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One of Starfleet's major concerns in terms of its personnel is crew comfort. The vast distances of space and immense responsibilities asked of a ship's crew require that they have a fitting place to retreat to for rest and relaxation. The amount of living space allotted to a crewman is between 110 and 120 square meters on large explorers and space stations. The amount and quality is relative, of course, to the size and type of vessel in question. It has always been the goal of ship designers to allow each crewman and assigned personnel their own quarters, but this is usually not feasible. Typically lowerrank crew are required to share quarters (2 to a room), especially on smaller escorts and frigates.

For every 10 rooms, there is a shared shower area located on the deck.


Enlisted Cabins are located on:

  • Deck 6, (40) 2-person rooms
  • Deck 7, (46) 2-person rooms
  • Deck 8, (34) 2-person rooms
  • Deck 10, (36) 2-person rooms


The artwork contained on this page was created by Bobye.

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