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Posted on 10 May 2017 @ 5:58am by Lieutenant JG Jace Crystan & Ensign Kelly Khan

Mission: The Finnean Crisis
Location: Random Corridor
Timeline: MD 2 || 1500 Hours

A youthful sounding female voice echoed off the corridor walls accompanied by the sound of footsteps which seemed to be moving in beat to the music being belted out.

"There's no present there's no future
I don't even know about the past
It's all timeless and never ending
To take it in it's all too vast

It goes, forever and ever
You thought you knew but you never
There goes

Journey to the center of eternity.

A moment later, a short brunette rounded the corner wearing a black t-shirt with white letters on it which read "My Other Ship is a Sovereign" on it, black shorts, and running shoes, and she carried a PADD in her hand.

Jace was slowly walking along the corridor, brain fully engrossed in his work. Even after his meeting with Captian Geisler yesterday and his briefing with his department head, he had a fair bit of information to catch up on. He had three PADDs in his hand, all containing a variety of different collections of information relating to the Gamma Quadrant and more specifically, DS15 and the Finneas System. Being so engrossed in his thoughts, he completely tuned out the singing coming towards him.

All Jace felt was the abrupt impact and sense of loss of bearings. Apparently, he was wandering. He looked up to reveal the young woman he'd just walked into. "I'm sorry. I obviously was not looking ahead of me," he said. Jace was wearing cargo pants and long sleeve black shirt, his usual go to during off duty hours. Now, his overwhelming "coolness" seemed a bit less than stellar.

"pong cha'par Dun!" Kelly exclaimed in Klingon as her PADD went flying and she ended up on her butt, looking up at the humanoid male who stood there in pants with a lot of pockets and a black shirt. The Universal Translator helpfully intereted the Kling as "By the Great Bird!" while she scooted backwards, grabbed the PADD and stood up. "Excuse me," she said. "I seem to have fallen for you."

Jace let off a nervous chuckle. "Well, um... There's a first time for everything." Jace, who had already gotten up after plummeting to the side and right into the wall, offered her a hand up.

She took the offered hand and stood up. "Figure of speech," she said.

Jace knelt down to gather his PADDs and stood back up, meeting her gaze. "I'm afraid we haven't been introduced. Jace Crystan. Astrophysicist."

"Kelly Khan, Flight Control," Kelly said as she released his hand. "You must be new here, yeah?"

Jace nodded. "Yep, day two of the new job." He lifted up a little bit indicating their importance. "Already knee deep in the intel."

"Intel?" she asked. "I thought you were an Astrophysicist. That's kind of like me saying I'm Flight, but knee deep in Security."

Oh, if only she knew how ironic that was in my case."Everything is intelligence to me. You never know when learning something might help you in some fashion." Jace paused a moment. "But you are right. I've got a lot to catch up on in the science department with my new position. I can't just do astrophysics anymore."

"Sure you can," Kelly said. "I'm Flight, but I'm also on the Command track and I also have a secondary in Engineering. I was a cadet until about three months ago and I've already had command of a ship and was promoted before graduation. If I can do all of that, you can be an astrophysicist and other things."

"What I mean to say is that's not all I'm doing any more. I studied astrophysics before I joined Starfleet and on my first two assignments, that's what I focused on. Now, its my job to keep apprised of everything."

"You can still do that, though," she pointed out. "One shift doesn't take up all that much time and after your shift, there's three more to go before you have to go back on duty again. Well, one for sleeping if that's your thing."

Jace nodded again. "I suppose so." She was right, of course, but he made a mental note to check the duty rotation, it sounded like she was suggesting there was a four shift rotation, which is something different than all his previous assignments. He was used to a three shift rotation.

He then decided to change the subject to get to know his new friend. "Did I hear you singing?"

"Depends on how good your hearing is, but I wasn't being quiet," Kelly said with a thousand terawatt smile. "I've been heard singing in a number of places on the ship and in Talon's on karaoke night."

Jace smiled. "You must be popular, then." He did not recognize the name Talons though. "Forgive me for being the new guy. Talons?"

"It's a lounge on deck eight," Kelly said. "A real Princess in waiting runs it, too. Selah is really cool and you should stop by there and tell her that Khan sent you. She holds Karaoke once a week and when I was a cadet, me and a few others used to go there all the time. There's only three of us left now, though. My roommate Elisha got accepted to another ship but I was lucky enough to come back here with my boyfriend Quinn Mackie and the other cadet, Grandpa Crehan."

"Ok, I'll go check it out sometime." He was grateful for the recommendation. He'd been working on socializing with people more the last few years. He found that he'd started to like it more and more. Unfortunately at the moment, he needed to get back at it. "Well, I've got to get this stuff knocked out. It was nice meeting you," he said.

"Nice to meet you, too, Mister Crystan," she said with a smile. "Don't work too hard."


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