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Environmental Control is located on Deck 6, with a secondary location located on Deck 22.

People most associate a ship or station's Environmental Systems with life-support and atmospheric controls, but they also include things like gravity generation and waste recycling. In Starfleet, environmental systems are considered a critical-need and therefore all vessels and stations have redundancy built in. The Black Hawk class has two primary atmospheric systems that operate on 96-hour cycles. These are backed up by seven secondary systems and numerous smaller emergency shelters that can be sealed with their own life-support.

Environmental systems are highly automated, limiting the amount of crew needed to run them. Usually they can be operated and watched from a ship's Engineering station. Larger vessels and stations typically have a dedicated station on the bridge, but even then it is only manned during yellow or redalert situations. Each system, however, does have at least one operating facility aboard where maintenance and Diagnostics are performed. These control rooms also allow for detailed and long-term monitoring. Responsibility for environmental systems is usually shared between Engineering (called environmental engineering), which provides maintenance and modification, and Operations who typically has day-to-day control and observation.

In emergency situations (including combat), Operations personnel manning life support and gravity-generation controls have but one duty: ensure these systems remain working at all costs:

  • Environmental Systems
  • Atmospheric Control/Life-support
  • Gravity generation
  • Water & Sewage Reclamation
  • Solid Waste Recycling
  • Matter Replication Recycling
  • Hazardous Waste Recycling

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