USS Mississippi

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USS Mississippi
Craft Information




Evacuation Capacity:


Speed & Armaments
Cruising Speed:

Warp 4

Maximum Speed:

Warp 4.7 (12 hours)

Unique Features

Sensor Pod attached to upper hull



The USS Mississippi was one of two Danube-Class Runabouts assigned to the USS Black Hawk. Since her assignment in 2382, the Mississippi flew on over forty missions.

Her first mission under the command of Captain Harvey Geisler, the USS Mississippi was used to ferry personnel to and from Altair IV during the mission where the crew investigated the disappearance of the research team left on the planet.

The Mississippi was also used to recover the Away Team delivered to the space station Razmena via Karemma Cargo Vessel. On Stardate 65328.6, while the Black Hawk was still rebuilding its computer after internal sabotage and a failed boarding attempt, the Mississippi was deployed to act as the Black Hawk's eyes and ears.

While in an alternate universe, Captain Geisler once again employed the use of the Mississippi as a personnel and cargo transport to the space station Razmena.

Following the destruction of the original Black Hawk, the Mississippi was salvaged, repaired, and assigned to the Century-Class Black Hawk-A.

Technical Specifications

Basic Information

  • Length: 23.1 meters
  • Width: 13.7 meters
  • Height: 5.4 meters
  • Mass: 158.7 metric tons
  • Hull: Duranium-Tritanium composite
  • Number of Decks: 1 Total


  • Officers and Crew: 12-15
  • Evacuation Limit: 40


  • Full Impulse: .25c
  • Cruise Speed: Warp 4
  • Maximum Velocity: Warp 4.7 (for twelve hours)


Transport Equipment

  • One (1) standard 2-personnel unit

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