Task Force 9

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alt text="Task Force 9"
Task Force 9
Area of Responsibility:

Gamma Quadrant


Guardians of the Gate

# of Ships Assigned:



Vice Admiral Lauren Archer


Rear Admiral David Hutchinson


Task Force 9 is the Federation's only foothold in the Gamma Quadrant. Called "Guardians of the Gate" they are commanded by Rear Admiral Scarlet Cameron and headquartered at Kotha Tremali III, New Bajor. The Task Force is constantly vigilant against the ever present Dominion while dealing with the day to day realities of making this area safe for Federation citizens and her allies alike.

Area of Operations

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Task Force 9 operates in the Gamma Quadrant in a perimeter around the Dominion territories as outlined by the Treaty of Bajor.

Task Group Vanguard operates out of Deep Space 11 and the sectors which include the Finnean Convergence Zone, Rakhar and Altor.

Task Group Sentinel operates south and east of the Maran Republic and the sectors which include Yadera, Bopak and Ophinias Colony.

Task Group Amazon operates out of Starbase Unity and the surrounding sectors.

Task Group Belvedere operate out of Gavara and the sectors which include Teplan, Kendi, and Kylata.

Command Structure

Command & Senior Staff

Lauren Archer Adm A3.png Task Force 9 Commanding Officer Deep Space 11
David Hutchinson Adm A2.png Task Force 9 Executive Officer Nova Mercia
Zachary O'Connell Adm A3.png Task Force 9 Special Operations Deep Space 11
VACANT Adm A1.png Deep Space 11 Commanding Officer Deep Space 11
Malia Corbin Officer O6.png Starbase Unity Commanding Officer Starbase Unity

External Information

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NOTABLE PERSONNEL Task Force Commanding Officer: Lauren Archer
Task Force Executive Officer: David Hutchinson
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