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In terms of out-of-character, The USS Black Hawk follows Bravo Fleet's 4:1 timeline where it takes 4 OOC years to match 1 IC year. Per that schedule, 2388 began in 2014. 2389 will not begin until 2018.



  • Stardate 65022.6: The USS Black Hawk arrives in the Altair system to determine why a Federation research team mysteriously disappeared. During the investigation, the Black Hawk has its first encounter with the mysterious Golden Stars. (Mission 1: Echoes)


  • Stardate 65085.5: While on patrol duty, the Black Hawk comes to the aid of a freighter under attack by someone claiming to be associated with the Golden Stars. The Black Hawk performs repairs to the damaged freighter and receives information pointing them to an outpost on the edge of the sector. (Mission 2: Pursuit)


  • Stardate 65164.7: An Away Team arrives at Razmena to observe the sale of a replicator stolen from the Altair system. In the process, they have their first encounter with the devious Syndicate. The Away Team is lucky to escape with their lives.(Mission 3: Razmena)
  • Stardate 65189.8: Harvey Geisler is promoted to Captain. (Mission 4: Boarded)


  • Stardate 65260.3: The USS Black Hawk is boarded by the Syndicate. The subspace transceiver receives significant damage, and the Black Hawk is left out of contact with the Task Force until June. (Mission 4: Boarded)
  • Stardate 65328.6: The homeworld of the Golden Stars is discovered to be under control of the Syndicate. An Away Team, led by Commander Kos, is able to discover the missing members of the Golden Stars and, with the aid of the USS Black Hawk, evacuate them for resettlement. (Mission 5: Answers)


  • Stardate 65381.9: The remainder of the Golden Stars are resettled on an established and protected Karemma colony.
  • Stardate 65413.4: The words "Pity Is Treason" are broadcast on all Starfleet frequencies in the Gamma Quadrant. In a single instant, the sleeper agents are activated. (TF9: The Beginning of The End)
    • Vice Admiral Vadosia Adislo, the Task Force Commanding Officer, is forced to escape from Deep Space 11 as it falls under Consortium Control.
    • The USS Princeton, orbiting DS11, is destroyed by Consortium-controlled starfighters.
    • Starbase Unity, under command of Commodore Scarlet Cameron, Task Force Executive Officer, suffers sabotage and is attacked by the USS Ottawa.
    • The Starship O'Carroll, commanded by Commodore Zachary O'Connell, TF9 Task Group Paladin Commanding Officer, intercepts the USS Ottawa before she is able to damage Unity further.
    • Captain Juliana Terlexa promotes herself to Commodore and assumes command of Deep Space 11 and Task Force 9.


  • Stardate 65468.3: The USS Black Hawk arrives at Deep Space 11 for much needed repair and R and R. (Mission 6: Rude Awakening)
  • Stardate 65482.0: The USS Black Hawk departs Deep Space 11 to escort a medical convoy to Gavara.
  • Stardate 65491.0: The USS Black Hawk intercepts the USS O'Carroll. Hours after inspection, it is revealed that the convoy is carrying weapons to deliver to a staging ground for the Consortium at Gavara. Lt. Commander del Rosario and Lt. Bast are discovered to be Consortium agents and apprehended. Captain Geisler is shot and nearly killed. (Mission 6: Rude Awakening)


  • Stardate 65498.0: The USS Black Hawk arrives at Starbase Unity.
  • Stardate 65501.7: The USS Black Hawk departs Starbase Unity.
  • Stardate 65506.7: The USS Black Hawk arrives at New Risa. (Mission 7: Outbreak)
  • Stardate 65512.1: Quarantine is established at New Risa to contain the breakdown of an unknown virus.
  • Stardate 65561.5: Quarantine is released. The USS Hopkins relieves the USS Black Hawk at New Risa.




  • Stardate 65834.8: The crew of the USS Black Hawk-A assemble at Deep Space 9 for Mission Briefing and launch. (Mission 12: The Finnean Crisis)
  • Stardate 65845.4: The USS Black Hawk arrives at Deep Space 15 and immediately goes to work, negotiating for the release of Federation personnel and property.
  • Stardate 65848.0: No longer willing to put up with the Selubassari, the Finneans revolt to retake their world. Thanks to quick thinking from the Black Hawk's bridge crew, the Finneans are able to reclaim their independence, and the Selubassari are expelled. Finnean Director Kazki gives Captain Geisler the probe he is searching for.
  • Stardate 65865.3: Captain Harvey Geisler and Lieutenant Joey Corwin are married aboard Deep Space 15.


  • Stardate 65917.4: The USS Black Hawk-A arrives at the Finnean Convergence Zone and begins its study, hoping to discover a way inside. (Mission 13: Crossing Over)
  • Stardate 65929.9: Lieutenant T'Pai and Lieutenant Alexander become the first to breach the barrier surrounding the Convergence Zone. Their data provides the basis for the Black Hawk's later attempt to enter.

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