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USS Black Hawk
Class Information
Assigned System:

Gavaran Sector

Task Group:

TG3: Belvedere




Captain Harvey Geisler


Cmdr. Thiago Teixeira

Crew Compliment






Unique Features

The USS Black Hawk is an Akira-Class starship assigned to Task Force 9. It is currently operating as a member of Task Group Belvedere and is seeking to cleanse Belvedere of The Consortium. She is also currently home to the 325th Fighter Squadron.


Dominion War

Commissioned in 2373 during the height of the Dominion War, the USS Black Hawk, under the command of Captain Mitch Bueller, saw plenty of combat. Captain Bueller was an excellent tactician and was given the responsibility of commanding the entire Starfighter Wing for the Third Fleet. Under his direction, the Black Hawk led many successful missions during the war.

Until the Battle of Kalendra, that is.

The Black Hawk led allied forces into the system. Captain Bueller's tactics were on the verge of becoming textbook, a fact that the Dominion was prepared to exploit. The Black Hawk was targeted the moment the battle started. Nearly an entire Jem'hadar attack wing came down on the Black Hawk and her companions. Most of other ships were destroyed or disabled within five minutes.

But not the Black Hawk.

Within two minutes, her shields were overwhelmed and the warp drive disabled. Instead of simply destroying the ship, the Jem'hadar boarded the vessel. This battle, it seemed, had become personal.

With aid from a couple Miranda-class ships, the crew of the Black Hawk was able to retain control of their vessel, but their spirits were broken. As the Allied Forces declared victory, the Black Hawk was towed back to Andoria for repairs. She sat out most of the war; seeing her next and last bit of action at Cardassia Prime, but without a starfighter squadron to call the Black Hawk home.


Following the war, the Black Hawk was assigned close to Sector 001. She did see some variations of duty, including patrolling the Romulan Neutral Zone in the early 2380's. Before the Hobus Supernova, the Black Hawk was recalled to Earth.

Current Era

As Task Force 9 expanded deeper into the Gamma Quadrant, the Black Hawk was refitted and reassigned to join the Task Force, accepting Commander Harvey Geisler as the first Commanding Officer to take her into the edge of known space. Commander Geisler assumed command in late 2387. As he led the ship into the far reaches of the Gamma Quadrant, the mystery of the frontier became Harvey's new obsession, wanting to uncover truth and make an impact much like he did as a young lieutenant who worked feverishly to cure disease and pestilence.

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For a complete overview of the USS Black Hawk's specifications, please visit USS Black Hawk Specifications.

Crew Manifest

The Black Hawk currently holds 520 crew and 10 civilian passengers.

Crew Breakdown

  • Officers: 142
  • Enlisted: 378
  • Civilians: 10
  • Emergency Capacity: 4,000 souls

Out of Character Background

The USS Black Hawk was first launched under the command of Captain Mitch Bueller in the now-defunct Alpha Quadrant simulation group in 2005. Upon reasons that were not made public, Captain Bueller resigned his command and moved on from simming. This was the first time that Harvey Geisler took command.

For three years, minus one short break, the Black Hawk remained under Geisler's command. Following his second resignation, the sim floundered for a few months before finally being shuttered in 2008. All of the crew was either transferred off to other AQSG sims or left the group all together.

Geisler returned to simming in 2012, and one year later dared to relaunch the USS Black Hawk in Bravo Fleet in December 2013. More than two years later, the Black Hawk continues to perform as one of Bravo Fleet's top simulations.

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IMPORTANT ERRATA About the Black HawkShip Specifications
ATTACHED SUPPORT CRAFT Fighters: 1x Peregrine • 20x Valkyrie
Runabouts: USS MississippiUSS Tigris
Type-11 Shuttle: Spiner
Type-8 Shuttle: NimoyFrakes
Type-7 Shuttle: ShatnerStewart
Type-18 Shuttlepod: EdisonTelsaGraham BellFranklinAdamsFarnsworth
Other: 8x Type-M1 Sphinx Workpod