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Still Breathing? Good.

Posted on 18 May 2017 @ 5:43am by Ensign Alora Nasek & Lieutenant Commander Jayla Kij

Mission: The Finnean Crisis
Location: Sick Bay
Timeline: MD3: 0930

Ensign Nasek in uniform, with her ever present repair kit over one shoulder, entered sickbay. Her brown hair tied back in a practical pony tail as her eyes skimmed looking for an available medico in which to report to.

A tiny, blond nurse approached the Bajoran woman with a huge smile. "Hi!" she said. "Can I help you?"

"Yes Ma'am" She said earnestly and handed the PADD over with one hand while putting her hair behind her earring clipped hair in a habitual gesture. "Ensign Nasek Alora reporting to new assignment check up."

"Oh, of course," said the nurse. "I'm Nurse Rigby, by the way. You can call me Eleanor. I think you're with Doctor Kij. She's fantastic! You'll love her! Come right over here and I'll introduce you." She lead the other woman towards a Trill doctor who was busy typing something into a PaDD. "Doctor Kij?" she said. "Ensign Nasek is here to see you."

Jayla glanced up from the PaDD and smiled at the two women. "Of course," she said. "Thank you, Eleanor. It's nice to meet you Ensign Nasek. Hop right up on that bio bed and we'll get started in half a moment."

Following along good naturedly along Alora nodded, "Aye Ma'am" and with a vaguely bemused expression at the swift and efficient Eleanor she went and hopped on the bed.

Jayla quickly finished her notes from her previous patient and set the PaDD aside. "Sorry about that," she said with a smile. "I've done far too many physicals lately and my brain is sort of fuzzing out on what notes I'm supposed to be taking. So, how are you feeling?" she asked, taking out her tricorder and beginning preliminary scans.

"I understand Ma'am, new ship, new crew has got to feel a bit like an assembly line. I feel fine." She replied with a friendly smile and with a sympathetic tone in her voice as she sat patiently still for the scans. The medical staff here looked busy no doubt but they were keeping up with the flow which was a good sign of a well run department.

"Good," said Jayla with a slight grin. "I like when people feel fine. Makes my job easier." She grinned and winked.

Something about Jayla made one want to relax, which in a medical officer was a good idea she supposed. "Makes all our jobs easier. I just have usual bumps and bruises of life, I did break my right leg on a trip once as a teen but it's set properly and as strong as ever." She offered. "My Grandmother said I would be able to tell the weather since then but I've never noticed that working..." She joked a little and had a warm, friendly smile but not overwhelming. Testing the waters as it were.

"I've got a knee that starts aching when the rain stops," Jayla replied. "I don't know what good that does. I guess you'll know if it's safe to have a picnic or go for a hike or something." She grinned again.

Alora smiled, "A useful skill however having a knee tell you if a guy's a jerk or if that Klingon wants to knock your head or better yet if some kid's stuck in a well. That would be handy too."

Jayla laughed in response. "Definitely," she said, switching to secondary scans. Then she laughed right out loud. "Imagine!" she giggled. "Saying, ''my knee hurts! Someone must be stuck in a well!'"

Alora laughed too, it was too absurd not to, "See? Handy. Unless it's super sensitive and if you live in space might be a ways to the next well but let's not get absurd..." She managed to keep a straight face for a few seconds then smiled again in good humor. In the tone of one who knew they'd gotten off kilter and not entirely sure how it happened. Her mind insisted on trying to logical out a path in an illogical conversation which meant things could sometimes spin weirdly.

Then feeling a bit more comfortable with the CMO she asked, "So any advice for the newbie? If I can manage to put my foot in it only twice a week I'd be happy..."

Jayla grinned; they'd passed absurd a long time ago. "Hm, advice..." she said. "Let me see. Never taunt an angry bull. Stay out of fights with Nausicaans. And whatever you do, never- and I mean never- accept a kitten from a Klingon."

She laughed again, "I'll remember that Doctor..." Then she sobered a little, looking earnest. "I want to do well here, this is supposed to be one of the top ships in the Fleet..." She heard rumors, some pretty intense ones but didn't quite want to ask about those yet. The ones about what the crew here had suffered and done for the highest ideals of the Federation. She desperately wanted to live up to those ideals in her first deep space assignment.

Jayla paused for a moment to look the Bajoran woman in the eye. "And you didn't end up here by accident," she said. "You got here by hard work and maybe even a bit of cleverness. Just do what you've been doing and you'll be fine."

Alora straightened and briefly managing a version of sitting at attention for a moment as she nodded, "Aye Ma'am, I think I can do that..." before returning to normal sitting position, a grateful smile at the Doctor. Sometimes to help the nervousness of a new post all one needed was a few kind words. "Thank you."

Jayla nodded once in a silent 'you're welcome' before returning to her scans. After a few more moments, she was satisfied. "You look in perfect health," she announced, recording the scans to Nasek's medical files.

Alora smiled, "Good to know, hate to think I wasted a trip out to the depths of space."

"Definitely not wasted," Jayla assured her with a smile. "You're free to go. Unless, of course, you just like me so much you'd like to shadow me for the day," she joked.

Nasek hopped off the biobed, "Well you don't seem hard to visit with Ma'am but I'd best get to work..." She smiled, feeling good about this assignment, "Besides there's a shiny new engine room I've not seen and I should go pay my respects."

"Absolutely," agreed Jayla. "And who knows? I may be down to see it myself at some point."

"I'll give you the grand tour..." Alora promised, "Thank you again Doctor." With another smile, and feeling more confident, she headed out.


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