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Engineers need places to build and repair things, and fabrication workshops (also known as engineering workshops) are areas aboard a ship or station set aside just for that purpose. Both general-purpose hardware replicators and bigger industrial-rated replicators can be found in these locales. Most parts or materials needed to keep the ship maintained can readily be made, with some exceptions. Workshops are also stocked with various tools (from manual ones all the way up to sophisticated robots), as well as certain materials that either cannot be replicated or have been deemed too costly in terms of the amount of raw material needed to replicate them.

Most workshops have the ability to carry out numerous fabrication processes, including: plasmacutting/ welding; gamma-cutting/welding; aqua-cutting; variable resonance hammering; molecular-shift bending; hypervelocity micro-lathing; to name just a few.

The Black Hawk possesses two of these workshops, located on Deck 18.


The artwork contained on this page was created by Bobye.

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