Type-7 Shuttlecraft

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Type-7 Shuttlecraft


Evacuation Capacity:


Speed & Armaments
Cruising Speed:

Warp 1.5

Maximum Speed:

Warp 4 (4 hours)

Unique Features



With the borders of the Federation ever expanding as Starfleet reached the latter half of the 24th Century, the ASDB realized that there was sufficient need for a shuttlecraft capable of making the week-long journeys between planets and stations at low warp. The Type-7 was the first step in this direction, and is equipped for short-range warp travel. To offer comfort to its occupants, the shuttle contains a standard replicator system and sleeping compartments. The forward and aft compartments are separated by a small, informal living area that has a workstation and table. The aft area is normally equipped with a bunk area, but can easily be converted to allow for increased cargo capabilities. A medium-range transporter and atmospheric flight capabilities allow for the Type-7 to service starbases, starships and stations. Ships of this type are currently in use aboard most medium to large sized starship classes, as well as aboard stations and Starbases.


  • Type: Medium short-range warp shuttle.
  • Accommodation: Two flight crew, six passengers.
  • Power Plant: One 150 cochrane warp engine, two 750 millicochrane impulse engines, four RCS thrusters.
  • Dimensions: Length, 8.5 m; beam, 3.6 m; height 2.7 m.
  • Mass: 3.96 metric tones.
  • Performance: Sustained Warp 4.
  • Armament: Two Type-V phaser emitters.


Information adapted from A Call to Duty