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The Tactical Belt with available attachments
Adopted in early 2388, Tactical Belts have been made available to all Security personnel aboard the Black Hawk.

Basic Configuration

The belt is commonly available with the following items already attached.

  • Type-II Phaser
  • Field Medkit
  • 1x Flash/Stun/Anesthetic Grenade
  • Door Opener
  • General Use Multi-Tool
  • Tricorder
  • Handcuffs/Zip Ties

Alternate Items

A Tactical Belt stocked and ready.

As Away Team missions are variable in their layout and parameters, the Tactical Belts can be modified to suit whatever the mission requirements may be:

  • Type-I Phaser
  • Small slug thrower (for use if energy dampening fields are in use)
  • Emergency Breathing Mask
  • 2x Isolinear Transporter Tags
  • Photon Grenade
  • Flash/Stun/Anesthetic Grenade
  • Rope

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