Lieutenant Hannibal Owens

Name Hannibal Owens

Position Guest Character

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 34
Owner (if NPC) Felix Langston

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 200 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color Black
Physical Description Hannibal Owens is a large and intimidating man, standing tall with broad shoulders. He has a large facial scar running from the top of his forehead down his right cheek. He keeps his hair cut extremely short into a crew cut; he also keeps a very neatly trimmed mustache and beard. To keep his physique, he adheres to an almost nonstop training regimen that includes weightlifting, distance and obstacle running, and mixed martial arts.


Father Tyrone Owens (deceased)
Mother Moira Owens (deceased)
Brother(s) Lt. Cmdr. Alexander Owens, age 37, Chief Science Officer USS Okinawa
Lt. Napoleon Owens, age 30, Starfleet JAG Officer
Other Family Tom Owens, Grandfather, age 78
Yvonne Owens, Grandmother, age 76

Personality & Traits

General Overview Hannibal is a very guarded and cautious man. He generally prefers to keep to himself, generally trying to avoid getting too attached to people due to his dangerous line of work. He has little patience for small talk or meaningless conversations. He can, however, be quite caring and gentle on the inside; one just has to get past his extremely terse and sometimes prickly exterior.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
+Extremely dedicated to his work
+Duty-minded and focused at all times
+Physically and emotionally resilient
+"Living lie detector" = very perceptive
+Extremely adept at most forms of hand-to-hand and ranged combat

-Very slow to trust others
-Stand-offish at times
-Gets too absorbed in work
-Can be suspicious of others' motivations
Ambitions To captain a ship specializing in Fugitive Retrieval and to further bring justice to the known galaxy.
Hobbies & Interests Mixed martial arts, reading, wushu, boxing, Krav Maga, bonsai cultivation
Languages Spoken Federation Standard, Mandarin

Personal History Lt. Hannibal Owens was born January 27, 2358 to Tyrone and Moira Owens on the established Vega Colony. He is the middle child of three brothers all named after famous conquerors of earth. Tyrone wanted his sons to accomplish great things and rise above the simple life of a trader, hence the names. Tyrone and Moira moved around with their sons on the merchant ship Risa Shoreline, selling whatever they could to get by. Tyrone often held resentment toward the Federation out of a perceived lack of support during border and trade disputes. He would often take his resentment out on his family, leaving physical and emotional scars on his wife and children and making Hannibal resent him for many years.

Hannibal's life on the frontier was marked by many hardships. He took to reading old western novels as a source of comfort and grew up wanting to be a lawman like many of the heroes from those books. He began practicing martial arts with his brothers at the behest of his mother, who wanted her boys to learn how to protect themselves due to some of the dangerous environs that their father's work placed them in.

Those dangers would be realized when Tyrone's double dealings and swindling caught up with the family when Hannibal was 14. The Risa Shoreline came under attack from Romulans that had purchased shoddy materials from Tyrone. They boarded the ship and immediately killed Tyrone for his treachery. Moira intervened when the Romulans moved to kill the young boys as retribution, offering her life for theirs. The Romulans accepted and killed Moira after she put her boys in an escape pod. The pod was eventually picked up by a passing Starfleet ship and the boys were sent to live with their grandparents who had retired to the Hunan Province of China. There, Hannibal would become greatly influenced by Asian culture from all the countries around that region of the world, and continuing his ambition to be a lawman. Upon graduating high school, he worked to apply to Starfleet Academy and join its Security and Advanced Tactical Training programs. He excelled in his studies and graduated in 2280 as a commissioned Starfleet Security Officer with a specialization in Fugitive Retrieval and Law Enforcement.

His first posting was a long-term assignment aboard the venerable Steamrunner-class USS Yellow Jacket, a patrol escort that was stationed near the Badlands. He got his first taste of action when the ship was sent to deal with a Cardassian extremist group known as the True Way. The Yellow Jacket helped secure vital colonies and outposts, with Hannibal doing his part to track down the dangerous people leading the enemy organization. He managed to deduce the identity of one True Way cell's enigmatic leader and bring him to justice, which earned him a promotion and commendation in 2283.

He was reassigned to Deep Space 11 in 2385, continuing to serve at his best in Security. Starfleet took notice of his exceptional service record and transferred him to the USS Cochrane in 2386. He has served as Chief of Security ever since.
Service Record 2376 - Accepted into Starfleet Academy
2379 - Accepted into Advanced Tactical Training program during his senior year
2380 - Graduates from Starfleet Academy with specialization in Fugitive Retrieval and Law Enforcement
2380 - Assigned to USS Yellow Jacket
2382 - Badlands incident with the True Way, commendation and promotion to Lieutenant JG
2385 - Reassigned to Deep Space 11, promotion to Lieutenant
2386 - Reassigned to USS Cochrane as Chief of Security

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