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One of Starfleet's major concerns in terms of its personnel is crew comfort. The vast distances of space and immense responsibilities asked of a ship's crew require that they have a fitting place to retreat to for rest and relaxation. Of all enlisted personnel on a starship, the senior-most non-commissioned officers have quarters relative in size to Officers.

Crewmen with families are normally assigned a suite and in certain situations single quarters can be combined into larger ones where available by reconfiguring walls and bulkheads. Certain quarters can also be adapted to Class H, K, L, N, and N(2) environments for species requiring those settings.


NCO Quarters are located on:

  • Deck 6, 20 rooms
  • Deck 7, 50 rooms
  • Deck 8, 20 rooms
  • Deck 9, 50 rooms
  • Deck 10, 50 rooms
  • Deck 15, 40 rooms


The artwork contained on this page was created by Bobye.

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