Followers of Dolmoqour

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The organization known as the Followers of Dolmoqour is a small group who believe their deity, the Dolmoqour, lies beyond the Finnean Convergence Zone. Legend tells that the Dolmoqour will one day come and establish peace and order in the galaxy. This has been believed for millennia and to date, there has been no quantitative proof that the Dolmoqour exist. While the group shrouded themselves in secrecy and solitude, it is believed that they are quite influential behind the scenes. The Followers have also not been afraid to commit murder or sabotage, to disrupt any effort that could be seen as counter to their beliefs or the will of the Dolmoqour.

When the Vasco da Game returned to Deep Space 15 with the mysterious probe, the Followers took it as a sign that the Dolmoqour would soon come and sought to claim the probe for themselves, hoping that they would be able to usher in their deliverer without outsider interference.

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