Lieutenant Jarveth Adan

Name Jarveth Syl Adan

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Joined Trill
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 10"
Weight 190 pounds
Hair Color Dark Blond
Eye Color Chocolate Brown
Physical Description Jarveth is an imposing figure. Tall and muscular, he is handsome. The spots most Trills have adorn his face. He is what some would call dirty blond and his simmering chocolate brown eyes. He also has a disarming smile.


Father Lan Roshe
Mother Maya Roshe
Sister(s) Kaylyn Roshe
Other Family Uncle Zan Roshe

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jarveth is a warm and charming person. He makes friends easily. He is also very loyal to his Captain and Command Staff. He is also influenced by the other Trill Hosts the Adan symbiant has had.
Strengths & Weaknesses One of Jarveth’s strengths is his years of experience with other hosts that they Adan symbiant recalls. He was a Starfleet Captain in his most recent previous life. Another strength is his ability to assess a situation and react quickly. A weakness of his is his recent addition of the symbiant’s memories. Sometimes, they cloud his judgment. Another weakness is his inability to prepare a decent meal despite the fact one of his previous hosts was a chef. He relies on replicators and others for sustinance at present.
Ambitions One of Jarveth’s ambitions is to fullfill his obligations as a Trill host to maintain the health of the symbiant. Another is to one day Captain his own vessel.
Hobbies & Interests Jarveth enjoys the classic Terran murder mystery novels of Agatha Christie, Martha Grimes and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, especially on the holodeck. He works out at the gym every chance he gets. He enjoys collecting the books of the previously mentioned writers as well. He also likes a good cup of Terran coffee which one cannot get from a replicator.

Personal History Jarveth Adan was born Jarveth Roshe, taking the name of the Symbiant when he became a joined Trill in the tradition of the Trill Homeworld. His father served aboard the USS Washington as a Counselor. As a small child, Jarveth enjoyed having the chance to meet other alien species. One of his closest friends was a Vulcan named Solok. Growing up on a Starfleet vessel gave him a broader education than he expected. His interest in flying a craft developed at a young age. Plotting courses fascinated him to no end. One time, when he was 8 years old, Jarveth got the opportunity to fly his Uncle’s shuttlecraft and nearly crashed the vehicle. The experience, however, did not deter him. Rather, he was thrilled getting the opportunity to fly anything. When Solok’s mother was transferred to DS6, Jarveth was devestated.

As a teenager, Jarveth met and had a crush on Diane Lang. She was beautiful in his eyes. Her ambitions to join Starfleet herself led to difficulties in their relationship and she decided to end it. Jarveth swore off women from that moment on although he would learn later that this happened regardless of one’s sexual preferences. His skills as a pilot improved over the years since his first flight as a child. He was fascinated with model shuttlecraft and the like.

At 18, which was 2377, he joined Starfleet Academy. He excelled at his courses and developed his skills as a pilot. He knew, without a doubt, that he would be navigating vessels for the Federation. In the Academy, he met and fell in love with Ian Michael Starkweather, realizing he was bisexual. As a Trill, he was comfortable with this although Ian seemed troubled at the time. Although they do not have plans to marry currently, they do share shore leave time together whenever possible.

Jarveth graduated in 2381 and was assigned to the USS Bradburry as a pilot. He was promoted to Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer in 2384 and transferred to the USS Archer. In early 2387, he became a joined Trill after his Captain was slain by a renegade Klingon. He was the only Trill serving aboard at the time that had taken the training to become a Joined Trill. The USS Blackhawk is his most recent transfer where he serves as Chief Flight Control Officer.

Previous Hosts: Sahala Adan, Captain of the USS Archer when she was killed. Served in Starfleet from 2379 to 2385 as a joined Trill. Jorel Adan, Served aboard the USS Voyager during the time it was lost in the Delta Quadrent. Served in Starfleet from 2366 until his death. Jana Adan, an artists whose scultures are considered classics. Lived from 2333 to 2366. Kaz Adan, an ambassador, served the Federation from 2298 to 2333.
Service Record 2377 to 2381: Starfleet Academy
2381 to 2385: USS Bradbury as Flight Control Officer
2385 to 2387: Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer on the USS Archer
2387: Current Assignment on the USSS Blackhawk as Chief Flight Control Officer

Duty Information

Quarters Deck 04 || Room 0420
Data Access Level 6
Security Clearance Beta One
Duty Shift Alpha