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Terminal Inspection

Posted on 12 May 2017 @ 5:48pm by Lieutenant David Moreau Jr & Lieutenant JG Dean Winchester

Mission: The Finnean Crisis
Location: Security Checkpoints
Timeline: Md 2 || 0700 Hours

Winchester, after the briefing had ended, had quietly found a terminal to look up his duty assignment for the day. After typing in his command codes and pulling up the information, he read down it. It basically said that he was to take another crewman with him and inspect the Security stations on each deck, as well as each armory aboard the ship. Scrolling back up the screen, he read off again in his mind the name of the person he was to take with him, turned, and started scanning the room.

Ensign Delial came into the room and looked around before he spotted the incredibly tall Security officer and headed over to him. The young human looked as if he had came straight from the Academy, all fresh faced and eager to please. "Lieutenant Winchester?" he asked as he held out a hand. "I'm Ensign Joshua Delial and I've been assigned to patrol with you today, Sir."

Looking down slightly at him slightly, Winchester cracked a smile and said, as he extended his hand, "Its actuality Lieutenant Junior Grade, pleasure to meet you".

Delial gave a firm shake and stepped back. "The pleasure is mine, Sir. Where do you wish to start first?"

"Well, my suggestion would be we start at very bottom of the ship, and work our way up, saving the Security Complex here as our final destination, what do you think?

"That sounds like a plan, Lieutenant," Delial said eagerly.

After shaking his head in agreement Winchester said, "Are you familiar with what we will be doing while we are out on patrol today? Because we have some extra things added in to with our regular duties".

"In theory, Sir," Joshua said. "I've looked over the schematics of the ship and I'm versed in shipboard procedures, but this is my first assignment outside of my shakedown tour."

"You mean first shipboard assignment period?", Winchester asked with a smile.

"Yes," Joshua said. "I consider myself fortunate to be assigned to the Black Hawk."

Still smiling just a bit, Winchester asked, "So before we get started, tell me why you chose Security?"

"Because I want to help people," the young officer said. "I want to seek out new life, new cultures and experience everything that the galaxy has to offer. Being on this ship means I get to see the Gamma Quadrant and learn things before the rest of Starfleet does and that's a good feeling. It gives me purpose. Why did you join?"

"Protection and duty run in my family, and when i was young i got sick, really sick, of seeing Starfleet vessels falling and being boarded because they had a lack of Security aboard." Looking Joshua straight in the eyes, he said, deadly serious, "I will be damn if the same thing happens here and if need be will lay down my life to prevent it to happening, that and i feel a connection with this ship and with this crew".

"But only one ship in fifty are boarded and out of those, only one in a thousand fall," Joshua said before he stopped and looked at Winchester. "So it was your family who started Starfleet Security so this wouldn't happen?"

"That is correct". Looking down he added, "Even with the odds you mentioned that is still far, far to much in my book, and i will be damn if it happened here". Raising his his head, he quickly added, "To Protect And Serve runs deeply in my family, and has done so for hundreds of years".

Joshua nodded and headed down the corridor to the turbolift and stepped in to wait for Winchester. "That's admirable, Sir," he said. "That must be a glorious heritage to have since it dates back to the twenty-on thirties with United Earth Starfleet."

Walking to meet him, he said with a smirk, "Try Around 2012". Letting that smile sit on his face he said aloud, "Deck 24". The doors closed off as the lift started to move. Pulling a PADD Out of his pocket, he made a few notes, and waited for anymore questions before they arrived at their destination".

"Sir, I mean no disrespect, but Starfleet Security wasn't formed until the twenty-one thirties after Earth united under one government and Starfleet was founded," Joshua said. "And with that being the case, then the lack of Security aboard the ships when you were a child was the fault of your own family by your own reckoning."

"You completely misunderstood what I said, you know that right?"

"I did?" Joshua asked. "How so?"

"You know what Police Officers are, or at least were?"

"Yes," Joshua said. "We still have them on Earth," he pointed out. "They just go by other names now."

Grimacing, he said, "They were a whole lot different back then. It was a lot harder back then, so that's why protecting people and places runs thick in my blood you understand."

"You must make your family proud," Josh said as the turbolift arrived and he requested the lower decks. "I have an uncle who is in the Starfleet Marines. He started during the Dominion War and has been in it ever since."

"They are, i hope so at least". Stepping out into the corridor, he motioned Josh to follow. As they walked, Winchester pulled his Tricorder out and began to scan for that terminal. A few moments later, he slammed it shut, prompting Josh to raise his eyebrow as Winchester wondered aloud, "Where in the Hell is that Security Terminal"?

Joshua raised an eyebrow and went to a wall terminal. "Computer, please locate nearest Security terminal checkpoint."

"The nearest Security Checkpoint is approximately eighteen meters to your north on the right side," it said as arrows appeared pointing in the direction they had been travelling.

"Looking like we have our answer," Joshua said as he continued on.

Putting the scanning device away, Winchester caught up with josh just about as they reached the terminal. "Damn Tricorder must be broken". As they arrived, he said, "Josh run a quick diagnostic while i check to see if any of the circuitry underneath has burnt out, been wired incorrectly, or anything else, sound like a plan?

"It would be easier to let Operations give you a new one," Joshua said as he entered his code and ran a diagnostic. "Don't want you hurting yourself on accident, Sir."

'"I won't get hurt", Winchester said as he dropped to his knees, pulled the panel underneath off, and started working and taking a look around. A few minutes later, while still busy, he asked, "Hey Josh, how are things going up there?"

"Sir, I really don't think you should be doing that," Joshua stated. "Especially not with me doing a diagnostic. It's interfering with it and you aren't an Engineer."

"You know may just be right and as far as I can tell, everything is 100 percent under here". Pulling himself to his feet, he leaned over and observed the diagnostic in progress. "Sorry if I interfered with your work, but how is it so far?"

The Ensign stepped aside. "It's no trouble, Sir," he said. "I just didn't want you getting hurt or in trouble."

"I appreciate that, what is the Terminal's status as of now?"

"Working just fine," Sir," Joshua said. "Are you ready to check out the others?"

"Might as well, sooner we get through it, sooner we are done"


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