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Officer's Quarters are, as expected, often more lavishly decorated and furnished than other contemporary Crew Quarters. This often includes the addition of artwork, plants, large and more comfortable furniture, and the like. Whether or not they are bigger in terms of size and volume depends on the class of ship (explorers typically have larger quarters; escorts, much smaller), the shipyard's interior design plans, and the amount of unused volume when everything else has been installed. For the most part officer quarters are slightly bigger, whether by design or necessity. Included are an enlarged living room/work area, a bedroom, a fully equipped head, a dining table, and a large desk. These quarters also have large-screen LCARS displays and the "usual" amenities such as a replicator, personal holographic viewers, null-grav sleeping chambers, and provisions for pets.

Officers with families are normally assigned a suite and in certain situations single quarters can be combined into larger ones where available by reconfiguring walls and bulkheads. Certain quarters can also be adapted to Class H, K, L, N, and N(2) environments for species requiring those settings.

Senior officers (Lieutenants and above) normally are alloted their own quarters no matter the class of vessel, but they may only be as big as any other berthing area aboard. Junior officers (Ensigns and Lieutenant JGs usually, unless they are department heads) on certain classes are expected to share quarters, typically with another officer of the same rank. They have separate bedrooms but share the same living area and head. In some classes of ship, an officer's quarters also doubles as an office. Officers that have spent more than six months in a berthing are allowed to request redecorating or remodeling of their quarters.


Officer's Quarters are located:

  • Deck 4, 34 rooms
  • Deck 5, 36 rooms


The artwork contained on this page was created by Bobye.

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