Lieutenant Lucas Abrams

Name Lucas Donovan Abrams M.D.

Position Surgeon

Rank Lieutenant


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30 Jun 2020 @ 12:46am

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 34
Owner (if NPC) Joey Corwin
Birthdate September 17th

Physical Appearance

Height 6'7"
Weight 265lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Lucas stands an impressive six feet six inches and well muscled from countless hours of hitting both the zero-G gymnasium and the regular gymnasium. A sports and fitness enthusiast, he has competed in competitions prior to and after his entrance into Starfleet. He has long brown hair that he keeps pulled back while on duty along with a well kept beard and mustache. He has deep blue eyes that a person could easily be intimidated by or lose themselves in. His trademark feature is a quirky smile, which he offers to people he likes.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Despite being a large and imposing figure, Lucas is really a gentle giant... until he has reason not to be. He tends to be friendly, outgoing and has an amazing bedside manner. He has the heart of a saint and the deep rooted belief that all life is sacred. As a young boy, he was always found studying the causes and effects of various diseases that had been cured throughout the centuries, as well as the ones which had never found a cure.

His parents encouraged him onto a Medical path at a young age and enrolled him in first aid classes, life guard classes and more before he entered high school. There, he excelled in Biology and his interest became even more passionate and he set his goal to finding cures for diseases which had yet to be found.
Strengths & Weaknesses + focused
+ friendly
+ outgoing
+ driven
+ works well as part of a team or alone

- pushy people
- perfectionist
- willing to bend rules for the life of a patient if needed
Ambitions To be the best doctor and surgeon he can be.
Hobbies & Interests anything sports related
working out
Command Sambo
Languages Spoken Federation Standard, English, Klingon, Romulan

Service Record Starfleet Academy: 2373 - 2377
Starfleet Medical School: 2377 - 2382
USS Armstrong: 2382 - 2384 Surgeon
USS Regent: 2384 - 2386 Surgeon
Starbase Unity: 2386 - 2388 Assistant Chief Medical Officer/Surgeon
USS Black Hawk: 2388 - Present

Upon entering Starfleet Academy, it was discovered that Lucas had an amazing eye for detail and a dexterity in his hands that made him perfect for being a surgeon. He was encouraged in that direction while he learned all the ins and outs of humanoid physiology and the various ailments which required surgery.

Instead of taking a shipboard posting immediately after graduating Academy, Lucas chose to enroll in Starfleet Medical School where he spent five long, hard years studying hard, doing long hours as an intern, going to endless lectures and speaking with experienced doctors.

Everything served to further his goals and he dedicated himself to being the best surgeon in the entire fleet and one who did not limit himself to just humans.

Immediate Family

Extended Family

Father Donovan Nicolas Abrams
Mother Katherine Lynette Abrams
Brother(s) Jacob Alan Abrams
Carter Nicolas Abrams
Michael Dean Abrams
Sister(s) Hilary Katherine Abrams
Harley Nicole Abrams-Daniels
Other Family Brian Thomas Daniels; Brother-in-Law
Gretchen Marie Abrams; Sister-in-Law
Jessica Paige Abrams; Sister-in-Law
Various aunts, uncles and cousins

Relationship Detail

Duty Information

Quarters Deck 4, Room 04|01