Starbase Unity

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Starbase Unity
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Captain Malia Corbin



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Starbase Unity is a Veayron Class former Dominion Starbase currently assigned to Task Group Altor in Task Force 9. Starbase Unity is currently commanded by Captain Lee Valdez. Starbase Unity was taken over and placed under Starfleet control in early 2386. Shortly after Starfleet assumed control, a major overhaul and refit took place, restoring the station to Starfleets standard. Mainly removing the Jem'Hadar breeding facilities and turning them into Dilithium processing centre.


Starbase Unity was taken over by Starfleet in February 2386. Previously serving as a Dominion staging base for attacks on the Mawasii and a breeding centre for Jem'Hadar.

Starbase Unity quickly became the centre fro diplomatic relations and trade within the Northern region of the Gamma Quadrant. Starbase Unity also acts as the main supply depot for Dilithium in Task Force 9 due to her unique location in a system surrounded by 6 dilithium rich planets.


On the Day of The Event, Unity's Marine Commanding Officer attempted to assassinate Commodore Scarlet Cameron. Elsewhere on Unity, Consortium agents sacrificed themselves to destroy the shield generator, leaving the base's command center open to attack by the USS Ottawa. The USS O'Carroll was able to intercept the Ottawa before she was able to destroy the command center.