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Inspection: Bridge

Posted on 16 May 2017 @ 1:52pm by Captain Harvey Geisler & Commander Thiago Teixeira & Lieutenant Danyl Adan & Lieutenant JG Felix Langston

Mission: The Finnean Crisis
Location: Main Bridge
Timeline: MD 2 || 1145 hours

Only one stop remained on his inspection tour that had lasted the entire morning: The Bridge. Harvey stood in the turbolift, ready for his first real shift on the bridge. He'd been on board nearly twenty-four hours, and it was time to be that captain yet again.

The turbolift stopped and the doors opened, revealing the clean command center. "Well, we're fit as a fiddle," he remarked loudly to no one in particular as he approached the command arena. "How's she been flying so far?" he asked, knowing the ship was still flying at high warp.

The sound of Harvey's voice caused Teixeira to turn around. He was in the command chair, as was typical when he was the ranking officer. He quickly rose. "Good morning, Captain," he said with a smile. "She's a good ship. Isn't that right, Lieutenant?" he said, pivoting to Langston, who sat at the helm.

"Oh? Is that so, Mister Langston?" Harvey asked, choosing to approach the forward Helm and Operations stations rather than sitting in the command chair.

Felix turned slightly in his new seat to better talk to the captain and pilot the ship at the same time. "I can't believe it, sir," Felix said, "I've never piloted a ship that handles this smoothly." The awe in his voice was audible as he talked to the captain. "It's like this thing actually is a hawk and we've caught some of the best thermals imaginable. How you managed to snag this one, I'll never know."

Harvey stifled a chuckle, but a smile appeared nonetheless. He didn't know how he got this ship, but he could only hope that it had nothing to do with the dangers they would face over the next year. "I have friends in high places," Harvey remarked, leaving it at that. "Hopefully, you'll get the chance to open her up and see what she's capable of."

"Aye, sir," Felix replied, "I'm looking forward to it." He turned his chair back to his station as he continued. "Engineering is maintaining an incredibly stable warp field. Our flight plan should get us to our destination in about two and a half days. I did some calibrations on the navigational array with some of my crew in order to shave off some time."

"Excellent, Mister Langston," Harvey congratulated. "I know she's a new ship, but are you expecting any difficulties in the days to come?"

Danyl was uncertain which of them he was addressing, but he decided to speak up, "No, Sir. Everything is functioning at optimum efficiency. She is indeed a fine ship." The pride in the Trill's voice was evident.

Harvey looked up at the Lieutenant. He knew Lieutenant Adan, the former, well, having served with the former host on the bridge and other places among the older ship. To be honest, he was a bit surprised by the newer host's assignment aboard the Black Hawk as new hosts typically tried to stay away from elements of former lives. "And how about you, Mister Adan? How are you adjusting to life among the familiar and unfamiliar?"

Danyl glanced in the direction of the Captain. It had only been a few months since they had served together, but it also been a lifetime. Two different hosts occupied the symbiant. He had been thrilled to get the assignment aboard the Black Hawk although most Trills had avoided such confrontations that afforded. Still, leaving during the fight seemed somehow wrong even if it did mean the death of a host.

Danyltried to smile, faltered and then tried again. "Doing as well as can be expected, Sir, considering the circumstances. Felt that coming back might be the best thing for me to do since I left in the middle of the fight."

"A fault that wasn't your own," Harvey pressed, knowing that he was talking to the symbiont more than anything. "Thankfully, there are plenty of Trill aboard who can help you with the adjustments."

"Yes, Sir," agreed Danyl, nodding his head. "I plan on consulting with them about that. I will, however, miss Bast. He was a good man."

"Indeed he was," Harvey said, thinking of the Trill Operations Chief who had elected not to return. Between the Selamat and the Consortium, the man's life had been turned more than upside down. Harvey could relate, having lost his wife and his life to the Dominion. One just didn't bounce back from that.

Danyl stroked the console in front of him lovingly. "While I will miss him, I am glad to be here nonetheless. I hope to do you as proud of me as you are all your officers."

Harvey hoped so too. "You'll do just fine, Lieutenant." Looking across the bridge to their illustrious First Officer, Harvey started to walk towards him. "I have to admit, Mister Teixeira. I missed the bridge." The last time he was on a real working bridge, it was shortly after being dragged into an alternate universe. The bridge had been burnt beyond repair while the ship was without power, forcing the crew to convert a science lab to an auxiliary bridge. At least this ship came equipped with a dedicated compartment just for that very purpose.

Felix kept working as he overheard the conversation between the captain and the XO. He smiled as he heard the captain's remarks about the bridge. He too had missed the bridge on the previous Black Hawk. However, the space and layout of the new bridge put the old ship to shame. He continued to maintain the current course.

"I find it a bit disconcerting, to be honest," Thiago began. "I like having a real console, but it seems...strange to not be sitting beside my CO."

Harvey nodded as he diverted his walking path, taking a look at the bank of consoles on the port side of the bridge. "Is the larger console any consolation?" he asked, noting that its size matched the Tactical console to the other side of the bridge. Truthfully, Harvey did think he might miss the ability to lean over and confer with Thiago, but Harvey did still have the habit of standing more than sitting.

Looking at his new console, Thiago couldn't help but beam. "It is nice to have more real estate, yes," he said with a chuckle. "Not sure what I'll do all the time though, so I might just hover over your shoulder."

A couple of days ago, Harvey might have remarked, Hover away. Given recent events, he still didn't know how to react or process the revelations he'd received. Instead, he simply nodded and continued his inspection of the bridge only to pause at the rear Situational Display. Until now, he'd just seen the schematics on a tiny PADD screen. Seeing it over six feet long really gave the ship some scale. "She's a beauty," he remarked quietly, knowing probably everyone heard him.

"Aye, Cap," Felix said with a smile, "that she is."

Added Danyl, "Aye Sir, I haven't been more proud to serve aboard such a fine vessel."

"And an incomplete one at that," Harvey remarked. Exhaling, he turned back around to face the bridge crew. "As it turns out, our former Chief of Operations left us at the the very last minute. We launched without a replacement simply because there was no time to find one." Looking to his executive officer, Harvey stated, "A matter which I need to remedy rather quickly."

"Indeed, Captain," Thiago replied with a smile. The two men had discussed the matter privately already and had easily come to agreement.

"Mister Adan," Harvey said, walking back down to the forward arena. "You are the senior officer in the department. You probably weren't expecting to be in a command role anytime soon, and you are, according to your record, quite qualified, are you not?"

Danyl gulped hard. This was unexpected, but by no means quite pleasurable. "Aye, Sir," he said. "I have worked in Operations for quite sometime."

Approaching the Trill man, Teixeira extended a hand. "Congratulations, Lieutenant."

The Trill Chief of Operations Officer accepted the proffered hand with trepidation. His spots colored slightly at the excitement. "I thank you, Commander. It's a pleasure to serve."

"I'm more than happy to help you get situated in your new role," Teixeira offered. "I've spent some time in Operations."

Danyl smiled greatfully. "Thanks, Commander Teixeira. I will take you up on that offer pronto. There will be a lot to prepare for."

Harvey nodded at his new Chief Operations Officer. "Congratulations, Lieutenant." To the XO, Harvey stated, "I'll be in the ready room, Commander. The bridge is yours."


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