USS O'Carroll

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USS O'Carroll
Class Information
Assigned System:

Starbase Unity

Task Group:

TG4: Paladin




Cmdr. Jillian O'Connell


Lt. Tharlon Wul

Crew Compliment






Unique Features



The USS O'Carroll is the flagship of Task Group Paladin formerly commanded by Commodore Zachary O'Connell. Following outing of The Consortium, Commodore O'Connell was transferred to Starbase Unity and his wife, Commander Jillian O'Connell was assigned as the new Commanding Officer.

The Event

When "Pity Is Treason" was broadcast, the ship's Chief Medical Officer was revealed to be a Consortium agent, along with ten others on board. They immediately attempted to take the bridge, resulting in the loss of the First Officer's life.

Another team attempted to take Engineering, and in a worse-case scenario, destroy the warp core, but the attempt was prevented by the Engineering staff.

The USS O'Carroll then responded to a distress call at Starbase Unity, who was under attack by the USS Ottawa. Zachary made quick work of disabling the Ottawa and thereby saving Unity.

Crisis at Gavara

The O'Carroll's first assignment under Commander Jillian O'Connell's command was to prevent the Consortium from arming Gavara as part of a staging ground to strike Unity. The O'Carroll would intercept the shipments and confiscate the weapons.

This attracted the scourge of Commodore Juliana Terlexa, who assigned the USS Black Hawk to intercept and apprehend the O'Carroll. The Black Hawk struggled at first to confront the O'Carroll, but upon realizing who commanded the Black Hawk, Jillian surrendered. After confirming that her old classmate Harvey Geisler was not Consortium, Jillian was able to plant enough seeds of doubt in his mind to realize that the Black Hawk was following Consortium orders.