Type-15 Shuttlepod

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Type-15 Shuttlepod


Evacuation Capacity:


Speed & Armaments
Cruising Speed:


Maximum Speed:

.7c (20 minutes)


2x Type-V Phaser Emitters

Unique Features



The Type-15 Shuttlepod is a two person craft primarily used for short-ranged transportations of personnel and cargo, as well as for extravehicular inspections of Federation starships, stations and associated facilities. Lacking the ability to obtain warp speeds, the Type-15 is a poor candidate for even interplanetary travel, and is traditionally used as a means of transport between objects only a few kilometers apart. The craft is capable of atmospheric flight, allowing for routine flights between orbiting craft or stations and planetside facilities. Ships of this type are stationed aboard various starship classes and stations, both spaceborne and planetside.

A variant of this type, the Type-15A Shuttlepod, shares the same specifications of its sister craft, but is capable of reaching a maximum delta-v of 13,200 m/sec. The Type-15A was a limited production craft and the information gained from its service allowed for further streamlining of what would eventually become the Type-16 Shuttlepod. Still, the 15A remains in active service, and existing Type-15 spaceframes can easily be converted to the 15A provided that off the shelf parts are available. However, it should be noted that Starfleet Operations has deemed that the 15A spaceframe exhausts its fuel supply rather quickly and its production at major assembly plants is now discontinued.


  • Type: Light short-range sublight shuttle.
  • Accommodation: Two; pilot and system manager
  • Power Plant: Two 500 millicochrane impulse driver engines, four RCS thrusters, three sarium krellide storage cells.
  • Dimensions: Length, 3.6 m; beam, 2.4 m; height 1.6 m
  • Mass: 0.86 metric tones
  • Performance: Maximum delta-v, 12,800 m/sec
  • Armament: Two Type-V phaser emitters


Information adapted from A Call to Duty