The Golden Stars lurked in the shadows. The Consortium destroyed from within. The Dolmoqour used the best parts of yourself to betray your kin.

For the last two years, the crew of the Century-Class USS Black Hawk have been forced through the tumbler where rocks become precious gems. This ship and crew now are among the best and the brightest in the Gamma Quadrant. Some have started families, others have found love, and others find solace in the bottom of a bottle.

The USS Black Hawk is now returning to the unknown, no longer on missions to dig and investigate deep, dark secrets, but to boldly go where no one has gone before. Little do any of them know that what they will soon encounter will be their greatest test of all!

Are you among the brave, bold, and curious in the Federation? Do you want to be a part of a decorated sim that has received multiple accolades from the simming community at large, including being recognized as a 2018 Squiddie recipient? Then the Black Hawk is for you!


-- Civilian Affairs Liasion
-- Assistant Chief Security Officer
-- Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
-- Fighter Pilots
-- Junior Officers & Enlisted Personnel
-- Have an idea? Contact the GM!

Applications for senior officers should be no higher than Lieutenant.
Applications for junior officers should be no higher than Lieutenant JG or Chief Petty Officer.

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Latest News Items

» Sim Update

Posted on 26 May 2020 @ 9:01pm by Captain Harvey Geisler in General News

Hello everyone,

The month of May is officially (well, almost officially) behind us. Summer is almost here, restrictions are slowly lifting nationwide, and there's some sense of normalcy that is returning. COVID really messed with us all, each of us in different ways. Among its victories is our current mission. It was meant to be so much more than it currently is, and I thank each and every one of you for helping us push through. We're wrapping things up now, and our next mission will be starting soon.

In addition to all of this, we need to talk about Tagging Requirements.

When this craziness began, we suspended all tagging requirements while we all dealt with our lives. Now that that is ending, it's time to restore these requirements.

All Tagging Requirements will be reinstated on Monday, June 1, 2020.

This means that all tags must be answered within 72 hours and that you will need to have one published post every two weeks.

Full details can be found here:

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to myself or Walsh on Discord. Thanks!

Oh, also! With a mission ending... time to nominate for awards! Don't forget about those!


» Recent Events

Posted on 18 Mar 2020 @ 1:27am by Captain Harvey Geisler in Out of Character

Hi everyone,

As I'm sure many of you are painfully aware, unprecedented events are taking place all over the world. As each of us lead different lives, each of us are impacted by these events in very different ways. Because of everything going on, I am suspending tagging requirements for this sim until further notice. If you are able to participate in the game, great. Please do, as I know some of us are stuck at home and need the distraction. For those of us not stuck at home, I'm sure our professional lives are intensifying with extra tasks and duties in order to fall in line with what is going on.

I'm asking for everyone to be patient with and to understand each other. This storm shall soon pass, and the time to rebuild normalcy will follow.

As always, if you have a question or concern, please hit me up on Discord.

Happy simming, everyone.

» Staffing Changes

Posted on 14 Feb 2020 @ 6:07pm by Captain Harvey Geisler in Sim Announcement

Hello everyone,

This has been an eventful week. Due to recent departures, the command team has been working pretty hard on figuring out our next steps and how to move forward. Turnover on Star Trek sims is nothing new. We've all been there. It happens both between and during missions. This particular instance was difficult since these departures could not just be whisked away and ignored. So, a couple things are going to happen.

First, I have been given permission by both players to write them our of our story. I will be dealing with this in an upcoming post.

Second, we have had to determine how to move forward with our medical staff, and whether or not we would look internally or externally. After discussing with the writers behind the two PCs in the medical department, we have decided to move forward by placing Lieutenant Jennin Rhula (Teix) into the Chief Medical Officer position. The "nitty gritty" details are still being worked out, and this will be handled In Character very soon.

In the meantime, gameplay will continue. Those of you who still need medical checkups can see Doctor Milo or Doctor Rhula, however it works out for you. If you have any questions, please be sure to let us know.

Thanks, and happy simming!

-Andrew / HG

» Make Us Go

Posted on 21 Jan 2020 @ 6:57pm by Captain Harvey Geisler in Arrivals

Please welcome the newest member of our Engineering department, Propulsion Specialist Daniel Walsh! No, no relation to our XO. Welcome!

» The Blue Woman Cometh!

Posted on 09 Jan 2020 @ 8:30pm by Captain Harvey Geisler in Arrivals

Please welcome our new Assistant Chief Science Officer, Zayna Ryler!

Latest Mission Posts

» Airless

Mission: Sentience
Posted on 30 Jun 2020 @ 12:46am by Ensign Kelly Khan & Lieutenant JG Charles McCullen & Lieutenant Lucas Abrams M.D. & Ensign Alora Nasek & Chief Warrant Officer Roosje De Vries


[===Deck 13===]

Charlie stepped out of the turbolift on Deck 13 into darkness, only the flickering of emergency lights and the periodic flashing of the red alert panels were illuminating the corridor leading from the turbolift, past he offices and down to the main shuttle bay. The air was…

» When The Holodeck Fails

Mission: Ghosts
Posted on 25 Jun 2020 @ 6:26pm by Lieutenant Dijaat Parker

As Dijaat left engineering on the latest call because most of his engineering staff were out trying to fix other issues he wondered what was going on that required his attention. As soon as Dijaat entered the holodeck he immediately got his answer. The program that was running at the…

» The Nebula

Mission: Ghosts
Posted on 25 Jun 2020 @ 3:56pm by Captain Harvey Geisler & Commander Terry Walsh & Lieutenant Commander Joey Geisler & Lieutenant Commander Gemma Alexander & Lieutenant Commander Camila Di Pasquale & Lieutenant Commander Arjin Djinx & Lieutenant Commander Tivan & Lieutenant Dijaat Parker & Lieutenant JG Charles McCullen

Previously... In "As The Bridge Turns..."


The Romulan engineer turned around, "Commander another replicator is on the fritz this time in quarters number eleven on deck nine... It has started producing copious amounts of both oatmeal and fish sticks. Engineering personnel cannot get it to stop." He turned and…

» Medical Review

Mission: Sentience
Posted on 13 Jun 2020 @ 7:39am by Lieutenant Jennin Rhula & Lieutenant Dijaat Parker

Dijaat made his way from main engineering towards the medical bay in order to complete his first physical since coming aboard the ship. He had made a point to read up on the Chief Medical Officer before leaving his office and entering sickbay. Dijaat looked around before settling on a…

» Golden Gel

Mission: Ghosts
Posted on 11 Jun 2020 @ 12:53pm by Lieutenant Zayna Ryler & Lieutenant JG Kemm

Lieutenant Kemm had yet to meet a computer that he liked. The Kelpien was an engineer by trade, specializing in both power systems and warp theory. Given enough time, he could make just about anything work, even if only for a short while. He was, unfortunately, just about clueless with…