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Departmental Distinction: Security

Awarded to an individual that serves with distinction in the Security and Tactical Departments. Characters eligible for this award consistently demonstrate dedication and a high level of ability in either Security or Tactical.

NOTE: A detailed description of the character’s merits is required.

Category: In character
Awarded: 1 time

Lieutenant Camila Di Pasquale
01 Apr 2017 @ 1:44pm
Team Camila and Battle of the Computer Core: Lt. Di Pasquale distinguished herself in these JP's by overcoming insurmountable odds as the leader of a Security infiltration team. Her team was one of two that infiltrated an enemy held station. They battled their way down through decks via a phaser drill while fighting off enemy personnel, Consortium and Selamat. When they finally reached the Secondary Computer Core, Lieutenant Di Pasquale's team encountered heavy resistance. The Lieutenant's ingenuity and knowledge of the Secondary Core allowed her to backtrack and gain entrance through another access point. She then completed her mission by placing the isolinear chip into the computer core and broadcasting a message station-wide. The result was the stand down of personnel and a stop to the loss of life within the station. Lieutenant Di Pasquale is a credit to herself and the Starfleet Security Department by consistently demonstrating dedication and the ability expected of a Department Head.