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The Black Hawk contains 8 Holosuites, a smaller version of the Holodeck, that are available to the crew by appointment only. The ship's larger Holodecks are reserved for official use, group use, senior officer use, or by other appointment.


By far the most common use of holosuites are their recreational properties due to their ability to create almost any environment.

In some cases a user will just create an environment and then interact with that environment as they wish. This can include anything from creating a ski slope to ski down or a beach to relax on. These tend to be the simplest programs as they do not require the complex coding needed to create holographic characters.

However, other programs can include holographic characters that will react to users in whatever way they are programmed to. This will allow a user to create an entire city full of people.

Another type of holographic program is the holo-novel. A holo-novel is a program in which a user is expected to take on the role of one of the characters in a story. The user will role play this character following the story that the program sets out before them.

Each member of a ships crew and its passengers are assigned a certain amount of time they are allowed to spend on a holosuite either by a weekly or monthly basis. This is to ensure that every body is given a fair chance to use a holosuite. A person must book their time on a holosuite well in advance to arriving so that clashes do not occur.


  • Deck 8, Holosuites 1-8

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