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A New Arrival

Posted on 10 May 2017 @ 5:57am by Lieutenant JG Jace Crystan

Mission: The Finnean Crisis
Location: USS Black Hawk A
Timeline: MD 1 10:00

Jace looked out of the viewport of his shuttle. He was approaching easily the most beautiful starship he'd ever seen. As it inched closer, he prepared for docking procedures, which consisted of slowing the shuttle to maneuvering thrusters only. This gave him a clear view of the USS Black Hawk A, the ship of his new assignment. He was eager to get aboard the Century class ship, after having spent a fair amount of time studying the layout. He was, of course, no engineer, but it was vital that every officer at least know where to go when they're ordered to. He was ready, that was certain.

As the shuttle made its final approach, Jace gained clearance to dock. He piloted the shuttle into the docking bay and into the designated space. As the shuttle set down, he looked at his parking job. The shuttle was a little off center, but still within the space. Not bad at all, he thought.

Jace stood and initiated the shut down sequence for the shuttle. There were several passengers disembarking, but one in particular, a large Bajoran man, was taking his time gathering his belongings. Jace, as was protocol, was required to be the final passenger to disembark. The man picked up three rather large... cages? Jace couldn't quite tell what they were, but he though he heard a snarl coming from the cage the man was carry on top of the other two. The man pushed himself through the shuttle door, but started to lose his balance. Jace rushed over to help steady the man, but arrived technically too late. The cage came crashing down and both Jace and the man were knocked down, the cage landing on top of Jace, who now had gotten a look at what was inside the cage. It was a large cat! Jace let out a laugh.

Jace helped the man pick up his cages and sent him on his way. There was an NCO their to greet them, the NCO telling Jace that he was to report in to the Captain at 1700. Jace ackowledged the order and straightened his uniform. He left the shuttle bay heading for the turbolift to Deck Five. Of the three ships he'd been assigned on, this had by far been the easist arrival. He passed through the corridor slowly, trying to get a feel for the ship. It was a surprisingly short walk since the turbolift was in the middle of the deck. He entered it and said, "Deck Five!" The turbolift whirred to life and he rose to Deck Five. He was happy with this new assignment. The lift came to a stop and the doors parted, revealing an unsurprisingly similar corridor as the one he just left. He stepped off the lift and made his way to room three. As he entered, only one thought came across his mind. This is life now.


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