word. And someone get me a damn signal to New Bajor!" She turned to the XO, took aim with her phaser and fired. "Suvek, get them off my bridge." She ordered.

Suvek, with the help of Lieutenant Moore had moved the stunned enemy officers into the conference room. "Captain, we are getting a signal through the interference, it appears to be using a subspace resonance far below that which we usually use for communication. Its from the USS Antares."

"Put it through." The screen flickered on, the signal was clearly distorted. "Captain Mexena, do you have any idea whats going on? Commander Hamilton just attempted to take over the ship, and we can't get communications through to anyone. Have you been able to reach Gamma Command or the Compound?" The Bolian Captains face changed from a smile, to one of concern.

"Captain Kala, really? We have not been able to reach the Compound. Where is Commander Hamilton now? He asked.

"He and his cohorts were stunned. I have locked down the command functions, because we don't know how far this goes." Kala answered.

"Let me beam over some security officers, to help you out."

"Thats fine, we are fine for now. We just need to get a signal to New Bajor."

"Captain, I really must insist. Drop your shields, prepare to be boarded. Antares out." He cut the channel.

"Oh god, he was one of them. Keep shields up at max…"

"They are launching fighters, reading 2 squadrons incoming." Suvak interrupted. A few seconds later, the ship shuddered under the combined firepower of 24 fighters "Shields at 82%, returning fire. Another volley hit the ship as the Vulcan was able to take out 3 of the fighters. Another violent jolt shook several officers from their positions. "Shield at 68%, we have disabled 8 of the fighters, but they are launching another squadron."

"Keep firing, and someone get me a communication signal to New Bajor." She finished her sentence as another volley threw her from her chair. The lights dimmed, and sparks flew from some of the consoles, no doubt some EPS relays had just blown. "Report!" She yelled out.

"Shields are down to 41…" Another jolt. " 32%, we can not take much more of this." Another massive jolt. "Shields are at...shields are gone. They are targeting the bridge and the warp core."

"May the Prophets protect us. Abandon ship, all hands aba…."