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The Squadron Command Center is a two-deck facility located in the middle of the Flight Deck on Decks 11 and 12.


Training Facilities

The lower level of the Command Center features 8 Simulators. Rather than employ holosuites for these simulators, each simulator contains a recreation of a Gryphon cockpit and enough internals to simulate g-forces and sustained hits.

Locker Rooms


On Deck 12, four locker rooms are available to the Squadron and its Maintenance Team. The pilots have their own locker room, while each of the three maintenance teams have their own locker rooms.

Briefing Rooms

See Flight Ops Briefing Room

The Command Center is outfitted with two 20-seat briefing rooms on Deck 11. Each seat contains its own terminal to access and review information related to the briefing. While both rooms are generally multi-purpose as far as able to be used by pilots and maintenance teams, the Fighter Pilots tend to keep Briefing Room 1 as their primary base of operations.


Pilot's Office
See Squadron Commander's Office

Located on Deck 11, the Squadron Administration center is rather small, featuring only two offices to be shared by the twenty pilots in the squadron.

The Squadron Commander has his own office, and all three offices are connected to an anteroom usually occupied by a yeoman.

Other Features

The Command Center has direct access to the sub-level of the flight deck, the Shuttle Storage and Maintenance Bay. This prevents accidental loss of material and personnel should the flight deck ever be depressurized in an emergency situation.

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