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Science Laboratories (or simply Science Labs) are work areas sent aside aboard ships and stations to allow for observation and experimentation in the various science disciplines. Furthering our knowledge of ourselves and the galaxy around us has always been at the heart of Starfleet. No where does this take place more than in the labs of her vessels and Starbases. The accepted idiom at Starfleet Command has always been "the more labs the better", and save for the smallest of ship classes, that is the case. Each ship and station is considered a big scientific research platform and that requires a lot of space.

Designers, engineers, and administrators alike go through great pains to ensure that these labs are not only state-of-the-art, but also extremely safe and work-friendly. Lab layouts and designs differ from ship to ship, and the scientists that work in them often spend a lot of time and energy setting them up to their own preference or functionability. They can be modified in an endless number of ways with relative ease, including combining two or more labs for more space or flexibility.

Items found in a science lab include (but are not limited to):

  • Replicators
  • holgraphic emitters
  • containment fields
  • sealed environmental systems
  • dedicated sensor pallets
  • multi-function diagnostic equipment

The "normal" science lab is rated to handle Level 3 Hazard Threats---anything greater is referred to either a Hazardous Materials Lab or Isolation Lab.

Available Labs



Botanical Lab


The Airponics Bay, or Botanical Lab, is an area for the cultivation of plants without soil, by suspending them in an oxygen-rich environment and misting their roots with nutrient solution. It was an excellent way for a crew to grow fresh produce for consumption.

Chemistry Lab




Life Science Lab


Physical Sciences Lab


Social Sciences Lab


Stellar Cartography

See Stellar Cartography

Stellar cartography is the science and practice of mapping and making projects of space. The Federation uses the older Human and Vulcan system of quadrants, sectors, and systems. To pinpoint specific places in space, we use a set of coordinates whose basis is taken from the center of the galaxy. As space is an ever-changing place, so too must cartography be constantly updated.

Multipurpose Lab



  • Deck 8, Stellar Cartgraphy
  • Deck 13, 6 Labs
  • Deck 16, 4 Labs
  • Deck 17, 6 Labs


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