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Concorde class.png
Class Information

Fleet Carrier



Cruising Speed:

Warp 8

Total Compliment:


Tactical Systems
Energy Weapons:

6 Type-X Phaser Arrays

Torpedo Launchers:
  • 1 forward turret
  • 2 forward
  • 2 aft



By the early 2370's Starfleet was forced acknowledge that its previous attempts to develop a delivery system for the fighter craft which had proved such a valuable tool in major fleet engagements during the Dominion War had been entirely unsatisfactory. While the Akira class continued to perform admirably as a light carrier in both the escort and attack roles, its cramped flight deck could provide only a limited amount of fighter cover at significant cost to the ship's internal volume. The emergency war-time expedient of the Carrier class, which had so inelegantly involved refitting Galaxy class battle sections with custom-built saucers thrown together for flight operations, had proven far less successful than even the most pessimistic admirals had expected, and an attempt to modify the Sovereign space frame into a heavier version of the Akira's role had also proved fruitless. With the new Valkyrie fighter design only a few years from operation, the admiralty turned to Starfleet Engineering with a simple, unambiguous order: produce a working carrier design with at least double the Akira's capacity within no more than four years.

External Information

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