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The Battle Bridge is an auxiliary control center located on Deck 13 to act as an alternate command and control center in the event the Main Bridge is compromised or destroyed. This bridge duplicates most of the stations and functions of the main bridge, such as a viewscreen, the captain's chair, conn, ops, and tactical, but places emphasis on piloting, support, and defensive operations. The main bridge and battle bridge are connected by a dedicated emergency turbolift which can be accessed from other decks as well. The battle bridge can also be entered by standard turbolift or through a corridor. A small captain's ready room is located on the port side of the bridge, although it is much smaller than the one off the main bridge and lacks a window. Although the battle bridge could potentially be used to control the entire ship in the event of damage to the main bridge, command is usually rerouted to Main Engineering.


The artwork contained on this page was created by Bobye.

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