Type-M1 Sphinx Workpod

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Type-M1 Sphinx Workpod


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Speed & Armaments
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Along with the Work Bee, the various Sphinx Workpod types are a common site in any large Federation shipbuilding facility. Intended never to be far from its parent facility, the Workpod was designed to allow greater user hands-on control of the various functions involved with day-to-day construction and repair. With more tools then the Work Bee, the Sphinx M1A and M2A are used primarily to manipulate spaceborne hardware during construction. The Sphinx MT3D is a third variant of this robust design, and can be used for towing objects to and from the construction site. Furthermore, a group of MT3D units can work together to tow larger objects into place, including most starship classes, when large tractor emitters are not an option. All three variants utilize the same basic systems, and are small enough to fit inside of a Type-9A Cargo Shuttlecraft. All variants of the Sphinx Workpod are commonly found at Federation Fleet Yards and Starbases, as well as on larger Starfleet vessels.


  • Type: Light industrial manipulator (Sphinx M1A), medium industrial manipulator (Sphinx M2A), medium tug (Sphinx MT3D).
  • Accommodation: Pilot (M1A, M2A); pilot and cargo specialist (MT3D).
  • Power Plant: One microfusion reactor, four alfinium krellide power storage cells, four RCS thrusters.
  • Dimensions: Length, 6.2 m; beam, 2.6 m; height 2.5 m.
  • Mass: 1.2 metric tones.
  • Performance: Maximum delta-v, 2,000 m/sec.
  • Armament: None


Information adapted from A Call to Duty