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Security Meeting

Posted on 07 May 2017 @ 12:47am by Lieutenant Richard Metsker & Lieutenant David Moreau Jr

Mission: The Finnean Crisis
Location: Security Complex
Timeline: MD 2 || 1025 Hours


Rich had waited for the meeting between the CO and the Security Chief to finish before trying to report in. He had logged into an open console to do a quick once over of the department's personnel and readiness. He hadn't even been to his quarters yet, but, that could wait.

Rich shuffled his feet and took a breath as the Chief's office door opened and the Captain departed. 'I'll have to find him again' he thought to himself as he walked over to large human Chief of Security.

"Lieutenant Moreau? I'm Rich, Lieutenant Metsker, the new Assistant Chief of Security."

The big bald Security Chief looked up as another man entered the office and gave a nod before he gestured towards one of the chairs in front of his desk. "Welcome to the Black Hawk-A, Mister Metsker," he said. "If you'll give me a moment, I'll be right with you." He unlocked his terminal and pulled up the personnel file on the man who had just declared that he was the new Assistant Chief. "Help yourself to the replicator while I take care of this."

"No, and thank you." Rich replied, then smirked, "Thank you sir and no thank you on the replicator offer." He let out a little laugh, "I feel a little out of place with all the rather tall members of the Security Department I'd seen since I arrived."

"I don't judge people based on height, Lieutenant," David said as he looked over the mans personnel files. "I judge based on action. I see you're a Dominion War survivor like myself after you rejoined Starfleet. What made you decide to resign in the first place?"

"No one is judging, just a observation. I wasn't aware I'd be assigned to the land of giants." Rich replied with a smirk. He placed his hands on his lap before replying. "My first desire was to be a teacher, but I still had learning to do and there's no better classroom than Starfleet. I felt a calling to teach again after a few years so I resigned and taught tenth grade in Terre Haute Indiana, my hometown, for a few years."

"That's admirable," David said. "How were you affected by the Dominion War and what do you feel you learned since then in regards to your career in Starfleet?

Rich straightened up a little in the chair. "My younger brother was killed during the war." He paused before he continued. "Everyone was affected by the war. I've found that my purpose isn't to teach, it's to protect. If I can pass along something to my crewmates along the way, so much the better. I've also learned I have a knack for investigations." He let out a breath, "I consider myself fortunate to not have suffered any serious wounds during the war."

"Consider yourself very fortunate," David said. "Six months at AR-558 left me in the care of Starfleet Medical for six more months." He closed the file and looked at the man for a long moment. "I'm sorry to hear about your brother, man. I lost my wife during the war. It's never easy how you lose someone that close to you." He came to a decision and gave a nod to himself. "Tell you want, when we're here, just call me David. You already introduced yourself as Rich, so it just seems right. Do you have questions for me?"

Rich nodded with a smirk, he seemed to always have a smirk or smile on his face, even in sarcasm...but in this case it was genuine. "Thank you David. No real questions beyond the usual. Duty station when not on the Bridge, shift rotation, ship and department SOP...but I do have one suggestion. I did two years aboard the USS Israel, another Century Class ship. If you haven't already done so, I highly suggest updating the ship's phaser safeties and upgrading the targeting scanners. The designers apparently didn't give much thought to the safeties and they have a habit of failing to disengage during alert conditions and well as a habit of not engaging any other time. The targeting programming was obviously a holdover from the Constitution class project. It's easily jammed by the enemy fails to lock on forty percent of the time. I can provide you with the updates we made aboard the Israel if you'd like." Rich looked over Moreau's features for a moment, studying the man while waiting for a reply.

The bald man unlocked a drawer in his desk and pulled a PADD out. "It's already on my list of things to do," he said. "I took a walk through of the ship when I got aboard and made notes on pretty much everything that needs to be updated, upgraded, and sorted out. I have personnel going on patrols on all decks on a staggered basis, overlapping duty shifts and I'm more than wiling to pick up an extra shift if we fall a person short. Can I put you down for that, too?"

"Yes sir." Rich replied.

David made a note on Rich's personnel file. "All set," he said. "You work out much or do phaser training?"

"Weapons training of course. I enjoy running and soccer. Weight lifting, not as much as you obviously." Rich replied.

"The Captain wants all department heads certified for phaser training," David said. "I have Corwin and Kij lined up on my schedule once I go see them, so do you want to take Langston and Djinx?"

"Sure, just tell me when and where." Rich made a mental note to look up Langston and Djinx's records prior.

"The sooner, the better," David said. "If the Captain wants them all certified, that's our jobs. Everyone needs to get at least eighty percent or better to be certified. If they score less, make them take it again and again until they get that or higher."

"Understood." Rich stood, "If there's nothing else, I'll get to it."

"That's it," David said. "Now to get people up to par for whatever comes our way. Dismissed and good luck."

Rich nodded with a smile, then left the office to look up info on Langston and Djinx and schedule their training.



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